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Being reformed has really agreed with Discord. He gets his freedom, he has new friends, and all he has to do is not unleash his powers on all of Equestria. It's a pretty good deal.

Unfortunately, not everyone's happy with Discord's face-turn. A group of strange creatures are accusing Discord of behavior unbefitting of a Lord of Chaos. But Discord's not worried. He's a spirt with near-infinite power! It's not like they can take him to court.

In this story, Discord gets taken to court for behavior unbefitting of a Lord of Chaos. With Fluttershy there to help him, Discord must try and prove that turning good hasn't made him any less of a chaos-monger. If he fails, it'll be bad news not just for him, but for all of Equestria.

And with Discord representing himself, the odds don't look too good.

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Discord going for court for not being a Lord of Chaos?... When’s the next chapter because I want to see more and see what will happen when he loses his title.

Nice call backs to Star Trek.:twilightsmile:

If it involves Discord and a trial, then Q's outfit has to make an appearance at some point, right?

Hearing the charges against him out loud made Discord's heart sink in his chest. As much as he wanted to deny them, his mind very quickly brought up examples of those actions. Helping to defeat Chrysalis? Cleaning up the storm during the last Summer Sun Celebration? Generally following the laws of Equestria? Discord had done all of that.

Don’t forget pretending to be the Father of Monsters and using the most dangerous villians to help built confident to an young Alicorn and turned the only creatures to cause disharmony to stone in the name of Harmony.

Discord will lose the 2nd round. I mean Twilight knows nothing about creating Chaos and Discord's actions do tend to make her angry then brings good results. I mean what if Chance brings in 3 certain witnesses who will bring Discord's downfall for using them for helping an Alicorn who fights for Harmony?

Calling it Discord’s letter is going to reach human Twilight

Happy to see that this hasn't died and like how Discord is losing his cool because everything against him is true. Also that other creature of Chaos' witness, is a 3-in-1 deal because his witness is in stone.

What fun is in making sense? Not doing something very chaotic should be chaotic because after all, they expect him to do chaos, and chaos should be unexpected, he do small chaos very well, but if they expect him to do something then is not chaotic.

Discord can always make the point that A: it is unexpected for the Lord of Chaos to follow the law, he'll change his ways soon he's just giving everyone a false sense of security(it would be a lie but it would get him out with essentially the promise that he will be chaotic later)
And B more importantly: deciding what is chaotic and what is orderly is inherently orderly, the court by trying to add order to chaos are acting far less chaotic then discord, even with his randomness. Though because this is a show trial this completly accurate point may get him the death scentnece

Why Starlight Glimmer? Twilight makes so much sense
Though what is the fun of making.sense

While the judges nodded in approval of Lawyer Discord, the original Lord of Chaos leaned back in his chair with a satisfied smirk. If he was going to go through a trial, he was going to mock it at every step of the way. And besides, who better to represent him in a court of law than himself? A lawyer with themselves as a client was probably the best person for the job!

The saying is exactly the opposite. But given we are dealing with chaos Lords, that's probably the best course of action

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