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It's the 74th Hunger Manes, and twenty four hopefuls will have to battle it out for prosperity in their district. Anypony from the age of 12 to 18 can compete; some ponies will have more drawings, however. This year, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and their mom were sitting in their quiet cloud house. When the Capitol calls for ponies, they go to the square to reveal their districts competitors.

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I thought that I could try Crossovers, give me some feed on whatcha thought!


Seems legit.

Honestly, when you do a crossover, you have to have the ponies with their own personalities. I'd honestly think that Shining is better off as the main character, that or AJ. Change the original story and bend it to fit the ponies, and the main character doesn't have to win with the secondary character. You can do pretty much anything with crossovers, use it well.

You might want to change the cover pic, too. It doesn't have to be a mockingjay pin, you could do Griffin pins or something.

MAKE STUFF UP! Fallout: Equestria wouldn't be as good without:
A. Balefire
B. Steel Rangers
C. The Ministries
D. Stable-Tec.

The fic doesn't have to stay canon to MLP, you could even do something where the main character is Katniss, but ponified, and her being an Earth Pony makes bow and arrow shooting more difficult.

1113139 What you basically did was copy-paste bits and pieces of the hunger games into ponies. And granted, that's what crossovers do, but this right here is straight up copy right infringement.That being said, you just HAD to use their names didn't you? Not only do they not fit, they'll drive people away as they glimpse the level of worship you pay to the trilogy. Also, you really need to work on sentence structure, story pacing, and linearity. Here, I'll show you what I mean.

You: I never knew his name, however. Anyways, I took flight down to Everfree. My wings lowered in preparation for the ground,

'Me: I never did know his name. Banishing the grim thought, I took flight and headed to the Everfree forest. After half an hour, I saw the forest peeking over the run down houses and telephone wires of the District. It seemed to stretch infinitely, a big green ocean of life.

I went overboard there, but you see what I mean. Spice up your sentences so they don't feel like a robotic recounting, and vary them enough to keep the readers attention. And if you really don't know how to do that, then just read a book. (The hunger games don't count)

1115341 It is a crossover.

1115374 No, I just read the story once, and I put it into words.

tis good so far might be the only cross over i ever read keep the chapters coming please.

i dunno, but it IS the hunger games, so it cant be bad, and rainbow is mane charcater, totally makes it better, but i agree withMr. Ignorable, need work on sentence structure, but i do hope you continue anyways :rainbowkiss:

Ehhh, it's okay. Because it's similar to what I'm doing, I'll thumbs you up.

I like it. Keep it up.:pinkiehappy:


The wait...IT HURTS!!!

1150844 Sorry, I got 17 other stories to work on, plus I'm making a new one for a contest. My hands/ hooves are full at the moment.


1574203 What's with all the 1D obsession?

1574212 IDK, I happen t' be on a one direction tumbler, and I found the gifs funny.

1574220 Oh, 1D. They may be gay mindless drones, but they sure are funny!


1703296 DID YOU JUST what the... how do reply to comments so fast.................. no life

1703305 In school. Still, no life.

Actually, it does. You expect them to be rich? They have to eat whatever they find! :ajbemused:

Sorry, I said that before I knew that horses were capably of eating and digesting meat.

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