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Kind of interested in seeing how flash being a cute mare would turn out.

I might have a secret weakness for Flare Warden~ (Like my not-so-secret weakness for Gleaming Shield~!)

I think he's next on "The List" <3

Well that was horrifying. Loved it

Heeeeeeeeeeeee~! Twi doesn't mind~!

Oh my god this is already fantastic and it's only two chapters in. Latex transformation is at the very top of my fantasy kink list.

I fucking love this so much.

Gleaming and Flare are the best genderbent mares. I honestly cannot wait to see what you'll do with either of them!

Honestly amazing. Hit everything that I love as well. Can only hope that we see more themes like this in future writings. <3

Oh my god this might actually be my very favorite sexy story ever. I love this SO MUCH.

Amazing job, Honey!

Another good transformation story.
In the end, we still don't know who sent those boxes? And what exactly was the original goal of the one who sent this naughty fiber? If this is a villain's plot, why sent one to Trixie instead of one of the other Mane6?

Hope you found it interesting, hun~!

Heeeeeeee~! Thank you so much, hun~! I love hearing that it hit all the right buttons~ I really wanna do more stories like this, I just gotta get super inspired~!!! :3

Isn't it great?! Not really the outfit I think Twi's in... but definitely got the expression down~!

OMG seriously satp making me blush, sweetie~! I don't know if I can take it~!

...I lied. Keep going~! :3 <3

Thank you, hun~! It's totes weird that Trix of all ponies would get this TF, right? What's up with that~?! <3 <3 <3


Keep up your writing and I'll probably keep heaping praise on you. Keep writing sexy latex stories and I'll DEFINITELY keep flattering you.

Heeeeee~! Well, we BOTH might get our wishes then~!

I had totes too much fun with Gleaming in "A Dry Spell!!!!" I've got like 20 drabbles with Flash that I haven't gotten done, but he'll show up sooner or later~!

<3 <3 <3

I'm secretly hacking your computer and writing stuff just for you, hun~!

Its rare that I want to be in a story as much as this one. It's *so* good. :heart:

This techno-magical fiber seems to have some level of self-improvement antic. Imagine it can generate a slight different version of fiber that also force stallions into mares?

The kink list isn't really my personal bag but I read through some of the comments and your personality won me over. You're so upbeat!

I'll definitely try to read something by you soon.

I really hope you continue this story. There's lots to be done still.

This was good. I especially enjoyed the way Twilight's thoughts were constantly interrupted and replaced during the third chapter.

This site does not have enough Good TG story's. Thanks for helping fix that. Also more Gleaming Shield would be a very good thing. <3

Nice kinky Story, i hope there is more :rainbowkiss:

</////////////> Stahp making me blush~! Yes, I totally can blush~!

Thank you~!!!!! I would totes love to put you into one someday~!!! :3

Wellllll~ I dunno if it was the fiber. It might have been all the stuff it had been exposed to.Twi put a tiny bit of magic and it gets weird~? Something happened to it~! And that something would be super happy to meet new subjects like these 'stallions,' even if it's not TOTALLY compatible~!!!! :3

Awwwww~! Thank you, hun~! It's rare to get a comment like this and super, super nice~!!! Serious, I didn't expect NEARLY as many peeps to like this story as they did, they all surprised me big-time~!

I hope you end up finding something you like, hun~!

A Companion's work is never done. A companion's drone, I mean, host, I mean... a Dollmare's work definitely is never done~! So many people have been talking about this, it's hard not to start right now~! But I got a commission I need to work on first. After that though... well, one of those males is gonna meet the new and improved Passion Twilight~! :3

Details are where all the fun's at~! It's why my stories end up so looooonnnnngggggg~! It's gonna be fun, so much fun~!

Ooooh, that was so fun to write and think about. Just slowing having those thoughts get more and more in-depth, corrupting Twi's original thoughts until... these were always her original thoughts, right? Of course they were~! <3 <3 <3

I have so many Gleaming Shield stories I wanna do~! She's so damn cute~! Trust me, there's ALWAYS gonna be TG stories from me, sweetie~! :3

This was beyond amazing. I love how you took time with the transformation. Not just *boom* she's a slut. Please keep doing what you're doing. Would love to see TF of Princess Luna. You're a very talented lady.

>tfw acting all modest like you don't know your stories are fantastic and sexy as hell. :trixieshiftright:

Details, to me, are what make the difference in clop and good clop; a story, and a good story, and your stories are wonderfully rich in detail.

God, that was fucking hot. I loved the transformation. I'd kill to see this continued, to find out what Trixie is, and see others corrupted into Dollmares.

Oooh yes~! Slow, dedicated corruption and transformation is a big deal for me~! I like it so vivid you can practically see it~!

Hmmmmm... you might get your wish, now that I think of it, hun~!

And thank you so much~! <3 <3 <3 <///////>


I'm even more adorable when I do it, and you know it, hun~!

Amen~! It's just no fun unless there's a nice real story in there with all the sexy funtimes~!

<///////> Blushies~!

Ooooh, I have plans for Trix when it's time... and some others might join the Bond soonish~! <3

the material grew more and more vicious

"Vicious" as in 'deliberately cruel and violent', or "viscous" as in 'having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid' (think honey)?

Hips that encouraged potential makes to fuck her

"Makes", or "males"?

I love this; it's truly excellent.

Of course, all masculine parts of their anatomy and psyche would need to be suppressed when they joined the bond.

This, however, isn't. Nope. I'm just gonna pretend this line isn't there, because subjectively the story's much better without it.

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