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This story takes place after the events of the episode "Magic Duel"

During the famous Magic Duel between Twilight and Trixie, the spell that Twilight shot at her friend Applejack actually turns her into a stallion. She now has to endure a month with her new gender and dealing with her brother who is obsessed in helping her. While also dealing with feelings of her new love for Rainbow Dash.

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Interesting premise, keep it.

I like the premise, but it needs some editing. A lot of sentences are missing their initial capitals, a good amount of punctuation is missing, and there are a few misspellings.

I went over it again, hopefully, I got most of the issues

The mare the shifted in her hospital bed. I think you mean then, other then that great story so far:pinkiehappy:

looks at cover Oh this should be an Interesting book

Looks at full description APPLEDASH!!!!!!!!!!!! :rainbowdetermined2: :heart: :ajsmug:

Applejack paused for a few moments before she just whispered, “ha...hand me a mirror.”

Nurse Red Heart shook her head and replied, “Applejack, I really don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Applejack turned towards the nurse and shouted. “Just give me a bucking mirror!”

Why do I have the feeling this is permanent?

Thats what I was thinking about as I made that scene. Lol

“Buck this new body!”

RAINBOW DASH: Really? I mean, if you're sure...
APPLEJACK: That ain't what I meant!

And So The Shipping Begins :moustache:

So far its a good story, also why is there not a Sex Tag.....there is an awful lot of mentions to certarn appendixes in the story, and it confuses me why there is not a tag

Why didn't AJ just wear a cloak, like Zecora?

Good chapter, I'm hoping to see how this story progresses

I sware to god....if Rarity so mutch as breaths the words "I like you Applejack" :twilightangry2:

Now I want to see a gender flipped Big Mac... and would be cool to see Celestia flipped as well.

I will do a gender flip Big Mac eventually. As for celestia im debating on that too.

The grouchy stallion slowly got up and stomped to his door, and as he opened it, he was greeted to see Big Mac standing there looking worried as he asked, “I...I need to ask...if...um...if...Twilight wants to...um…”

Applejack rolled his eyes and snapped back. “Look, if you and Twilight go and have a date or somethin’ just go and ask her yourself.”

I could also see him asking to be turned into a mare... that way the family stays balanced ;)

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This was deffenently a good read, however I feel that the dialog could have been better, but over all it was a great story

thanks for reading I appretiate the comment.

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