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A reporter from The Canterlotter magazine tries to find the true Twilight Sparkle when she comes home to Canterlot after fighting for a return of harmony. This is the resulting article and accompanying artwork. It paints a picture of a Twilight Sparkle few have seen.

For the sake of the FimFiction terms of publication, this is a work of original prose fiction and qualifies as a story. It slots into the Enforcerverse but is completely standalone. The events take place immediately after the closing scene in The Return of Harmony - Part 2.

A big thank you for pre-reading and opinions about the artwork to DoContra. All typos, errors, and omission are my responsibilty. Feel feel to report any typos, write a comment (please please please), or leave a critique (but do cite the paragraphs you are discussing). Please remember to press the like button!

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Comments ( 8 )

Very interesting and convincing. Thank you for including the images as well as the text. They added to the ambiance.

Thank you! I had a lot of fun with the artwork. Did you check out The New Yorker article?

Yup. This kind of article is a very specific form.

Awesome. Love this take on the beginning of the inter-episode period.

A fascinating glimpse at a Twilight Sparkle who's had a rougher life than most, and who's still climbing out of the pit that her power and her rivals dug. I'll definitely need to explore this universe more thoroughly. Thank you for this.

(Also, I assume that Luna's post-harmonization return turned out very differently in this timeline if this is the first the writer is hearing of Nightmare Moon being real.)

I'd like to see more of Writesalot's articles about Twilight, see his perspective as she grows from a "nopony special" into the princess of friendship. Also maybe his takes on her friends and Spike.

Assumes growth, as opposed to promotion, actually takes place. I strongly suspect that the Twilight profiled here would disagree.

A most interesting look at Twilight. Well-written and creative. It feels very much like an article of this sort should, and paints a beautiful picture of the somewhat tragic and yet ever-heroic Twilight Sparkle.

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