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"Hi, my name is Laughing Stock. You may guess that I was appropriately named, according to my past. I just wanted ponies to like me for me, but nopony ever gets over the fact that I AM different. What they don't know is that I have cancer, a disease that they probably haven't heard of. I just wish that anypony could get me." These are the problems of being different in a crowd, a problem that everypony faces in town. This is also difficult for Twist, the little school nerd. She helps Laughing Stock get through the hardships with emotional support. Laughing Stock, however, has it harder than any other colt in the town.

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Wow...my OC is named Laughing Stock too...but you took him in an ENTIRELY different direction. Well played.:raritywink:

...HAHAHAHAHA! It's funny.

I started to almost Bawl like a babe and its only chapter 1.


Could use some work, but personally I like it :raritywink:


Lost me older cousin to cancer... But that's not your problem, it's mine! Continue on. :ajsmug:

I look at too much creepypasta.
I thought this story was going to be about Candle Cove.:twilightoops:

Love it, it's sad but at the same time it shows the other sides of a main character besides just sadness. I greatly look forward to more.

Just like to point out that cancer doesn't cause hair loss. It's the chemotherapy treatment that causes hair loss in some patients.

980222 Okay, don'tcha think that Weatherbell may of gave him chemo?

Is this colt not going to live long? :pinkiesad2:

988776 I hope he lives a long and safe life...:pinkiesad2:

988776 Fu**. I hope This Turns out Ok. If he Does die. I shall Be most saddened.:fluttercry:

988953 You're just going to have to wait and see.:eeyup:

983184 Wait.....If Laughing Had Chemotherapy, wouldent he lose his entire coat? NITPICK OF DOOM BWAH! THOU ART AMAZING THY HATH AN INTERNET. TAKE ALL THE INTERNETS THY NEEDSETH

988983 Um...what did you say? Not every patient loses their whole coat. Laughing just lost his mane and tail. EVERYPONY STOP BUGGING ME WITH CANCER QUESTIONS, please.:flutterrage::fluttercry:

Plotholes or ideas not expanded on are going to be torn apart by readers. It leaves a gaping hole in the story. We shouldn't have to read the comments of the story in order to figure out crucial story details. Don't take anything personally, and learn from previous errors.

Capslock never helps get a point across, either.

I just read the paragraph and I started to cry.

1163151 I could think up alot of sad things but not something this sad.:fluttershysad: You sir, has done a well job.:pinkiesmile:

o gez.... this is great but that means there will be more FEELs after this chapter :pinkiesad2: I hope you finish the story :pinkiesmile:

He gave her a squeeze, and knocked himself out.

I hope he didn't have a concussion after that hard knock....

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