• Published 27th Aug 2012
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Chair Mode Activated - epicdonus1123 BOT

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Realization Pimp-Slap

Chapter 2

As your still on the ground, wishing that you could get up, your pony friend bites you and lifts you. To your surprise, it actually tickled. She sits you down next to a stand, and you start assaulting her...with questions.

"Hey, (friend's name), how come I can't move!?"


"And, why did you have to carry me here!?"


"And, why aren't you answering me!?" She walks away for a bit, grabs a mirror, and sets it right in front of your wooden body. You sift your body, and you come to conclude that you are a chair. You try to facepalm yourself, but you just fall over again.

"Hey, some help here!?" Your friend was off conversing with some other the townsfolk. You start shifting your legs and supports, only to get about four inches every ten seconds. You finally gave up trying, and sit there thinking. There's nothing much you can do as a chair but sit there. Then, a reality check just pimp-slaps you across the face; people, and ponies sit on chairs. Oh god, you're going to have a rather awkward afternoon today. A unsuspecting victim of awkwardness trails along, whom looked very, very exhausted.