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Flash was going over Pinkie Pie's house to work on a school project. The two were able to knock out a ton of work, but they were so hyper-focused on working, they didn't see that they got snowed in. But sometimes, being snowed in can lead into a good thing.

Featured: 7/22/19

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Well, this was adorable. The FlashPie ship sounds unusual, but this flowed so naturally. Great story!

I might be a Flashlight shipper, but even I know a good story when I see it.

“Che?” Flash asked in Spanish.


Nah, this did't work for me.

Fixed that. Was never good with Spanish XD. Thanks for telling me

Perfect opportunity to say “this ain’t it Chief” and you didn’t take it


Umm, the featured date is earlier than you story's publication date. :applejackunsure:

I published it on the 21st, yes, but I made the story public on the 22nd

*edit: saw what you meant. Was just a typo. meant to type the 22nd, not the 2nd

You're such a good writer, Nick :)

now just imagine if you didn't write fucking Flash Sentry

Okay, it's not quite as impactful as the one you wrote with Flash and AJ, but it's still enough to make me feel dirty (as a FlashLight shipper) for liking it. :fluttershyouch:

By the way, I forgot to mention this, but in my headcanon, Flash has terrible spice tolerance, which is pretty much opposite to how you characterize him.

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