• Published 14th May 2020
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PonyTech: Ashes of Harmony - CopperTop

The Celestia League has fractured. Successor States fight an endless war for resources and domination. At the forefront of this war are the intrepid pilots of massive war-machines known as: BattleSteeds.

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And yet Charon you are making the same core mistake. You have no adecemy to supply you with new food so what you just did to that mare was waste reasources. You will fail like Chryssy.

Of crap, that's one way to set up a sequel!

Ohhhh man I am hoping this saga continues in a new series! Awesome work!

She looked back at the pair of Battle Armored Elemental bodyguards which had been assigned to her as a protection detail. Even though the shipyards orbiting Equus’ moon were free of malevolent changelings now, Star Admiral Cinder was still quite anxious where her safety was concerned. In the dragoness’ defense, Twilight did acknowledge that she’d very nearly died and come within a hair’s breadth of capture not that long ago. It was likely that Cinder was going to remain skittish until her alicorn charge was back on her way to Clan territory along with the other three princesses.


A huge saga of this universe is done, yet the aftermath will breed conflict and chaos of the not to kind sort will keep the Galaxy in a thick gray area...
The 'Anti Changeling Transformation spell' will be very helpful create grief for the reforming hive of old.

There is something i wonder... What will Cadance do? She failed already and accepted it, will she be reforged or stay corrupted?
Celestia & Luna will be back - in time... yet...

Indeed, killing removed the option of recovering.
Symbiotic is always doomed when it is parasitic.
Mutual benefishal or compatition with restrain is the way.
One good thing is that the old Hive will kill a lot of their own population on the new queen side like here for example, because if doubts and less skilled drones are get gutted for keeping the feeding grounds viable, than there will be a lot of Hive population control. Starting by cutting out the less desireable elements within their ranks. The old hive will lose a lot of knowlege and flexibility, especially if they will have to play nice and defensive to keep the remaining population stable/growing after they culled their own ranks that are not good enough or undecided on their loyalty.

Good looking out, but "breadth" means "width" :P Appreciated though!

And i learned something new today :yay:
Multi stage Epilog i guess?
What about the points i mentioned, stuff for a sequel or will they be adressed?

I am very happy Discord didn't kick the bucket. His followers especially so, unless they keep Discord low key?

What about mortality? As far i know Changelings are mortal and Chrysalis was a exception to the rule...

So, I don't have any plans for a sequel currently. That may change in the future, but it's hard to tell, and it would defintiely have to wait its turn in "line" behind the other stories I have lined up so far. (none of which are BattleTech, sorry)

I think you meant to ask about Flurry Heart rather than Cadance? In which case, she is likely to step down from leadership and work with Twilight to rehabilitate the other alicorns. Then they can all help Ember and Spike reunify the Dragon Clans.

Discord is going to be rather low-key for a good while yet, until the galaxy is less violent and such.

And, I don't think Chrysalis was unique in her immortality. Being elevated to "queen" of the hive comes with more than just a title. Charon's rule will be a long one...and likely quite bloody. But, hopefully, not eternal.

And, yeah, I know that not everything was wrapped up with a neat little bow, but that was never the point. This was Slipshod's story about how he came to know and embrace Harmony and such; and that's been accomplished. There's just nothing more to tell from his perspective that I'd find particularly interesting for another 600k words :P

So, I actually invite any of you to wrap up any lose ends that you find bothersome!

Hot damn it is complet... What a ride... Guess we finish lose end here is the comment section:

- Mig and her striped future partner marry?
Will Mig make ever up with her mother?
- Will there be a huge Memorial for everyone lost?
- Will Comspark tech leak now to everyone?
- Squelch would make a badass mother one day...
- I know they need decades to recover BUT it would still be amazing to see a group hug of Alicorns...
- Smolder is on the way to reveal the Dragonlord Scepter Usability is compromised, what to do?
- Now that the Tyrant Chrysalis is gone... Will Dragon Elementals and other Tank breeding continue?
- How do they fix the Twilight image in the near future... Fixing it will be a major pain...
- Is the Tree/Castle of Harmony still existing ?!
- Will Twilight help rebuild the Rainbowdash blueprints? It was one hell of a Battlesteed and Rainbowdash legancy...
- What will be left of the Elements? Also there legend?
- How will the Alicorns react to Discord chosing to let them suffer even with a damn good reason!
Maybe most importantly:
- Will Twilight ever find Coltfriend and lose her V-Card?
Seriously who guess Luna and Celestia have a bet running still! :trollestia:

The key thign there for Discord is the simple facrt that Twilight and the other alicorns HAVE to accfept. to be a good leader means at times doign somethign so called Vile. you blame Discord for the suffering that happened. Look in the mirror first. they all suffered because you couldn't to the right thing. kill someone beyond redemtion.

Huzzah, congrats for finishing a great story!

I just wonder if you're planning any sequels to this following the ponified versions of The Jihad, The Word of Blake, The Dark Age or IlClan?

I don't have any plans for sequels at the moment, no. That might change in a few years, but in the meantime I'll be working on stories that I've already been sitting on for a while.

man can't wait to see this new war, after all war time mechs are the mechs that get shit done.

after all make a mech that can get the job done and nothing special are the kind that can last for over 500 years like the Warhammer did

This was a wild ride! :moustache:

I know I would like to know what happens with Twi and rehab with the princesses... and what that does to Flurry when her broken mom comes home... The rebuilding and future wars... ya, I hope you consider continuing in the future after you complete your next plans.

Thx for sharing your dreams with us :)

more over a power vacuum is now made, because now they know everything what was truly going on, this is a new age of war.

food factories and things like that would get untold funding now from twilight faction, but however bandit faction see to make their move now to become full-on kingdoms now as they can loot damaged mechs and repair them to make a standing army now, and arms dealers are more than happy to sell cheap and new mechs to all sides.

Excellent. Great story and I loved the hell out of it.

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