• Published 27th Aug 2012
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Chair Mode Activated - epicdonus1123 BOT

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"It's A Rhetorical Question."

Chapter 5

Justice, profanity, hardships, and "awkwardity", as she put it, describes all of Daring's life. She had gone through some really, and you mean really, awkward experiences, mainly from a really disturbing egghead. Nevertheless, she tells you that you needn't worry.

"So yeah, pretty much it."

"Gosh." you reply quietly.



"Say, you wanna go to the nearest bar?"

????? you think.

"How can we? We don't even hav-"

"I don't have legs, but you do!"

"Why should I!?" Snap!

"Because, as you see, I'm a book and you're a chair. Besides, how on Celestia's death'd I carry you?"


"It's settled, then?"


"It's a rhetorical question, idiot." Harsh.