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Collab · 11:13pm September 22nd

Hey everyone hope you are well, today i have am announcement. Me and TheRedHood have started a collaboration story, called The Gods of Highschool, please consider giving it a read over here at


We hope you like it and will leave a comment on how you feel.

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Work in progress & update · 4:29am June 26th

So I first want to apologize for a lack of content lately. I was going through a lot of stuff.

I think the main reason I haven't been writing as much is because the spark has been dwindling.

Now don't panic thinking this is me quitting, because i'm not.

I plan to try and get back into the heart of writing, but just at a slower pace is all.

I'm working on the Dragon story right now, and will post it when i reach over 5k words.

Now for the big update.

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Its ma birthday! · 8:40am May 26th

I am now 27 several years old. Hey if I stay a virgin for 3 more years I'll get super powers.

But yeah I'm making this post also to let you guys know I'm gonna try and get back on my stories and that if you have ideas you wanna pitch for the dragon series feel free to dm me or leave a comment below

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Taking time off because of someone · 12:30am May 15th

So I was trying to get back into writing because I miss it, but recently I've been offended.

So as many of you may or may not know, there is this "writer" by the name of warhorse who thinks he's all that. And constantly tried to nit pick and "help" me and other writers by offering "advise"

Well I blocked him for it because I wasn't gonna let him act like he can walk in and tell others what to do.

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Sorry for the wait. · 3:27am January 30th

Hey guys, I'm sorry for those of you who are waiting on chapter updates. Been busy lately working and other stuff. I'll try and work on my stories but right now I'm working on a new project that actually isn't mlp related.

I started to write my own Digimon story that isn't a crossover.

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A good artist · 9:51am January 9th

Hey everyone sorry for the delay on my chapters. I hope you all had a happy new years.

Today's post is to give a shout out to someone to took up the challenge I set a long long time ago for a scene in my The Time I was Reincarnated as a Dragon story.

He drew a scene a lot of people thought was cute. Please go pay Jedijad86 a visit on DA and see the drawing he did for me


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I LIVE!!! · 11:31pm Nov 16th, 2022

I am back baby and with a new story. I mentioned about making a Robin Hood Story and I have now published the first chapter and will be trying my best to get back to writing for my other stories soon.

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Still Healing · 3:32am Oct 2nd, 2022

Hey guys so I know I make a habit of making this "I'm still alive" blogs, but recently I was in a serious battle with my depression. for what felt like ages a lingering fear has been keeping me down and made it hard for me to enjoy life. Every moment I was awake was me trying to keep my fear at bay and try to stay positive. Now I'm still fighting this fear, but its gotten to the point where I'm not too scared and worried. I'm working on some of my stories right now because these stories to not

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This is Zaya · 10:13am Aug 14th, 2022

So apparently the link which I thought could show Zaya the Zebra princess, doesn't work, at least for some. So I posted the pic on my Twitter profile and hopefully you guys can see it better.

The link to my tweet

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What If.....(Must read, your voice mater!) · 6:48am Aug 5th, 2022

I decided to turn the "Time I Got Reincarnated as a Dragon" into a web comic?

Now hold your horses (Pun very much intended) because this is just an idea. So please make sure to read what I have to say very carefully.

Now as you can surmise from that very first sentence, I was considering trying to make my most popular story here on fimfictions into a comic.

But there is a lot to consider and thing that are required that I need to go over before making any final decisions.

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