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Applejack and Flash have known each other for a long time, yet very rarely have they ever spent much time together. One day though, after one thing leads to another, the two agree to have lunch.

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Comments ( 6 )

Well, this was a fun read featuring a rare pairing of characters. Along with a number of amusing twists along the way. Have a like!

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Flash clasped his hands together, almost like a prayer, towards her, then darted off.

Silly Flash. She's not a goddess in this story!

"Nothin' bothers ya, does it?"

"Well, there was that time I learned I have a track record of dating magical horse aliens."

In any case, nice casual slice of life. Thank you for it.

Platonic friendship? T-that's so lewd!

This was a nice slice of life moment :twilightsmile:

Oh, good gosh! Why?! Why would you set up your significant other on a date with someone else? Is fidelity a completely foreign concept in the world of romantic relationships these days? If it was me in Applejack's place, I'd be offended enough to at least consider breaking up with Rarity. Call me picky, but I don't find people who would push me onto someone else just for the sake of a little reality TV-esque entertainment attractive. :ajbemused:

Adorably funny!

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