Social Distancing

by AJ Aficionado

First published

Stuck indoors during the POVID-19 pandemic, Roseluck and Lily Valley practice social distancing except when it applies to themselves. Futa clop.

****Winner of Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest Fetish Fuel: Futa award.****

There's not much to do under POVID-19 lockdown in the town of Ponyville, but that suits the introverted Lily Valley just fine. The outgoing Roseluck, by contrast, feels her sanity slipping away by the day, trapped inside the house with her antisocial roommate and no male company. As forced isolation gradually brings the quiet fillyfooler and Ponyville's most insatiable stallion lover closer, the two find they have a lot more in common than they'd thought. And the means to give each other the attention and experiences they crave.

Fetishes include futa, pregnancy, first-time sex and earplay.

Contest entry for Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest. Update: Rated 426/500 by Dirty Little Secret.

Edited by Firesight.
Preread by Silentwoodfire.

Featured in 4th place on 4/19/2020 and fell off the following morning.

Social Distancing

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Social Distancing


AJ Aficionado

“Oh, Rose… mmm...” The slumbering earth pony named Lily Valley smiled as the scene played out in her subconscious mind. Lying naked on her stomach save for a pair of namesake lilies that adorned her ears, her forelegs slowly crept up the sheets until they were level with her head resting atop a small pile of pillows.

Light shone in through an open window out from behind a bank of clouds, broken up by a team of colorful pegasi. The fur of their muzzles was slightly marred by makeshift masks, the group carefully keeping their distance from one another as they worked to clear the skies. The pink pony’s tossed and tangled mane and tail soaked up the warmth as they gleamed golden in the mid-morning sun, her marehood winking hard beneath her flagging tail.

Beneath her diminutive equine form, her swollen stallionhood brushed deliciously against the sheets, precum forming at its flared tip. With a second less-satisfied groan, her eyes opened and the illusion cast by the realm of dreams was shattered.

“Darn it. Every single time!” Lily groused, reaching blindly over to the table next to her bed, withdrawing a pink and yellow striped stocking from the topmost drawer as her marehood continued winking insistently beneath her flagging tail. “Alright, dangler, you win!”

There was a knock at the door.

“Eep!” Lily threw the stocking away from her as if it were on fire. “Rose? What’s wrong? Are you feeling okay?” It was not like her longtime coworker and roommate to come knocking this early in the day.

“Yeah, I’ve just been up for the last few hours and I’m feeling kind of lonely, ya know?” Lily frowned at her housemate’s uncharacteristically downbeat tone. “Come on down, and I’ll fix you something to eat. Pancakes sound good?”

“Yeah, that would be great. Thanks, Rose!” As her friend’s hooffalls made their way back downstairs, Lily stowed her stocking and withdrew a bulky, white linen garment from her dresser. Enclosed on all sides save for a hole in the back and front, Lily unzipped the bottom and climbed in, securing the zipper carefully so as not to catch it on her male organs. Once donned, the garment took on the same color as her coat, seeming to disappear entirely from view along with the telltale bulge of stallion anatomy. She was a proper mare once more in the eyes of the world.

Lily turned her attention to the top of her dresser. Ignoring the can of hairspray, she reached for the comb and brushed out her tangles, resetting her signature flowers in their proper place to her satisfaction. With a last playful toss of her head, enjoying the sight of her long mane dancing in front of the mirror, she walked downstairs.

“Some mail showed up last night; A grocery bill and an update letter from Daisy.” Roseluck nodded at the kitchen table, the sound of sizzling filling the air as the pancake batter hit the hot skillet. “Daisy’s still alright… thank Celestia.”

Lily smiled and sat down at the table finding Daisy's letter. Written on flower shop stationery, it was instantly recognizable by the three flower ponies’ cutie marks entwined by ropes of ivy.

Hey girls,

I just wanted to let you know how I’m doing so you aren’t too worried about me. It’s not been fun. Me and Dizzy are stuck in quarantine for another two weeks but it’s getting easier to breathe and the hallucinations have finally stopped. I think we’re both on the mend. Are you two still doing okay? Please tell me you haven’t broken down and let a stallion into the house, Rose!

Lily looked away from Daisy’s letter and up at her friend. The sudden trembling in her legs at the aside suggested the town’s most infamous stallion aficionado hadn’t had male company for weeks. If she had, Lily would have heard, and smelled, any sex she was having as Rose made it a point to be as loud as equinely possible whenever she had it. Rolling her eyes, Lily continued reading.

Let me tell you both that POVID-19 is nothing to mess around with. No joke; I thought I was going to die on the second night! I could hardly breathe! So I remind the both of you not to leave the house and let the unicorns worry about bringing you the food and mail. That antiseptic spell of theirs is the only thing we have that can ensure any item you touch isn’t contaminated. Keep the windows and doors closed and locked and let nopony in. With any luck, Ponyville will be back to normal in a few more weeks and we’ll have a vaccine soon.

I miss you girls so much. Please stay healthy and safe and I will have you busting your flanks for me out in the gardens soon enough! Maybe we’ll even do a foray into the Everfree to see what new exotic flora we can find!


- Daisy

“Only three more weeks, Rose. We can do this!” Lily said confidently, smiling up at Roseluck, her smile sagging instantly as she took in her friend’s appearance. Her eyes were sagging as if she’d been awake for most of the night and her mane was unkempt and sloppy. Admittedly, Rose at her worst was still an eight out of ten in Lily’s eyes, but she was still far from looking her best.

“I dunno how you do it Lily; all this being alone.” Roseluck removed a stack of pancakes from the skillet and put them in the preheated oven. “Ponies are going crazy out there cooped up inside, but you… you’ve never looked happier!”

Lily’s ears drooped. “That’s not true! I’m not happy about all these ponies getting sick. I do admit the peace and quiet is kinda nice, though. I’m just not a pony person, Rose.”

“Well, I am, and nice and peaceful ain’t cutting it for me!” Roseluck dumped the rest of the batter onto the skillet with a sizzle, scraping the batter stuck to the bowl out with a spoon held in her teeth before spitting it out into the sink. “I’ve been holed up in my room for the last week just waiting to die. There are no stallions; there is no lovemaking; there is only my cooler.” Roseluck sighed miserably, referring to the device mares used to treat estrus — the ponies' yearly fertility cycle. “Using that thing during my cycle is awful enough. How do you survive like this?”

Lily looked guilty for a moment. The truth was she hadn’t ever had an estrus cycle, being infertile ‘under the tail’ as Lily referred to her female entrance and only kept a vial of artificial stallion seed she’d bought fifteen years ago and a cheap cooler to keep up the appearance of being a normal mare.

She suspected her male organs were fertile though, producing enormous quantities of seed she’d pump out by the pint on a daily basis thinking longingly of the beautiful earth pony opposite her; she suddenly found said organs swelling hard within her enchanted linen gown as she gazed idly at the rose-themed mare's voluptuous foal-bearing hips. “Just used to being alone, I guess. I have my comics, my chocolate milk, and myself. It’s all I’ve ever needed.”

The two were silent for a moment as Roseluck finished preparing breakfast and clearing away the mail that appeared on the table overnight. Rose looked over at the schedule noting when the mail would show up on the table as well as the food and dropped a stack of bits on the center of the table to cover the week’s food cost. The Trio had arranged for all of their deliveries to appear by unicorn magic on their table overnight along with a bill which they would pay the following morning by putting bits on the table which were teleported back by the same magical route. Instructions on how and when to pay were scribbled in sloppy hoofwriting on a piece of stationary taped to the icebox. They weren’t worried about money, at least, as Lily habitually saved her pay from the flower shop even as Rose freely spent hers; the former enjoying treating and seducing stallions while the latter only paid for the basics plus her comics and chocolate milk.

The two began to eat, Lily stopping to take a bite before looking back up at Rose. “You sure you’re feeling okay? You look pretty rough this morning.”

Rose winced and shook her head. “Had a nightmare last night that I was suffocating to death. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that so I spent the rest of the night reading through letters from my old friends to try to make myself feel better. It didn’t help at all, really. All it accomplished was reminding me that all those friends are out there and moved on with their lives while I’m trapped in here.” Her jaw quivered. "I suppose we're all a little more reflective these days, the most fortunate among us whole and healthy but cowering in our homes and contemplating our eventual demise."

Lily nickered sympathetically. “I’m so sorry, Rose! This whole disease going around has been horrible for all of us. I wish there was something I could do to help.”

Rose looked up at Lily, smiling for the first time all morning. “You seem so cold and distant all the time but you really are a sweetie underneath, aren’t you? I know one thing you could do to help. You want to show me some of those comics of yours after breakfast?”

Lily’s pupils shrunk in terror before trying to force herself into a more casual expression only to give the impression she was experiencing severe stomach cramps. “You actually want to read my comics?”

Roseluck giggled at her reaction. “I was more interested in hanging out with you, actually. Though finding something cool to read about is a plus and you might learn how to be more social!”

Lily felt her erect phallus pound against its fabric prison with every beat of her racing heart. Rose had never shown any sexual interest in her fellow mares, and certainly not to Lily herself! And yet, here Rose was asking her to bed, unaware of the implications, all of which were flashing through Lily’s suddenly hot and heady thoughts in rapid-fire. “You realize it’s just my b-bed in there, right?”

“I should hope it is and not Daisy’s bed because that would be pretty messed up!” Roseluck giggled again at Lily’s continued look of horror. “You're so cute! You’re not saying you don’t trust me? Lily, we’ve known each other for years! You know the only ponies who have any reason to doubt my intentions are rock-hard stallions with good genes and a taste for vigorous tail-rutting.”

It’s not your intentions I’m worried about, Rose! Lily thought to herself as she looked Roseluck in the eyes for the first time that morning, finding the contact unsettling, fearful her friend could see right through her. She had just decided to focus on one of her ears instead when a flashback of her foalhood came to the forefront of her mind, seeing and hearing a young filly with green eyes and long ears so very much like Roseluck talking to Lily Valley in the schoolyard one day.

I heard from a friend that stallions nibble on a mare’s ears before and during rutting. Isn’t that wild, Lily? She’d told her before the bell rang and she ran off, leaving Lily with an obsession that would haunt her for the rest of her life. A fantasy she’d never fulfill when Lily, having plucked up the courage to tell her love about her dual-genders — and even more, unfortunately, her secret desire — was flat-out rejected by a suddenly uncomfortable filly who never wanted to speak with her again.

Despite that, the fantasy flared hard to life again as she studied the outline of Roseluck’s, wondering again from its longer than average length if her friend, in fact, had some donkey blood. Maybe I shouldn’t look at her ears! I really shouldn’t get my hopes up… or my dangler's! She thought frantically as it threatened to bulge out beneath her belly despite its magical shroud.

“Lily! You’re spacing out on me again! Are you in there?”

“Oh!” Lily snapped her eyes back on Roseluck and nodded. “Sorry, Rose. I mean, you’ll be impossibly bored but you can come read with me. It’s like you said, isn’t it? Not much to do around here and all…”

Rose clopped her front hooves together, her mood instantly brightening. “Excellent! You know, we could do a thing where I bring some of my letters and we share reading material, but I reckon you probably aren’t interested in reading the Ponysutra or looking at Playcolts…”

“Not if I can help it!” Lily mimicked gagging herself with a hoof while Roseluck shook her head, grinning and the two finished eating silently, though Lily at least noted that Rose was feeling better at the idea of Lily’s company if she’d started teasing her again.

Lily grabbed the empty plates and set them in the sink, placing a stopper in the drain, turning the spigot on the hot water tap and adding a squirt of dish soap. “That was delicious, Rose. Let me take care of the dishes for you.”

“Nah, you can wash those later. If you soak them, they'll be much easier to clean. I really want to head up to your room and see how the other half lives!” Without waiting for a reply, Rose bolted up the stairs and out of sight.

Annoyed, Lily shut off the water and called upstairs. “Don’t touch anything until I get up there! Rose, I swear if you damage my manga collection with your stampeding hooves I’ll…” Lily heard the door to her room close. “My one-million yeeeeeeeeeen!” Lily squealed, running up the stairs at full speed.

“As if the global threat of death by slop-lung wasn’t problem enough!” Lily grumbled under her breath as she reached the door to her bedroom only to find Rose already making herself at home, judging by the telltale spring squeaks from the bed. Lily put a hoof to the doorknob before looking skyward and giving a silent prayer to the Moon and Stars to banish herself to the Moon instead of enduring the agony of having Rose inside her bedroom for any purpose other than procreation.

When that predictably failed, she started performing math equations in her head to bring her erection under control — a trick that had gotten her out of many an embarrassing revelation.

Come on, Lily… it won’t be that bad. She needs company, and you’re going to give her some. Who knows, maybe she’ll even like some of your comics? With one last calming breath, she opened the door and stiffened at the sight, all her efforts to quell her arousal instantly undone. Rose was already spread out all over Lily’s bed, her teats resting near where Lily had been grinding her masculine member against the sheets, not one hour previous.

“Super comfy!” Rose adjusted her lithe, lean-muscled body, gleaming with a creamy yellow glow against the morning sun. Still immobilized by the lure of feminine treasures staring innocently up at her, Lily’s eyes traced a path along her flank, halting immediately at the sight of round, firm teats pressed down against lily-white linen, capped by thick succulent nipples that rendered all of Lily’s mathematics irrelevant.

Her face an inferno of shame, Lily looked back at Rose who was pawing at the feather-filled pillows at the head of her bed like a cat and seemed not to have noticed her staring. “I can see why you spend so much time on this bed. My mattress is a worn-out dis-as-teh!” Rose punched the mattress emphatically.

Lily imagined the sounds of Roseluck’s pleasured moaning and box springs squealing in agony as she rutted for hours on end with a nameless stallion. “I-I'll bet!” Lily said delicately as she walked into her closet as much to hide her arousal as to find a normie-friendly comic that wouldn’t require too much explanation or too many excuses. “Um, I’m not entirely sure which comic you’d get into the most. Is Batmare okay? Everypony is pretty familiar with that story; Millionaire bat pony who lives in a dystopian future with advanced sci-fi technology that fights crime, has all sorts of cool technical gadgets to foil criminals… parents killed when she was a foal…”

“Yeah, yeah! She fights that mare who wears the funny breathing thing on her face who was molded by the darkness or something.” Roseluck rubbed her chin, thinking. “An old coltfriend of mine may have mentioned her once.”

“Brayne”, Lily explained, shuffling aside stacks of comics inside her closet, searching for an issue of Batmare featuring the masked brawler. “She’s an interesting case; the only donkey villain in the comic, a genius tactician and one of the few villains to ever beat Honkler the evil clown pony in a fight.”

“I always thought Pinkie Pie would have made a good Honkler,” Roseluck thought aloud to herself. “Or the worst possible one. I suppose it’s a matter of perspective if she starts destroying Ponyville, huh?”

“The mare that haunts our azaleas?” Lily started shuffling through a pile of comics featuring a dangerous-looking earth pony mare carrying a blood-coated bone saw set against cover art featuring horrific scenes of death, burying them in the darkest corner of the closet. Roseluck didn't need to know she'd owned those comics, much less be shown one. “I can totally see her as a villain; she's always seemed way too happy. I always had a suspicion she was up to no good! Ah, there it is. Found it!” Lily withdrew from the closet carrying an issue of Batmare covered by a clear acetate sleeve in her teeth.

Roseluck budged over to give Lily room to climb into bed, which she did reluctantly, dropping the comic atop her pillows and carefully removing the comic’s protective cover with her teeth. Lily tried desperately to ignore the radiant mareheat of Roseluck’s fragrant, fertile body pressed against her own on the too-small mattress, but the other head between her hind legs was having none of it, gently oozing precum into her invisible garment, leaving her praying its enchantments would hold.

“That’s it, Lily. Just take it easy and relax!” Roseluck sniffed at the air, an eyebrow raised before shaking her head in disbelief as Lily turned to the first page. “You don’t have to be so nervous, you know! Snuggling and cuddling are perfectly natural for ponies who are friends!”

“Friends... Riiight. Just hanging out with my friend!” Lily laughed nervously as the pressure on her groin grew further. Roseluck cast an aura of sexuality about her that only grew stronger the closer Lily got to her. Prolonged exposure to her feminine fission was surely going to be the end of her faster than being locked in the basement of Marenobyl's reactor four.

“Aw… you’re so cute when you get all anxious!” Roseluck nuzzled Lily’s mane, causing the latter to involuntarily thrust her hips, sending a jolt of pleasure rippling up her spine into her brain. “Company is nothing to be afraid of, Lily. As I said, ponies do this all the time; you’ll get used to it.”

Lily could only wonder if she’d ever get used to having Lily in her bed or in her life. “Just… please treat these gently. Turn the pages slowly and don’t flatten them or you’ll hurt the spine!” She tried focusing on her most prized possessions instead of her still-growing passions, her marehood starting to add its own opinions to the equation by swelling up beneath the sheets.

“Yeah, yeah, I get it…” Rose said. “When I was a teen, I had a coltfriend who was into comics, too. He lived like a slob except for his comics, which he kept pristine. ‘You can’t read those! You’ll hurt the resale value!’” she recalled with a mockingly masculine voice. “We didn’t last long after that. I mean, he bought them but didn’t read them? What’s the point of having something if you’re not going to use it?”

“Um…” was all Lily could think to stay as both the heat in her cheeks and the size of her stallionhood grew, defiant of any implications of being useless. “I’m n-not that fanatical about them, but please treat them gently, okay?”

“Don’t worry, Lily — I’ll treat them like I do a young colt for his first time,” she grinned and winked as Lily’s cheeks flushed further.

But Rose didn’t notice as she turned her attention to the first page of the comic depicting a bat pony in formal attire inside of a gleaming futuristic office tower somewhere in a place that looked like a dark fantasy version of Manehattan. She was talking to a dark-furred earth pony stallion in front of a bank of glass screens Rose recognized as ‘monitors’, a future tech device that depicts the image of something taking place far away as if by magic.

As Lily watched, Rose got slowly more engrossed in the comic, page by page. “Ponies watching over all of us. It’s so comforting to think of Luna watching over our dreams but having it so anypony can do it is scary and kind of insulting to Princess Luna in a way, don’t you think? We shouldn’t be capable of such a thing given our limited wisdom and perspective as mortal beings,” she mused.

Lily nodded at her friend and looked into her eyes, filled with polite interest and some surprise that Rose could both enjoy her comics and have such a meaningful opinion about them when such thoughts rarely went deeper than what stallion she would bed next. She supposed it was her cue to say something interesting but felt a wave of shame come over her, thinking of the last mare she’d spoken to in confidence, arousal and anxiety now present in her in equal measure.

“To be honest, and I know this sounds kind of weird what I’m about to say, but when I’m working in the greenhouse, watching you and the customers talking outside while they’re buying flowers… it’s kind of like one of those monitors.”

“What do you mean?” Rose asked, looking up at her, seeming genuinely curious to Lily.

Lily looked down at her hooves, unable to meet Roseluck’s gaze. “It’s like, well... I can see the ponies through the glass, but they can’t see me.”

Rose sniffed at the air again. She swore she’d gotten a noseful of stallion arousal and instinctively flagged her tail hard. This isolation must be getting to me even worse than I thought! “Well, I can see you just fine, Lily. But if you can be Batmare watching the world from inside your mansion, can I be your butler and most trusted assistant, Starched Lip?” Rose smiled uncertainly. “If nothing else, I’d get to play with all your fabulous rich-pony toys.”

Lily’s mind couldn’t help wandering towards other things even stiffer than the butler’s upper lip, pressing hard enough against the mattress to bend the coil springs beneath her, but willed herself to maintain eye contact. Lily never thought of herself as an expert on pony behavior but knew Roseluck wasn’t telling her something. A bubble of optimism began to swell inside of her that she couldn’t pop no matter how many cynical barbs she threw at it. “Do you think you can be trusted with my secret identity, Rose? Do you even know who I really am?” Lily asked delicately, feeling her hopes swell and her stallionhood furrow unchecked another six inches across her bed and belly like an optimistic anaconda.

Rose winked slyly. “I’ll admit, I don’t yet, Mystery Mare. But I have all day to find out.”

The pair plowed through the entire issue and the next ten after that showing the collapse of Goatham City into anarchy, the most unlikely destruction of the entire city’s police force after entering the sewers while chasing after Brayne, and Batmare’s salvation of the entire city from destruction by flying the megaspell explosive device away from the city to explode harmlessly over Horseshoe Bay.

They chatted quite happily about how ludicrously improbable most of the story was and wondered openly how nopony seemed to suspect the one bat pony in the entire city of being the Batmare but even Roseluck had to admit how much fun it was to follow despite its flaws. By the time the two were done, pausing only briefly for lunch and dinner which they brought up to the bedroom to continue reading as they ate, the moon had risen to take its place in the sky.

“Thanks, Lily. That was a fun ride for sure! We need to do this again sometime.” Roseluck took the last bite of her cucumber sandwich and set her plate over on the table next to the bed that carried the stack of comics the pair had read through. “I hope you won’t mind if I rest my eyes a bit? I slept really badly and…”

“It’s no problem at all, really!” Lily nodded and gave Rose a reassuring smile before carefully reinserting her comic books back into their protective sheaths and bringing them back to the closet.

“You know, I always assumed comics were something you’re supposed to read by yourself, but hearing your take as an outsider was really neat. I always just assumed if you weren’t reading comics, you looked down on those who did." Lily paused, reflecting on her negative opinions of others when she was growing up which all seemed to be a part of a past life now. "Of course, maybe that's just because I looked down on ponies who did before I started reading them.” Lily sighed heavily, finally admitting the truth of something ugly about herself. It felt oddly liberating. “Maybe I am a little too mean to ponies sometimes, huh?” Lily stuck her head out of the closet at the lack of response. “Um, Rose?”

Lily walked back into her room to see Roseluck fast asleep, sprawled out over the middle of the bed. She was forcefully reminded of a cat once more, hogging as much of the bed for themselves as possible as Rose's nickering snores caressed the air around her.

The pose left very little to the imagination.

Lily looked around guiltily as if waiting for Daisy to walk in on them when she remembered that wasn’t possible. Lily shook her head and chuckled, knowing she hadn’t done anything wrong. All the same, she really ought to be a true friend and cover up Rose before she caught a chill — the night had brought about a steep drop in the temperature both outside and in as the pegasi weather teams were under strict exposure rules and could only exert limited control over weather during the quarantine.

Withdrawing a spare blanket from her closet, she took a moment to appreciate the sheer hotness of her slumbering friend before finally, grudgingly covering her up and lying down next to her. You know, this really wasn’t so bad… Lily granted with her thoughts. We had some fun, Rose cheered up, and she even liked my comics. All in all, a good day. Well, except for you, of course!

She nodded down at her hidden dangler, which had eventually if grudgingly, subsided over the course of the day. She made a mental note to thank Rarity for making the magical gown for her, as it had proven once again able to restrain and conceal her against all odds and efforts. To her credit, the town’s dressmaker hadn’t asked why, though there were times Lily thought she had guessed.

“Whatever abnormality or imperfection you hide is none of my business, darling. But whatever it is, I think you will find that a true friend will not be bothered by it.” She had said, and though Lily did not believe her at the time, she suddenly found herself wondering if there was truth to those words. But I don’t even have friends… let alone true ones! And roommates don’t count! No matter how badly I may want them…

Her ears and tail drooped sadly, her frustrated flaccid phallus retreating into a torpor, waiting to be aroused to strike another day.

Wind-lashed rain began to beat against the window; a drenching downpour planned by the weather teams to beat down the virus floating all over the town to help check the spread of infections.

At a hard clap of thunder, Rose opened her eyes at the errant commotion looking over at the blackened window, front-lit rudely by glare from off of Lily's kerosene lamp and realized they’d dozed off for at least a couple of hours. She was initially startled to realize she was in Lily’s room until she remembered why and felt a warm and welcoming body next to hers, chest rising and falling rhythmically. Lily was still asleep, a wide smile on her peacefully slumbering face. Rose noted with interest that Lily was on her back, an unusual preference among ponies that the two of them appeared to share.

She smelled it again; a potent whiff of stallion musk that seemed to rise from the sheets beneath them. Rose had suspected it was a desperate delusion before, borne of interminable abstinence from male pleasures.

But no delusion was this strong!

“Hey, Lily,” Roseluck whispered to her friend but got no response; not even a flick of an ear. She couldn’t help but grin at that, wondering what her friend was dreaming about given her beatific expression. Bet she’s imagining herself as The Batmare! “Look, chocolate milk!” Rose said a little bit louder but Lily continued to sleep, her grin as wide as ever.

“Wow. You sleep like a rock, fillyfriend!” Rose said in wonderment turning over onto one side and shimmying her way under the covers. When she pulled them up to allow herself beneath them, she was greeted by not just a whiff, but an entire wave of stallion musk.

She blinked hard and her jaw fell open. That’s not my imagination! That’s REAL! She knew from countless encounters with male ponies in the past. Whatever its source, the smell was much stronger now, leaving the stallion-starved Rose shivering with excitement at the rush of Lily’s heady scent. What’s going ON here? She suddenly had to know, her nose twitching frantically and nethers already watering at the thought of long-denied sexual sustenance.

Lily was naked under the covers, or so she'd appeared. But having gently lifted the blanket over Lily’s stomach, Rose could just make out the faint outline of a zipper exposed by the hard light cast on it by the lamp on the wall. She was wearing some sort of invisible clothing. Huh? She grabbed the lamp in her muzzle and brought it as close as she dared; close enough to confirm her observation. What the…?

Replacing the lamp, she stared at it for several long minutes before moving again, trying to decide what to do; the intense storm outside providing the backdrop to her own desperate hope and uncertainty. She thought she might know what Lily was hiding given the available evidence, and had no idea how it was even possible. And yet...

“I’m going to get banished to the sun for this,” Roseluck thought out loud as her now-sodden marehood finally overrode her caution, pleading for a meal of stallion meat. “Or mule-kicked. Or both. I regret nothing!" Seeking a new angle so she could attack the zipper head-on, she climbed out of the bed and uncovered Lily’s hind legs, spread wide like a hung out and hungover stallion sleeping off a hard night of drinking. Her target acquired, Rose moved in with her teeth and slowly began to unzip from her crotch up.

Even though she’d been half-expecting it, Lily’s stallionhood popped out almost immediately, bopping her hard on the nose, leaving a sticky patch of precum in its wake.

Rose gasped and stumbled backwards from the unexpected appearance, gazing in awe at the impossible sight of a mottled pink and black shaft rising like Canterlot Castle above the valley below. It… it is real! She realized as she saw the two swollen seed-filled orbs resting fat and prosperous on the sheet, their size along with their accompanying shaft sufficient to put all but the top one-percent of stallions to shame.

Wait! But then does she have a — her question was answered before she could finish the thought as she could just barely make out the sight of her friend’s marehood, whose arousal-swollen attributes were equally unmistakable if almost entirely blocked by her large stallion apples.

For several seconds, all Rose could do was gape, her brain moving a mile a minute to catch up with the improbable reality set before her — she’d heard of very rare duel-gendered ponies, but never thought she’d meet one! — and after a quick shift of those large apples to confirm, all she could do was stare at the very well-endowed mare resting before her. Even as dark thoughts of midnight snacking began to fill her increasingly irrational mind, causing her muzzle to drift closer and mouth to water, her increasingly ragged breath started to tickle warm and thick against Lily’s member.

It twitched uncertainly, it's single eye gazing hungrily at its admirer before filling out its considerable girth, gorging itself greedily until Roseluck could count each of its mighty veins throbbing gently atop its supple surface. Rose stared at wonder as it filled out to the length and girth of a filly's leg, Rose backing away slowly — lest it boop her on the nose again — before Lily's mighty python called upon her apples to do their duty to both their master and the equine race.

Finally, sexually deprived for weeks and with her head swimming in a mixture of male and female arousal, Rose couldn’t stand it any longer. She lay still within inches of the pulsing tip, creeping slowly towards it, preparing to take it in her muzzle when the endlessly aroused and overstimulated organ suddenly erupted without any touch at all.

With a discordant sucking breath and a deeply satisfied moan, Lily emptied her load on Roseluck’s face, spraying jets of warm spunk across her muzzle, neck, and into one of her large ears while the latter closed her eyes and let the slick, fragrant heat wash over her with a shudder of pure ecstasy.

“My… goodness!” Roseluck opened her eyes reluctantly, gasping at the massive load as Lily began to stir, her eyes fluttering and then snapping open to find Roseluck hovering over her, nose scrunched and looking around guiltily.

Lily’s expression went from surprise to shock to horror. “Rose, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?” Lily kicked the blanket back over her groin and hid under it, turning away and trembling slightly, not caring that she was wetting the sheets with her still-oozing organ.

Rose didn’t answer right away. She remained stunned in place, licking her muzzle which now tasted of hot sticky vanilla cream; her heart beating a tattoo against her chest, her marehood grasping behind her for stallion meat. “Lily, you never told me… I smelled it and then I had to see for myself… so you weren’t kidding! This... is your secret identity!” Roseluck’s voice grew raspier the longer she spoke. Whatever Lily had been to other ponies — whatever she had been to Roseluck herself! — right now she was a stallion; an adorable, sweet-tasting stallion who needed aid and comfort.

“You will never tell, Rose! You must promise me you won’t tell anypony about my — my deformity!” Lily sobbed hard under her blanket. “I had to leave my old home; the foals all laughed at me!” Lily’s voice hardened with rage. “They called me a freak, Rose! A freak! Do you think I’m a freak too? Do you? Do you!?” she demanded to know, all but daring her to say it.

It took Rose several seconds to process both that statement and the eruption of angst that accompanied it, several things becoming clear to her at once. All this time… she was hiding this! She couldn’t have a normal life or relationship! No wonder she closed herself down and hid away with her comics! And all I ever did for her was tease her relentlessly. How does she not hate me!? I'm a monster! Despite her continuing arousal, she felt a sudden and deep sense of abiding shame.

“No, Lily.” Rose sat down on the Lily-free side of the bed, looking down at her hind legs dangling over the side, trying to think of the right words to say. “Look, I’m really sorry this is how I found out, but whatever anypony said to you before, you are not a freak and you do not have a deformity. Ponies like you are very rare, it’s true. But you are a treasure, Lily. To me and Daisy alike.”

Lily sniffled and said nothing, already feeling her stallionhood surging back to attention at the realization that Rose was not dismissing her outright.

Rose rested a hoof on Lily’s side, massaging her barrel, gently; she could feel her friend trembling slightly beneath her touch. “I promise I won’t say anything to anypony if you don’t want me to, but I hope that one day, you’ll come to accept yourself for who you are. That when you reach out to other ponies, somepony will reach back to you.”

Lily emerged from her cocoon, her watery eyes meeting Roseluck’s. Wordlessly, she held out a forehoof to Roseluck who smiled and met her in the middle with her own.

Recognizing the gesture for what it was, and aroused beyond all measure herself, Rose instantly reciprocated, sensing relief in the unlikely form of her longtime friend was at hoof. “See? Nothing to it!” Roseluck said reassuringly before Lily pounced, planting her lips on Rose’s and withdrawing quickly, her face slightly panicked at her actions.

But Rose smiled again, more sultry this time, having seen that reaction from stallions who were worried that they’d moved too quickly too soon. So why not do for her what I do for them? “You’ve got a lot to offer other ponies, Lily Valley. And I’m just now understanding how much!” Her tongue traced a path over the remains of Lily’s spunk again as her friend watched wide-eyed, her organ visibly twitching beneath the covers.

“Now come here, Tiger. Or maybe I should call you Tiger Lily?” Rose asked with a teasing grin as she drew her back in and, with an animal growl, parted Lily’s lips with her tongue, delighting in Lily’s schoolfilly squeal and whimpering reaction to the unfamiliar sensation. She then ran a hoof through Lily’s golden mane, her other hoof exploring the soft contours of her belly. For a time after that, all that could be heard over the background of the storm was the sound of slow, sensual kissing as Rose trained the long-neglected and long-abstinent mare in the ways of lovemaking, dragging her slowly from her shell.

With growing courage, Lily began to explore as well, a foreleg braced around Roseluck’s neck, the other stroking one of Roseluck’s long ears, so supple and erect, delighting in how the short, bristly hairs tickled the frog of her hoof.

The two finally separated after a long while, a bead of saliva and spunk still connecting the two together. The two laughed, breaking the strand until all was silent once more; even the storm seemed to have finally stilled.

“Rose, I think you’ve still got something on your face!” Lily smiled sweetly, licking at it gently, marveling at her own flavor. She couldn't hope but feel chocolate was more appropriate given her diet but was delightfully surprised all the same.

“Well, I may have accidentally stood in front of a firing squad this evening,” Roseluck replied casually with a sultry gaze. “Courtesy of Equestria's most adorable executioner!” she added, taking Lily's mouth in her own, the pair continuing to swap Lily's thick, slick and potent load.

Fully primed after her earlier bout of fun, Lily’s erect stallionhood proudly displayed itself to its first target, and for the first time in her life, she realized she had no shame about displaying it. Or using it! The pair finally separated. “You really want to do this… with me?” Lily’s confident smile faltered slightly.

Rose nodded, “I’m ready, and unless I’m very much mistaken, so are you, Lily Valley!” Rose licked more of the cream off her face, smacking her lips and swallowing heartily. “You know, I thought I was bad off for going without for weeks! But you’ve gone without for life!” She smiled sadly. “That changes tonight!”

Lily’s heart leapt and her eyes began to water, multiple fantasies suggesting themselves, each more lurid and heady than the last. It was then her gaze caught a glimpse of Roseluck’s ear, still coated with seed from earlier, and suddenly she knew exactly which fantasy to fulfill first. “Could you — I mean if it’s okay. I can clean you up!”

“Such a gentlecolt!” Rose gave the diminutive hermaphrodite an affirmative nod. “A good stallion always sees to the needs of the mare first. Be my guest!” She stretched out her neck in offering.

Lily dove in immediately cleansing her face and neck as Rose moaned contently, stroking the length of Lily’s shaft with a practiced hoof, leaving her friend in amazement at the precision of her technique She responded instantly, reveling in the touch and the unfamiliar but very pleasurable sensations it brought her, intensifying her own efforts on her friend, now nipping and kissing with abandon.

“Lily you are absolutely divine! You keep this up, I’m going to soak this bed!” Roseluck praised breathlessly as Lily worked the length of her neck.

“So are you…” she just managed, and without stopping, Lily immediately started in on Roseluck’s ear, still smelling and tasting of vanilla, scandalously working the inside with indecent enthusiasm.

Roseluck gritted her teeth to suppress a very unladylike yelp, her legs trembling like a flan in an earthquake. “Lily, are you part bat pony?” She felt a suddenly worried Lily withdraw, prompting an impatient whine. “No, don’t stop! By the Sun and Moon, you are a ravenous stud! With Cadance as my witness if you don’t rut me into the floor when you finish I’ll banish you there myself!” she promised.

That was all the encouragement that Lily needed to continue as Rose kneeled to allow the shorter mare easier access to her long ears. They added nearly a foot to her height and were an inconvenience to the far shorter Lily, who continued her remorseless assault along the deliciously sensitive back and tip. The room was soon filled with the scent of freshly cut roses as Rose’s petals began to weep. After another minute of stimulation, Rose came with an ecstatic cry, the spray drumming audibly against the sheets like water from a garden hose.

Lily stopped and looked at Roseluck with alarm. “Rose, are you alright? That was a lot that came out of you!”

Roseluck smiled smugly, tracing a hoof up her decently defiled ear. “I’m a healthy mare with a healthy libido. I think… I may need to be cleaned up again though!”

“I can manage that…” Her confidence reaching new heights, Lily kissed Rose wildly. Grabbing her marefriend around the middle, Rose pulled Lily to the mattress, Lily landing on top and pinning the larger mare to the bed as the two laughed playfully.

“I submit! I submit!” Roseluck mock surrendered, Lily, raising herself up off of Rose to get a better look at her. She was lying supine with her legs in the air, her tail flagging wildly beneath Lily, tickling at her fetlocks. “May you be merciful in your conquest, my lovely and virile Lily!”

Lily’s eyes zeroed in on Roseluck’s marehood, slickened and moist from her early ejaculation, her quivering lips dribbling with fresh excitement. But Rose would have to wait for that. “Rose, um… I have a confession. I’ve been staring at your teats since the day we first met and I’m ready to do more than stare!”

She grinned delightedly at that. “My teats, eh? They’re always so neglected by stallions! You want them? Have them! You won’t be having all the fun though Lily; I promise you that!” Roseluck licked her lips as Lily turned to face the opposite direction.

Lily took a moment to think about everything that had happened that brought her to that moment, having admired her friend’s femininity for years from a distance. Roseluck’s marehood winked impatiently, demanding both oral and other services, but Lily’s heart was set on her dearest desire and the apple of her eye; the one thing she wanted most after her friend’s ears.

“You’re... so... beautiful…” She told her more experienced friend and then dug her tongue into the crevice between Rose’s generous endowment. Delighting in their soft and slightly wobbly texture, she drank in the fragrant juices which had settled there before popping each nipple into her mouth in turn, working her tongue in circles around the tips, teasing them to rigid hardness and all but able to feel the tingling sensations she was imparting her moaning friend.

For her part, Rose didn’t remain idle. Grabbing Lily by the thighs, she teased her marehood with her tongue, eliciting a shuddering breath before moving on her friend’s applesack, smoothing the dark-pink fur with her tongue as Lily’s legs began to tremble in turn. As she felt it contract under her touch, Rose delighted in her earthy musk and unique taste, wondering how she’d never noticed how much like a stallion Lily really was. All this time… the perfect stallion was right here beside me! How did I not notice? she asked herself forlornly but redoubled her vow and her efforts to make up for lost time.

Angled wrongly to take Lily’s stallionhood in her mouth — let’s save some pleasures for later! she told herself — Rose settled for teasing Lily’s marehood again, begrudging her own inexperience in pleasuring mares.

Lily emerged from deep inside her lover’s cleavage to take a shuddering breath. “Rose, do my apples again, I beg you!”

“As you wish, my glorious stallion!” Roseluck licked at the gap between Lily’s sack and thighs, breathing deeply of her male scent causing the latter’s breath to catch hard in her throat.

Lily had surprised herself with the request, but having feared the reaction of ponies to her extra endowments, the idea of having them worshipped was just too much to resist, never mind how good her friend’s technique was! She feverishly lapped at Roseluck’s marehood in payback, pressing her tongue down hard on her clitoris before entering her boiling depths proper.

She’d had no experience with the act either other than some of her more hidden comics, but her instincts were good and even if she lacked the long tongues of Roseluck’s previous bat pony boyfriends, Lily worked the inner ridges of her core well enough to make her whimper. Unable to focus enough to continue her efforts on Lily, Rose laid her head back against the pillows and drank in the waves of pleasure crashing over her bow as Lily cupped and massaged her ample teats while continuing to work inside.

“Lily, get ready!” Rose gave a whinnying cry as she came again, Lily hearing the warning in enough time to cup her lips over the entrance. She contained as much of the flood as she could but was overcome quickly by the sheer volume, squirting most of it back out her muzzle and nose.

Lily coughed and wiped her mouth as Roseluck basked in the afterglow. “Wow… I’m really going to have to work on that!” Lily swallowed the load which tasted of sweetened dandelion juice. She regretted having wasted so much of it.

“It’s an acquired skill, Lily. I don’t have it either, yet. But you did awesome for your first time!” Rose gave Lily a rump hug. “Sorry I couldn’t get you off too but… I kn-know how I can make it up to you!” She stood up unsteadily on her hooves, looking back at her friend with a smile, her tail tilted to one side, presenting her eager entrance.

Lily instinctively leaned in and inhaled deeply; it was at that moment that she realized. Rose was not only eager but in heat. She wasn’t last night This must have just happened! Or maybe I somehow caused it…? The thought that she’d made her friend fertile was almost too heady for words. And yet… “Are you sure about this, Rose? I’m not a true stallion but there’s a…” Lily hesitated, her subconscious mind reminding her of the risks associated with total honesty. Risks that may include Roseluck changing her mind. “... slight chance my seed is fertile. I’ve never actually done this before as so little is known about ponies with my condition...” she swallowed hard even as her eyes remained fixed on her friend’s winking entrance.

Rose nickered gently, blushing deep red. It may have been the onset of her estrus, or going weeks without a proper rutting, and yet, her answer came instantly: “Lily, if it comes down to it, I would be honored to carry your foal. It kinda feels like we’ve been an item all along, doesn’t it?”

Lily urked! but to her credit exercised total self-control, willing herself not to ejaculate on the spot. “Y-yes. That’s true!” She gave a nervous laugh as she clumsily shed her magical gown, kicking it off with her back leg onto the floor. Lily smiled awkwardly, knowing better than to ask if Rose was only joking. Her expression shifting to one of longing as she found herself lost in her lover's orbs of green. “Rose… I need you.”

Rose sized her friend up with her eyes before nodding. “Then take me!” She spread her legs and flagged her tail hard, thrusting her marehood back towards her friend. “Rut me! Make me yours, Lily Valley!”

“Y-yes…” Lily mounted Rose, clambering up onto her strong back, getting a feel for how firm and tight the rounded mare’s body really was. Unfortunately, there was a cold, empty space where her warm erotic tunnel should have been. “Um… this is harder than it looks!”

“Ugh! I really should have spotted this issue immediately.” Rose noted Lily’s worried expression and smiled reassuringly. “It’s not a problem though, Lily. Thing is, you’re shorter than most stallions. I guess you need more height to take me properly.” Rose waved her off and positioned herself so she was lying prone with her legs hanging over the side. “This should make up for the height difference, I think. Also, most first-timers will actually bite down on the scruff of the neck to keep from falling off so don’t be shy! And more importantly, don’t bite me in the wrong place or I’ll bite you back!” Rose poked her tongue out and winked.

“Thanks, Rose!” The two stole one last kiss before Lily mounted her again, lining up perfectly this time. She was surprised, and a little disappointed when Roseluck’s entrance didn’t immediately give way, her flared head fumbling clumsily before she was able to press it home with a warm pop and a satisfied grunt.

Roseluck whinnied loudly, rolling her hips slightly before pressing back against Lily’s stallionhood, attempting to pull it deeper inside of her. Her efforts met with mixed results; the fact she was laying down meant she didn’t have much leverage to work with. “That’s it, Lily. More! Deeper!” she implored huskily, her opening beginning to milk her friend frantically.

The squeezing of her stallionhood did not go unnoticed by Lily, who had to will herself not to come too soon again. “Steady, Lily. Steady!” She whispered to herself as she took an experimental thrust which pushed her further in as Rose whinnied again. “Oh, hayseeds! That didn’t hurt, did it?” she asked in sudden worry.

“You’re big even by stallion standards, Lily!” Rose groaned with need as she felt precum began to mix with her own love juices. “But don’t worry about breaking me. I’m a big gal too! I’ve even taken a Saddle Arabian or two over the years, and you could give them a run! You go as deep and hard as you want! But you just make sure I get every last drop of you inside me!”

Lily all but shivered at the request, she didn’t think it possible but her organ engorged even further, prying Roseluck’s lips open wider. “You are so hot, Rose!” she grunted as she drove herself into her fertile friend, again and again, plunging deeper with each thrust, feeling the grasp of her inner walls against her flared head, being slowly, inexorably drawn closer by the second towards climax.

Before long, Rose was whimpering Lily’s name, cheering her on as she claimed her prize, finally sinking herself to the hilt. With the almighty roar of a conquering Maregolian horde, she buried herself apples-deep inside her new lover, eyes crossing as she burst forth with a titanic wave of equine baby batter for the second time that night, filling Roseluck’s birth canal with potent, virile seed. In the end, Lily barely heard Rose’s climax over the sounds and sensations of her own, racked by wave after crashing wave of pure pleasure. When it was finally spent half a minute later, she dismounted onto the floor, barrel heaving and completely exhausted.

The pair rested where they lay for several more minutes before Rose spoke up again. “Lily? Please... hold me now!” her voice came up meekly from the bed.

“Yes…” Lily finally roused herself to do so, climbing with some difficulty on four trembling legs back into bed. The two then lay side by side, facing each other, wrapped up in each other’s legs, Lily nuzzling Roseluck’s mane and nibbling the tips of her ears, slumber creeping in from all sides as they lay comfortably together listening to the rain and distant thunder sweeping over the land.

“I love you, Roseluck.” Lily finally said, kissing her gently and finding, to her amazement and delight, that she had no qualms or fears about speaking that word to her friend.

“I love you too, Lily. Please never forget that I was your first.” She kissed Lily back.

“I won’t Roseluck. Not ever!” she proclaimed as she held her friend tightly, vowing never to let her go.

Outside, the sun shone brightly over a landscape much changed over the year. The spring and summer had come and passed and POVID-19 faded into memory, having burned itself out over the summer. A winter reemergence was possible, but a treatment had been discovered, the population inoculated against further threat, and normalcy returned to the world.

Or at least what passes for normal in the land of ponies.

The two now-longtime lovers lay side by side in Lily’s room, Rose reading an issue of Supermare, while Lily kissed her large and very pregnant stomach. Lily had long before ordered a larger bed to accommodate them, and a recovered Daisy, though shocked at first from their news, had immediately set out to have an addition built to their house that would include a new nursery and foal’s playroom.

“You’re going to be a wonderful Dad, Lily. Our twins haven’t even been born yet and you’re already showering them with affection.”

“Me, a Dad.” Lily laughed. “I might be the first mare to be able to say that in… well, about fifty years when the last of my kind managed it.”

“You’re going to do great, Lily! I just hope I can keep them both fed!” Roseluck’s ears drooped at the thought of not being able to provide for her offspring.

“Judging by the size of your teats, I don’t think that will be a problem, Rose.” Lily licked her bulging mammaries, causing Rose to shiver with pleasure, lapping up a trickle of milk that came out of them. “We could probably feed half of Ponyville’s foal population if we had to.”

Rose turned to face her partner, her expression stern. “Lily! Are you suggesting that two foals aren’t going to be enough for you? Because I’ll happily give you more!” She stuck out her tongue and winked, Lily, stealing a kiss on her cheek.

“Oh yeah?” Lily replied jokingly, “I bet you couldn’t do five foals!”

“I bet you I could, tough guy!” Roseluck gave Lily a light jab to the chest with her hoof. “Ten foals easy.”

“Yeah, but could you do fifteen though? I mean that would be waaay too hard.” Lily eyed her mate skeptically, messaging her belly with both hooves, feeling one of the foals kicking inside of her.

“You are going to get it, Mister!” Rose got up in Lily’s face. “Twenty foals and not a filly less!”

Lily grinned stupidly, clopping her hooves and sending a silent prayer of thanks to Cadance for her great fortune. “You drive a hard bargain, Rose. Deal!”

The pair kissed each other deeply before returning to their comic. POVID-19 was no more, Supermare’s latest opponent was defeated, and their first foals were due soon. All was well.

— The End —