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I'll be honest. This is WAY BETTER than the one you previously wrote. This introduction 2.0 chapter feels more lively. Great job, now waiting for what happened next (a.k.a. the next chapter).

Thanks if your interested I could use some proof readers

That's some minor changes you put in there, but at least he has some friends. I think there going to be more backstories than originally plan now.

I could. I'll see what I can do. Although I tell you that I will probably a bit late because I still in collage. And probably miss some mistake here and there. Will that be a problem?

Awww I actually thought it was another chapter at first.

Well I'm not sure how long it will take to write the next chapter, so no thats not a problem. And what I mean proofreader I mean the story itself not for grammer


Oh. Well, if that won't be a problem, I can be your proofreader for this story. This is my first time become a proofreader actually if you accept it.

Don't pity me I'm just gonna go to my corner filled with dragon plushies and weep softly until one day CH2 will be bestowed unto us the common folk.

"Yeah man you're practically abscessed about those things, why don't you try thinking of something else, like finding yourself a girlfriend." And as always, Jack had to bring that up.

You mean Obsessed. Abscessed means... Well. just look up pictures of abscesses on on Google images.

I stared at two incredibly beautiful women, one was taller than the other, but they were both easily 6ft at most.

I think you mean "at least."

So, the sisters put up some kind of noise-cancelling privacy spell? It's one thing for a hero to die saving someone and end up Isekai-ed by sacrifice. I've never actually seen it be the fault of the rescuee that the protagonist died. That's pretty new. For that amount of blame on Celestia's and Luna's part, they better not only reincarnate him as a dragon in Equestria, but also do everything they can to get him on his feet, with starting money, citizenship, training on how to BE a dragon, and maybe a freakin' award for saving their lives.

And about question while that was a good guess that isn't the correct answer. If you check again you'll noticed that Johann and the area around then was effected. Which means someone else was the cause. The question is who?

'Equestria? Never heard of that place before. Maybe their foreigners, visiting from out of the country. That would explain there out of place appearance.' I shrugged it off, seeing as it was none of our business and that we were rude for eavesdropping.

Soo you don't know huh .

Does that sound wrong or something? Just curious.

I took a seat on the bench while waiting for the bus come. I noticed the two ladies from before making their way across the street about a block away. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they failed to notice the crosswalk sigh hadn't said to walk yet. I wasn't gonna say anything since it was 1 AM and the streets were practically empty. At least that's what I thought. When I turned to look to my right, I went wide-eyed as I saw a red pickup truck chased down the road by a few cop cars, no doubt a police chase.

This again...?

cablam ok now what , in equestria where

Well that was talkng to the one who again appeared in equestria when does not know Equestria , Iwas more or less trying to say it to that guy if hecould hear .

and hit with the truck the same , similiar truck which had sent A HECK A DAMN A LOT VISITORS ,

Oh man, I can't wait to see what happens next, also is the Equestria going to be like in the show or will it be an Anthro Equestria?

I'm happy you enjoy what I have so far, and it will be like the show. Also dont forget to check out the recent chapter to Equestrian Titan

I am intrigued, tracking.


Yeah, that makes sense. A noise cancelling spell would probably be a thin bubble that you only hear what's said inside the bubble, and everyone on the outside hears everything on the outside only.

Okay, so they aren't to blame. I still hope they meet up on the other side and give Johan some help and honors. But I won't be upset if he ends up somewhere they can't find him at first.

I didn't read this yet but I wanted to be that guy that points out that the name is based off of an anime called "that time I got reincarnated as a slime" wich is a great anime and props for watching it author

Fun fact about that. You see last week my dad had bought me the 3rd how to train your dragon movie. I already had the previous two and decided to have a movie marathon. By the time I had finished it was about 2 hours before I needed to go to sleep. Then I remembered that a friend of mine had suggested the anime called "That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime" on funamation. I had watched the first 3 episodes before going to bed.

And on that night I had a dream that merged the two series and when I woke up I started to write it all down before it could slip my mind.

Good work keep it up

*reads description*

His body was sent violently ragdolling in front of the two strangers he just saved.

♪Let's Beyblade!!!♪

Hmm... an intriguing start. It needs a bit of editing, but it's still intriguing.


I forgot she was scared of dragons.

Now, if "Toothless" had been a baby night fury?>)

There is a story on fimfictition like that. Its completed. Just looking HTTYD stories and look for the one with Fluttershy holding toothless in her mouth with Twilight and Spike in the same picture.

When I finally managed to fumble my way over to the puddle, I prayed to whatever deity that was listening that this was all a bad dream. I slowly leaned my head over the puddle, but where a reflection of a once average looking human would be, was instead replaced with a black scaly dragon head. In the reflection, I saw my eyes delight before they rolled into my head as I pass out onto the ground.

I believe the word you were looking for is either dilate or its antonym contract.

Ian main criteria for movies is that they had to be funny, even if their beyond cringey.


'Equestria? Never heard of that place before. Maybe their foreigners, visiting from out of the country. That would explain there out of place appearance.' I shrugged


Adding to library now. Night furies are awesome!!

While I did enjoy the movie myself, there was one thing that did bum me out. "It just sucks that this was the last of the How to Train Your Dragon movies." We all hung our heads in silence as another series comes to an end.

One momment of silence to pay our respects

Aaaaand he's ded

I am already loving it and I hope you continue

I hope when the Princisters get involved, they recognize the type of Dragon Johann is and remember it from the movie. And react accordingly.

what was without a doubt the last movie

Dude, please. If that was how Hollywood worked, the theaters would be empty right now. :rainbowlaugh:

There will be a surprise sequel, a remake, a reboot, or a spinoff at some point in the future. That's something that's as certain as death and taxes. :twilightsmile:

Even if we are potentially on the brink of a post-scarcity economic revolution due to advances in automation and manufacturing and may very well become functionally immortal through digital technology in the not-too-far-distant future... that just makes it a more apt comparison. Since, you know, Hollywood could fall into the ocean any day now.


You do know I meant of the series right? Or did I not say it like that ?

great story so far! I've been hoping for a new toothless story for a good long while and I really like where this is going. I can't wait to read more.

And aside from the a couple typos here and there its got nice pacing. I wonder what the rest of the girls will think about this...or if fluttershy will even get the chance to tell them before she decides to go off and search for him or something fun :P

we shall see...

can't wait for the next update! gets a like and add to library from me for sure!

And where I had nibble fingers, were now small rounded claws.

Cute, but I'm pretty sure you meant "nimble fingers" there. :twilightsheepish:

The trick is two move my back legs like I would my front.

To move.

Silly and innocent typos aside, not a bad start. Tracked for sure. :twilightsmile:

I really appreciate that. Also I'm looking for people to talk to about where I want this story to go. If your interested maybe you could hear me out and give me some feed back.

Thanks for that, to be honest I write all my stories on my phone so some words get autocorrect without me knowing.

Hey, I just checked the home page and it looks like your story has been featured. Congrats.

Oh boy, this sounds interesting, is the gore and death tag only for when the MC dies at the beginning? or is it going to be constant on the story? I tend to run away from those tags.

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