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This is pretty good so far keep it up man.

Thx! Never done something like this before! It's kinda wild, but fun!

I really love this, wacky impossible large scale transformation is exactly my jam. The human OCs are actually mostly characters, too, which is nice. You've got a pretty good handle on how to emphasis lewd aspects, but an outright sex scene wouldn't go unappreciated.

Of a little bit mixed feelings on the exact execution of the history rewriting stuff, one part is fantastic in terms of ridiculous escalation, and freaky mind control and such is well within my tastes, but there's a fine line to watch out for where it makes the situation less fun. What's the point of a transformation if no one's aware of it enough to be disoriented or terrified or excited or reluctant? And like... I liked Becky! Becky was a fun character who was going to move the plot and action in good directions, so effectively writing her out of the story feels like missed opportunity. Maybe I'm underestimating you, though.

Anyway, eagerly anticipating more, good luck. Especially looking forward to when we get some TG in the mix. :raritywink:

There were a few conjugation and article issues scattered about, if I get the motivation for a reread I'll try and wrap them up in a PM to you.

“I’m too young to be having back pain,” he muttered.

Have you tried checking your pressure points? :ajsmug:

Sorry. Playing at being quasi-facetious. :twilightblush:

Becky actually believed Yendi’s crazy stories about ancient aliens, long-forgotten temples of magic and cities of advanced wizards living on the oceans. She was completely nuts.

But she was cute and having her around made sure that his old friend, crippling loneliness, didn’t bother him so much. Even if she wouldn’t shut up about whatever latest crackpot theory Yendi had stumbled upon.

Soooo... kinda like Pinkie Pie? :unsuresweetie:


Well in the work that inspired this story, there were moments of regression where the character would come back to themselves, and so would everyone else. Granted, that happened less and less often as he (then she) allowed the power to warp them over time, but I could easily see it seemingly like the new reality completely displaces the old one in the moment.

I agree with you though, Becky is a fun character in this story.

Silly University's health plan doesn't cover that kind of thing! They're meanies.

Heee! I dunno! I didn't think like that, but maybe!

He was totally going on and on about how cliche it was... he had to screw up somewhere! HEE!

HEEEE!!! Thx! I was totally not expecting to get such a great comment on my first try for a story like this!

I dunno. Really flat characters bore me. Need to give them something. It's fun that worked! Next part is all direct fun stuff though, so you'll "appreciate" that a bunch! Reality shifts are really fun to me though! I kinda like it when the person reading the story is the only one who knows about the changes! Kinda adds and exciting/scary part to me! After all, we're just starting! I've got a few DAYS planned for this little thing!

So, yeah, don't worry, Becky's not out! After all, that little voice got REALLLLLY mad about forcing people. The voice would probably get even madder about just making people go poof! She is definitely not done with Dayson! Don't worry, there's way more to come! Thx for the edit offer! Sure there's a bunch of errors. I edited this a bunch, but kinda went "good enough! Let's have some fun!"

Ooooh! Sneaky! Reading the story I linked and stuff. Don't worry though, Becky's not done! Though after your comments, I think I'm gonna give her a bigger part! Thx so much!

Either way, you have my interest. I look forward to the inevitable anthrofication of the world.

Definitely an interesting story. I'm going to keep an eye on this one:twilightsmile:

Aww! Thx so much!

You have no idea how happy i am that you choose to focus on these underused characters. And from what i read so far, this is gonna be fun.

Heee! You're gonna like the next one then!

Well you have my attention. Off to a very strong start.

Thx so much! Hope you like it all!

how long until his gender changes?

Soon! I don't wanna ruin everything, though!

Holy shit this one's good too! I'll follow this story, and you.

Heeeeee! Thx so much! :3

Okay. You had my interest, now you have my attention! Your really good at this.

Right, decision made. Here's a like and a follow. Keep up the good work my friend!

Heeee! Thx so much! :3

Ooooh I so will! I'm like totally addicted to this now that I'm finally putting this stuff up and everyone seems to love it! :3

(Pssst: I got like a few hundred pages of this story, I just wanna polish them up a bit more! SuccuSpike is the one I'm making up as I go!) :3

ooo good chapter

-Insert obvious praise message here.-


Aha! So I'm not the only one who understands sarcasm! This s must be the biggest revaluation in my whole life! Lol.

Huh? I can't possibly believe you would think I was being sarcastic! I TRY TO SHOW SINCERE GUSHING ADORING THANKS AND THIS IS WHAT I GET! SOBSOBSOB

Yep, I have met my equal in terms of sarcasm... Well played my friend, and good luck with whichever story your planning on uploading to next! 👍

Still not so sure what happen here... does our proganist become a vessel of a long-lost goddess or just a prank for certain chaos god?

Why not both?! Don't worry, you'll see! :3 :3 :3

All i can say at 5 in the morning, i need more

I would like to see Becky get changed without forgeting who she is at some point if you could. I think that would be interesting.

However, he sat in a class full of people who didn’t have a clue. And now that he thought about it, Rillian had actually used Lily’s pony name! This warranted further experimentation! For… science or something.

He could still feel Rillian’s glare. He didn’t really care.

I kind of wonder if he'll do... something to her...

Remind me of the comic I saw on Furaffinity where a student was punished to stay after a class and the teacher was changed into anthro Cheerilee.

This is really match the comics i saw years ago. A student was asked to stay after class and then a teacher was changed into anthro Cheerilee by mysterious pink mist. Did you get idea from those comics? (there are three versions of them that I know of) Maybe you can put some crops here as illustrations?

In that long synopsis at the start, I actually said that comic was the inspiration for this whole story! I can't put in crops (or like, if I did, they wouldn't be any good). I was even gonna go for a cover with them, but it didn't work out!

This particular one is inspired by the really nice long one, the one with the book by "Discord" that starts with the guy turning a student into a college-aged Sweetie Belle!

I see. That one is Cyrus' 2nd attempt at this story plot. The story is a bit different between those two, and the art is a lot better than the 1st one too.

I am looking for what detail, background and characters you are going to put into your story. I like story with good transformation scenes. And I want see how our protagonist deal with all the consequences he caused.

Yeahhhh!!!!!! I just expanded things a whollllleeeeeee lot. It’ll be fun, I promise!!!!!!! :333

Yendi’s crazy stories about ancient aliens

So, Doctor Yendi's the gender-bent version of this dude?
Seems legit. :rainbowlaugh:

Dayson couldn’t help but notice that there were two little nubs poking through her white cotton top.


“Milk?” Dayson echoed. “You’re serious about this?”

Becky nodded, but her eyes didn’t leave the text. “Milk apparently became a major… ooh… part of their culture! After a mating was complete, any female involved would find themselves full! Part of the ceremony was to help… uh… alleviate that.”

:ajbemused: This is gonna be a lactation fetish fic, isn't it?

“What just…” Dayson began to say, only to stop when an odd gong suddenly sounded in the room.

Did the gong sound something like this*? (*1:16 mark on vid)

And now for some error corrections:

“You gonna let me in?” she said that annoyingly cute smirk.

Missing "with" between "that" and "annoyingly cute smirk."

“Crates containing artifacts some mysterious and ancient culture?

Missing "from" between "artifacts" and "some."

It was sort pink-colored,

Should be "sort-of" instead of "sort."

Her face lengthened and shifted into it’s familiar shape.

Remove the apostrophe from "it's."

He could sense the small nova about to go off between in legs.

Should be "between her legs."

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