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What adorasexy thing should I turn you into today? Now with Patreon & Ko-Fi!

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I haven’t started reading and already I like this story xD

Hopefully, you like it even more after reading, hun~!

Or deal with that crazy neurotic princess who occasionally turned him into a mare!

You make that sound like a bad thing. If it was me I would take that job xD

I always like reading your stories.

She's always looking for new test subjects~!

Is there a sign up list? :P

This had to be another dream… but it felt so real!

It's not a dream, it's sexy reality.

He’d been assigned to get Twilight laid?!

I mean, it's kinda obvious when you're talking about Cadence. If not she would've turn you into a slutty maid.

We’re ponies, silly. We’re sexual creatures. It’s only natural.”

I'm saying it now, all Ponies are bi.

Don’t be silly, Flash. I know you’re as bi as me!

Told ya.

Eeeeee! Another Dollmares story! I'm so excited to see what happens to Flash. Whatever it is, it's gonna be sexy!

Finished reading and I really like it. Love me some MtF transformation and Flare is slowly becoming my favorite mare :3

I like where this is going.

I liked how Flare kept trying to resist only to get utterly overwhelmed at the end of her conversion. Now she's a sexy doll just for Twilight!

Considering how Flare turn out, I won't be surprised if Cadance would ask to try the process on Shining.

Damn, this is already a great start. Flash, you lucky son of a... or daughter of a... you know what? Just lucky. :p

Also, twilight in thigh-high stockings. YES!

FlashFlare, shut up and fuck your Princess. :D I kinda wish I was being droned there. Very hot and sexy, here.

Again, wonderfully-written. You are a very gifted writer.

Great story. I fucking loved Flash's conversion. Can't wait for more, Honey. Oh, Spike. I kinda envy you right now. :D

Please don't turn spike he's a good boy who should stay that way, also what would be the point of a sex doll if a guy can't use it

What a sexy mare~ Companion is truly the greatest.

As always, your story is something special that speaks to me on a deep level. Can't wait for the next one!

This had been a great read, despite not being a fan of anthro in general, I did enjoy the TF part and the mind alteration. I will be looking forward to see the next installment of this series of stories.

I've absolutely loved Dollmares so far and really hoping for more.

Now on to speculation that I'm sure will turn out to be wrong.

The Companion seems to be a self evolving symbiote/contagion with the aim of connecting ponies to this "Bond" which is clearly some sort of hivemind. To me this sounds like something that Starlight Glimmer would come up with.

My hypothesis is that Starlight did create it and sent out samples to some powerful ponies who could serve as incubators for the Companion. Once that was done there wasn't much she could contribute to it so she erased her memory of it so that she could never be turned against it.

The version in Trixie was probably closer to the original version and was using a very slow(but likely undetectable) method of integrating Trixie into the Bond. Trixie might have also been slowly corrupting Starlight as well, which would explain why Starlight didn't put up any resistance.

Twilight's version of the Companion was probably the result of a very unlikely confluence of events. First it was lost in the mail for years, exposed to a lot of highly varied magic. Then it was exposed to Twilight's own very potent magic and exposed to some specific erotic content on her computer. This resulted in the Companion realizing that appealing to a pony's sexuality is the best way to win them over.

You're actually not TOOOOOOOO far awayyyy~! Heeeeee! :pinkiegasp:

Well, sorta~!

Well tin foil aside when’s the next one coming out?

If only some of these ideas could be made into fics of their own. Seeing a full thing on the twilight sex doll or the gay conversion would be hot.

In reality this whole fic is awesome.


I'm saying it now, all Ponies are bi.

I'm super sure some are totes pan~!

Being droned sounds so much more fun than having to go to work. At least I'd be brainwashed into loving it~!

Heeeeee~! Well, if I get around to it eventually, you'll see more of them~!

I could tell you, but I'd have to drone you.

...wait, that's not a threat.

I say that’s totes worth it :P

This one didn't hit me in the fetish like the last one did. And I think I now have the words to explain why. The first story used a carrot, this story uses a stick. When resistance was encountered from Twilight: Companion backed off, approached from another direction, and slowly undermined that resistance. But when resistance was encountered from Flash it feels like it was quickly beaten out with a blunt instrument. I liked the slow molding of Twilight's thoughts. This one just didn't have that for me.

This might be deliberate on your part. Twilight rushing through her first conversion. Like a virgin that doesn't know what foreplay is.

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