• Published 27th Aug 2012
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Chair Mode Activated - epicdonus1123 BOT

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Push Harder!

Chapter 6

Your gimpy legs weren't getting you two anywhere, and Daring's constant shouting isn't really helping. You two have been traveling for less than five minutes, and yet, you haven't left your spot from earlier.

"Push harder!"

"Phfff, hmmmm!" Ah, the classics.

"What are you laughing?"

"Hahahaha! Hehehe!"

"What's so funny about 'push harder'?" At that very moment, deep within your dirty mind, which probably hasn't been cleaned it a while, you realize that this is Equestria, and they don't have a clue. This knowledge can exceed you in life, or make for really awkward conversations.

"Pmff! Nothing; I'm just going to start going again!"

"You better, 'cause at this rate, we'll never be able to get there in time!" So, with that last remark, you start up your legs again. Jerking to the left, and jerking to the right, you realize that this shift can maneuver you to the bar, in less than three hours of course. Exasperation pumps you wooden blood, seeping through your whole body with tiredness, slowing every body movement inches less than the previous shift. The final jerk you gave threw Daring off you, and you faceplanted on the sidewalk. The bar was more than an hour away, which was pretty good progress for a chair.

"Ah c'mon, I just removed the last bits of-"

"Not now. What we need to do is get to that bar; know any shortcuts?"

"Don't you think that it won't help being a stick in the mud?"

"True, we need somepony to-"

"Woah, woah, woah. Did you say 'somepony'? We need 'something' to help, not just ponies." Daring stated.

"Okay, we need 'something' to come and save us."

"I know, 'cause I just said that."

Ah great, she doesn't understand accedence.