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When the world turns upside down for the Kingdom of Equestria, is it impossible for it to recover? When final words are spoken, all of Equestria will be forced to take sides. A select few must shoulder the burden of restoring balance to the kingdom, doing whatever it takes to bring back the peace, risking the sacrifice of all they hold dear.

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Just finished updating on Equestria Daily. I hope everyone here enjoys the full story right off the bat. It's my very first fanfic ever, so I hope you like :D

seems daunting:ajbemused:...before i read it... whats it about?

I gotta say that after reading through it all, I really enjoyed the story you presented here. There appears to be some formatting issues, areas where the text seems to start a new line for no reason, as well as a word here and there that either has an extra letter or is missing one. Overall the only major problem that I can see with this story is a lack of ratings and a description. One change that you could do would be showing how Starfall had changed from the urgings of the other council members. He seemed to switch pretty quickly from what Luna gone to outright slaughter of her.

I'd like to take back the description part. I think I just jumped into the story from the name itself.

I plan on completely revising this story and expanding it. This was my first ponyfic ever and I only moved it here after it finished. But again, I will be fixing these problems. Thanks for the comments though :D

I kinda want more... this was sad though... twilight dying... aww...

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Awww, a spam bot got in there.

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Scared to read now, but the Luna picture is so cute, but Twilight dying :twilightoops:

A decently written story, though I found one element a little improbable. The ponies went from peaceful to murderous within one or two weeks? Wasn't Celestia gone about five weeks at the most? I'm not saying the events couldn't happen as you describe, but it would take a little more time, something on the order of a year or two to get them to that point. (Nightmare aside.)


I'm going to be revising the whole story. That happens to be one of the issues I'll be looking at :D

I'm through Chapter 6 of this story. I love it, but I've been finding issues like the one Bilk mentioned (although I can kind of rationalize my way through that particular issue). Now that you say you're revising it, I'm wondering if I should finish this "unrevised" version and wait to read the sequel... :applejackunsure:

I would finish it. The only think I would be changing is time scale and rewording things here and there. I'll either make the time scale more believable, or tack on a little bit of time. The sequel is dependent on the time scale here so I can't stretch it too much. But I would finish since it will be essentially the same plot.

David Maslanka's "Give Us This Day" is a fantastic source of background music for this story.


I'm listening through it and I would have to agree with you. I did have specific songs I used as inspiration, but that piece was not among them.

i'm sad that twi died but atleast it was for a good reason. to save the foals now luna has to learn how to be a parent lol anyway good story loved it all the way through.:twilightsmile:

This was probably the first pony Fan-Fiction I had ever read. So long ago now that I think about it XD But this will forever be my most favorite because of it's sentimental value AND because it was amazing. Thank you so much for writing it. By the way, when I finished reading this i was hanging out with a bunch of my friends before they knew I was a brony and I started shedding a few tears and they were totally confused XD

Thanks again. :heart:


My pleasure! I'm glad you liked it! :D

WHAT DOES IT SAY:pinkiegasp:

Your going Nordic myth on us then.....huh........Celestia y u not explain this:trollestia:

Whats the catch.....what does Twilight have to do Luna?....tell us

Kinda dumb that There trying to fight for Celestia's rule, when it was Celestia who put Luna in charged. Can't they trust Celestia's judgment. Also, they say the one pony rule is the tyrant rule, when for the majority of there life they were ruled by only one pony. LOGIC! It is why you don't entrust dumb Canterlot Unicorn snobs to help rule Equestria, You'd think, after a thousand plus years of ruling Equestria, Celestia would understand that would be the dumbest choice in the world.

Celestia RETURNS and Starfall will FALL

If only Twilight had survived.

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