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With no warning, Equestria finds itself in the middle of a crisis the likes of which it has never seen. Overnight, all four princesses have disappeared! That's real messed up!

Shining Armor has gone through these sorts of emergencies before, though. But with his wife and sister missing, he's not willing to sit on the sidelines and let Twilight's friends save the day without him. As circumstances begin piling up, Shining Armor finds himself in the middle of a plot that can only be solved by a few very talented secondary characters.

Unfortunately, Blueblood is one of them.

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Comments ( 6 )

Neighsay proving to be as competent as always I see. XD

Okay, you have my interest.

I think Fancy Pants is the mayor of Canterlot.

There were the two incidents with Chrysalis, for example. There was Sombra and the Crystal Empire. There was the Storm King, though Shining hadn’t actually been present for that particular disaster due to Flurry Heart having a cold. There was also that thing that had happened last Hearth’s Warming with the pudding and the giant rat-monster. And, of course, there was the time that a giant oyster had tried to take over Equestria.

Uh.......What was that last part about a giant evil oyster? :rainbowhuh:

A giant evil oyster tried to take over Equestria.

I'm pretty sure it happened in one of the EU novels, or in the MLP FPS game.

Pretty sure.


Are we SURE Neighsay isn't a Dracula?


I...actually feel sorry for Neighsay for a change? Wow.

Why IS Thorax here? Poor guy.

This is very funny. Look forward to seeing how this continues to blow up.

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