Years ago, Twilight preformed a spell to teleport a notebook to herself that she needed but had left behind at her home. The spell worked, just not as she intended. The notebook was actually a diary, and it was not hers. It was the diary of a human boy, she read the diary making foot notes as she went along until, much to her surprise, it vanished. The next day she tried it again to find that her foot notes had been responded too. Over the years the two wrote back and forth like pen palls. Their friendship grew and grew until one day the letters stopped, until today, today she receives one last letter.

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Oh God, not again! My feels can't take this twice.

Still a great short story and a lot cleaner too.

Silver out!

I cried. I haven't cried in a long time, thank you. I felt like I was in a shell of nothingness and this story broke it. I really mean it when I say Thank You.

1889140Glad you feel a bit better! :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by D4ddy D15Cord deleted Jan 2nd, 2013

This is just...Better than MLD itself.
It's short, but made me feel the same about MLD : What's after death? or even : There's nothing left for me after death...I don't want to die. etc...
This is just Perfect to make somepony think about life and motivate anyone to not waste it...( NO YOLO PLEASE )
Thank you for this amazing story.

Feels. I had them. They were manly.

1889311 You go to sleep every night. I think death is like that, and what's to be fearful about a timeless sleep?

there's not waking up nor cousciousness...
If I'm asleep forever, let me dream for the first time of my life, at least.

just as sad as first time

I had feels and I will actually admit I cried like a little bitch.
Well Done. :pinkiesad2:

You made me sad again.

Still a sad but good story.


1889350 The fact that it could be a nightmare

A second time? It's sad, but it feels good. Well done.

for the second time,
my feels...

Reading this version is so much better! Worlds better!

I like where you went with it, actually. And the fact that all we know is this last letter makes it that much more tragic as we imagine for ourselves how the relationship between twilight and the guy developed.

Bravo, my man. Bravo.

again fate seems fit to make me feel that ache, that beautiful burning pain. I still deem you devine for writing this. You truly know how to touch, no, embrace a heart. I would applaud you if I ever had the honor of meeting you.

Oh it's a rewrite. Ah.

At first I was like; wtf, I know I've read this, but it was different slightly... yeah, anyway, nice. Have a thumb.

Y my feels hurt so much? :applecry:

This story is one of the best I have read in my entire life, Even if it made me cry. Twice. In a way, those seem to be the stories we all love. Ones that make us laugh and that make us cry. This story is on the top of my list, and I'm glad it was re-writen.

well, dem feels. feeeeels. feeeeeeeeeeeeels. they have no mercy on my feels xD

In one word; Amazing.

This story is outstanding, and for so many reasons.
I will say, it's a little short, but that, in no way, makes it any less great that it is. And at the end, I felt a little empty... Hollow if you will. The feeling of loss and sadness. Which, with such a story, is exactly where anyone who reads this, should be.
What truly makes an amazing read is not length, the words that are used, or in which context or manner it is written. What does make an amazing read, is that it appeals to the readers and captivates us emotionally. It takes a hold of our emotions and takes them on roller coaster ride of up's and down's.
And you, my good fellow, have done exactly that. And in doing so, delivered a short masterpiece.
I applaud you.

First fan fic I ever read. This is amazing. No words can describe how awesome this is. I feel a inner sadness, yet a little happy. This is just amazing.

I love these stories, all these shatter your heart and empty your tear duct stories. I love them all, this one was amazing.

This is the third time my feels have been brutaly murdered. Well done sir.
She was gonna give the necklace to Star Gazer but she gave it to a dead guy. THE FEELS ARE CRYING! Ow.
Awsome story!

I had over 30 chapters to read in my fave box.... this is the last one.... my gods did I make a mistake.. now I have no balm to cure me of the sad feelings I have :fluttercry:

Excellent story, the first one was decent and gave me loads of feels... but this one.. this just blew me away, very well done hun

Just... Give me a second. I need to gather up all of my feels. They just kinda went everywhere. Give me a second so I can put them in this little cracked box I call my heart. Oh my, they are just everywhere. :ajsleepy: How did this feel get way over here?:pinkiesad2: or how about this one?:fluttercry: This might take a second.

A 1.4k story that made me have feels?......Dang. :pinkiesad2:

i thought to my self when i saw this on the highest rated box thing. " ohh look a sad one shot, il give it a try later." Its now halfway through march and i finally read this. I regret my decision to wait. This although has very little back story, has that potential not many stories have. To make you feel sorrow, compassion, and love for things you may or may not understand. I rarely ever comment but i just felt i have to for this story. Thank you. Thank you for helping me cry tonight

There isnt an emoticon to describe how i feel so il just give you a few :raritycry::twilightsmile::ajsleepy::rainbowderp::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

The ONLY way I can think of for you to improve the quality of this story would be to write a prequel depicting the exchange of letters between Twi and her "inter-dimensional pen-pal", and maybe give the pen-pal a name.

Right at the heartstrings. Good show.

Phew, well... what can be said, other then:

"Ow... feels."

Ow. Right in the old blood-pumper.

Well a neat story but it was too short so I couldn't "build up" feelings for the character.

Feels Gauge Overloading!!- *boom*

6 out of 5 man! Six out of Five! :flutterrage::fluttercry: just take all my likes and don't ever stop writing!! :pinkiesad2:

Run for the hills the feels are coming quick save yourself the feels are attacking

Now really this was good I do wish there was a bit of background to how it a began thank you

While your at it Run for the Hills while you are listening to metal!


To be honest the lyrics are kinda depressing (in a historical context) but the tune is catchy

3076978 ok that was semi appoirrit right idea but still a sad song and yet nice song

Oh my god, My feels, fantastic short story, don't ever stop writing. This was absolutely amazing.:raritycry::moustache:

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