• Published 19th Apr 2020
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Social Distancing - AJ Aficionado

Stuck indoors during the POVID-19 pandemic, Roseluck and Lily Valley practice social distancing except when it applies to themselves. Futa clop.

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Ciber #1 · Apr 19th, 2020 · · 10 ·

Even within the home you should self-isolate from other members of your household if anyone shows symptoms. This can reduce your viral load & may make a crucial difference in the severity & length of your sickness.

Those two words. I hate them soooooooooooo much..... but, we do what we must...


viral load



Enjoyed going through this story

Your help was appreciated!

Comment posted by Artist deleted Apr 20th, 2020

You and most of the site it seems.


And yet you felt the need to come on here and say so? :trixieshiftright: What's the point of doing that except to spit on someone else's work?

Don't listen to him, AJA. It's a good story. Equal parts topical, sexy, and sweet. It's an interesting variation on your classic Rose/Lily story, and it works. I'm proud to have participated in it, and comments like this should get no respect.

Thanks. That's the first time I've had someone directly insult one of my stories like that.

If anyone wants to tell me why this story is failing so hard in the comments, let me know. Is it the COVID stuff I used as a setup for this story? Is it the characters? What the fuck did I do wrong?

Her not him


Don't care. It's still a dick move.

Yeah, you need to treat others as you would like them to treat you.

You didn't even read it, I mean, what is your problem. You should treat others with respect instead of doing crap like that!!!

This is a great story AJA and look at all the likes it's gotten. Keep up the good work.

Then kindly move on, please. Nobody here needs or wants your baseless negativity.

I haven't read it either but this is going straight to my to-read list, AJ. :pinkiehappy:




Thank you all so much! :heart: I thought this story was a failure! I had no idea why either! You downvoted that troll into the stone age too!

Today is a good day.

Well then, congratulations are in order...you are the hundreth person I've seen on this site that judged the book by it's cover alone and commented about it. Good job sir.

You are so welcome. Keep up the great work.

Not a smart move, that.

Then why are you here?

Wait, but...

TSocial distancing
As the result of a virus pandemic, Canterlot High School is closed. Graduation is cancelled. Meanwhile, the Mane 7 struggle to keep friendship alive.
Mica · 3.6k words  ·  94  11 · 1.7k views

Just kidding. :rainbowlaugh: It's all cool, dude. Nice story.

Leave me alone you jerk if you don't like what I said you shouldn't have commented .

I've already had a bad day and then you have to come on and make it worse for me, we all have our own opinions if you don't like mine stop harassing me

We all have our own opinions if you don't like mine don't go around spreading bad and negative things about me

Yeah, I kinda figured there'd be another one. It really is the bleeding obvious as far as names go.

Glad you enjoyed my story friend! :heart:

So wait is this actually two mares having lesbian sex or is one of them a chick with a dick?

Sorry if you feel like you're being attacked but you warranted response when you let your thoughts become public. You're being criticised for your frankly rude comment. You harrassed this author by flagrantly and bluntly insulting his work. It wasn't criticism, and you didn't even justify your dislike. You came in, said 'I don't like this, didn't read' and you expect to not receive a negative reaction to that?

I suggest you apologise, personal problems aside. You don't take it out on someone else, ever.

I’m sorry for not like your story.

I have the right to my own opinion but I can’t understand why people are being so mean to me about this.

Okay. People don't like your response because it appears as though you clicked solely on the story to leave a dislike and tell the author you don't like their story. It looks petty. Now, if you commented:
"I read your story. I disliked it because [insert reasons here]"
You'd look more reasonable. Instead, you look unreasonable and unnecessarily mean. You can't assume the role of victim when you fired the first shot, that's not how things work. You were mean so people are being mean back. That's just how it is.

One of the tags does specify futanari.

We accept your apology. I know that what you said wasn't nice at all, but I'm a very forgiving person. We are all Fanfic writers and as a large family, as Fimfiction is like our home.


You’re right, I shouldn’t have been rude.

That's okay. Next time, just consider how the author will feel when you leave behind a comment. :twilightsmile:

Oh hey new story from AJ, neat! :twilightsmile:

Well under normal circumstances I would have left a negative comment go, however as you stated

I do not like this, and I didn't even read it.

This, at least to me, seemed pointless. So I thought that a sarcastic response was warranted. You can have a negative opinion...however when you have a pointless negative opinion it'll get called out, especially when you say that. Negative critisim is one thing, a negative comment for the sake of a negative comment is an entirely different thing.

I will try

Quality Roseluck porn will always get an upvote from me, and you knocked it out of the park as usual :). If I may ask, do you have any recommendations of your other work?

10189523 Nobody cares why you're here or what your gender is lol. This is the comments section of a story on Fimfiction, meant for people who have read the story and have something to say about it. If you have nothing to contribute to the story or a discussion here, then don't bother saying anything, especially if you haven't even read the story.

FYI: Someone replying to a comment you posted on a public forum is not "harassment". Stop throwing around a serious allegation like that over an internet comment.

By the way:

Leave me alone you jerk if you don't like what I said you shouldn't have commented .

If you don't like what was written, you shouldn't have commented.

I said I was sorry.

Recommendations? If you liked this you'll really love Fertile Ground. Yeah, it's old and at the time it was posted there were errors aplenty but I've been modernizing it year on year such that it's nearly on a level of skill and polish as this. It's my sentimental favorite and the commenters absolutely loved it. Not a single complaint from anyone. :twilightsmile:

Foolers Rush In is canceled and the concept not very well planned out but that story is one of the single largest repositories of amazing sex scenes involving Roseluck you'll ever find. I only wish I'd properly planned the story in advance. :facehoof:

If you like Fallout Equestria at all, I definitely recommend my FoE Alicorns of Oasis fic. It's probably shorter than it ought to be but no one can say anything against the story or characters itself. A Gentleman's Price is well-loved but in my opinion, pretty dated and not my best work, ditto with The Scent of Prey — though the latter has perhaps my most beloved sex of all time, Richard and Rose in chapter five. If that doesn't get your heart pounding I don't know what will.

Glad you love my story, friend! :heart:

Okay so it is a chick with a dick story. Got it. Just wanted to make sure before reading. Thanks for the heads up.

one singular yike

Your avatar and your comment match flawlessly.

I wish I had POVID-19.

Imagine if it turned you into a pony. Everyone would want it.

I didn't say so in the long description so I'll say it here; I must stress that this story is not in any way intended to serve as medical advice or a scholarly source for information on COVID-19. Please take whatever the CDC says as the given word on the pandemic and do not under any circumstances take the word of sweaty perverts on Fimfiction.net.

Thank you.

I would throw every insult your way for leaving an unnecessary comment ; but luckily there's already someone who has that covered:trollestia:

Cute story! I enjoyed this pairing in particular. Kudos on making featured!

Thanks! It's been a wild ride watching both the upvotes and downvotes pile up and the comment section go nuts.

Definitely seemed like a hot bit of unnecessary negativity to be sure, I'm surprised intentionally hurtful comments like that don't get moderated. :/

Keep on keepin' on!

People are going to read that first comment and keep attacking you on it. It's happened to all of us, you can't take it personally. My best advice is to ignore them, I don't know you but the fact that you owned up and apologized puts you 4 parallel universes ahead of some people I know. Take this as a lesson and don't let it bother you.

And to the author, that pun alone made this worthy of a read. :scootangel:

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