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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This story takes place shortly after Season 3 Episode 2.

Chrysalis is alive but barely, still nursing her injuries after having been blasted out of Canterlot by Cadance’s love magic.

She thirsts for revenge and sends a changeling out on a vital reconnaissance mission, but fate has other plans.

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Thank you - glad you liked it!

Oh what pun! Glad to see you up and firing again. This was a pleasant read. May have also made me change direction on a character I was making, yet, oddly, the inspiration for it comes from Kevin's concerns and observations of the locomotive. Thanks for a little spark.

Great to see you again, and thank you for your kind words.
I'm glad to have been able to provide a little inspiration for you too!

btw, Ekks says hello. She's asked me to pass on how much she loves reading your stories in between her rehearsals.


Liking this so far.

So, this is story of Kevin in your own version...Now I wonder how he get to know Cranky and get to join his wedding as his real form in Slice Of Life.

Kevin oh so he going to be the spy in ponyville is it the same changeling in the slice of life

ok Kevin Not the very good smart idea to disguise yourself that every pony knows specially fluttershy so oopies lol

So Kevin Is experiencing different kinds of feelings I wonder if he will change his mind

Oops Looks like He got on the wrong train And now hes heading for the crystal Empire and it looks like gabby ( To be honest I thought that was Gabby the Griffin but I got it wrong Because this is during the time between season 2 and 3 ) wants to show him around that's nice of her

Aww poor gabby That's kind of sad And Kevin fell bad for her But what makes worse that she fell By accident and Kevin save her that was awesome of him But I wonder what's going to happen

“Do you think Queen Chrysalis will ever agree to peace with us?” she asked. “I don’t think so” he replied thoughtfully, “But there is always hope. There’s another changeling who thinks like me. You’d like him, his name’s Thorax.” “How would I ever be able to tell you apart?” she asked, a smile starting to form on her face, “You’re all clones, aren’t you?” “Easy” he replied quickly, “I’m the handsome one and I make a better cup of tea.”

Oh trust me Things will change when season 6 comes around because thorax will make a change 😊

That was a really good story and I do like how Kevin develops about how his " Enemies " are not what Chrysalis keep on talking about And he even develop feelings Specially Gabby which he save And that was nice of her at that she protected Kevin despite that he is changeling I've always Wonder How's he gonna be Before he head to slice of life But anyway this was a nice story keep up the good work

"Oh no. An excited foal! Retreat! Retreat!" :fluttershbad:

I like his mediator attitude he won't betray his queen and at the same time, he was peace. Good soul.

A nice story though a little abrupt with the ending. Might could have used a bit more development between Kevin and Gabby.

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