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In an alternate universe, Empress Celestia is the sole ruler of Equestria - later to be surpassed by her daughters; her heirs. Princesses Sunset and Twilight had had a cozy life, until one day when their mother decided to reveal just how much truth an old pony's tale may hold - a tale that may be the beginning of a new one.

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Comments ( 12 )

I want to see more of this AU.

Any chance you develop it more?

Have to say that I DID enjoy the exchange and future story set-up in this one shot. Empress Celestia telling her daughters, Sunset and Twilight, this story herself as a way to teach them to expect the unexpected was actually a really good detail.

This was a amazing story

this was a really good setup for a story, it would have been cool to see this as an actual multi-chapter story, but it was still good

Thank you! As an artist still learning the ropes to writing, it's super awesome to hear that I managed to get that out well enough ^^
Thanks so much!

Thanks! I'm actually interested to develop this universe more and hopefully I will keep getting the motivation and inspiration for it.

This feels like chapter 1 of a full story...Odd to see it as a oneshot.

Haha yeah you've got a point there
This was actually me introducing the AU to my watchers on Deviantart, with the main plot thrown into the mix, and decided to post here once I deemed it good enough to share - that might just explain it.
I'm still planning on developing it more, so this won't be the last of it

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