• Published 29th Apr 2019
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One Big Applemac - Foal Star

During the magic duel between Trixie and Twilight Applejack is transformed into a stallion.

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Chapter three: One Big Apple Jam

Braeburn was walking down the road towards Ponyville humming a tune as he was dragging along a wagon filled with barrels containing "apple Beer" as many ponies waved a hoof at him he waved back as he skipped along with a smile on his face. He headed straight for Sweet Apple acres where he'll have the Apple family store and sell the beer at a local bar downtown. The stallion blinked in confusion as he noticed an odd sight seeing an orange coated stallion in a cow colt outfit walking down the street heading towards Sweet Apple Acres as well. He noticed that the stallion had the stature of Big Mac but also had the coat, eyes, and mane color of Applejack. He blinked utterly confused about what he was seeing looking quite confused at this stallion and whispered to himself, "by golly, that stallion is like if Big Mac and Applejack fused together?"

He trotted over grunting as he dragged his wagon behind him as the load was quite heavy and shouted," hey! You! Wait up a sec!"

The orange coated stallion turned around with a fearful look in his eyes upon seeing Braeburn and began to shake nervously stammered, "um hey uh...um…"

The yellow coated stallion took out a hoof and exclaimed, "the name's Braeburn just put it there!"

The giant orange coated stallion gave a nervous nod and shook Braeburn's hoof and gulped, "yeah...um..my name is…Apple Ja...I mean Apple Jam!"

Braeburn chuckled waving a hoof. "There's no need to be nervous uh...Apple Jam. I just came to ask if you can help me pull this wagon over to Sweet Apple Acres." He then waved a hoof and explained, I came to deliver some fresh brewed Apple Beer. I don't have any bits on me, but I'll give ya a barrel for free if ya can help me unload all of this."

The orange stallion stood there for a few seconds he then shrugged and sighed, "why not seems simple enough." Braeburn then hitched the stallion to the wagon and asked, "so Apple Mac, I guess ya must be some long lost cousin of ours. Where do ya live?"

The stallion was now shaking all over as he stammered, "w..we..well I c..come from a small town..called...um...Appleville."

Braeburn paused as he mumbled, "Appleville, never heard of that place before? Guess must be a new town that sprung up. Happens all the time, I guess."

After finishing hitching up "Apple Mac" to the wagon, he lead the stallion to the house as the big orange coated stallion seemed to be lost in his own world. Braeburn was a bit concerned and asked, "so...um Apple Jam...why are you acting so nervous?"

The stallion squeaked at the question, and with sweat pouring down his face, he stammered, "I...um...uh...I have just been thinking of the apple bucking coming up and uh...well I guess I seem to be knocking trees over every time I buck."

Braeburn chuckled, "oh that's all? Well, Big Mac was the same way when he got his growth spurt back when he was a teenager."

Apple Mac who also remembered when his brother was a cocky teen and chuckled, "yeah I remember that, he almost knocked down the entire apple orchard. Gran-" midway through the story he squeaked and clamped his mouth shut making Braeburn peer down at the stallion with a suspicious look and ask, "so ya know Granny Smith and Big Mac huh? Why haven't I heard of ya before?"

He gulped and replied," Well...I don't get out much."

Braeburn shrugged, "eh just wondering is all, I bet I have tons of family that I don't know about. We are the biggest and one of the oldest families in Equestria dating back to."

Apple mac nodded and stammered," right...I mean...who knows maybe were brothers?"

Braeburn burst into laughter," yeah, I wish!"

They then came upon the apple family barn, and Braeburn gave a nod. "Here, will store the barrels in the cellar."

He opened it with a key, and both Braeburn and "Apple Mac" started unloading the wagon and began carrying the barrels down the rickety wooden steps. After a while, it seemed that the entire unloading took a few hours, and that was when Big Mac came over and asked, "hey, you two need help down there!"

Apple Jam froze in place as Braeburn shouted back. "Yeah! There are a few barrels left!"

Big Mac grunted as heaved down one of the barrels and placed inside as Braeburn slammed a hoof on the shaking orange coated stallion making him squeal and replied, "hey Big Mac I want ya twin Apple Jam! He helped me bring the wagon here and unloaded half of the barrels."

Big Mac turned with a smile as he looked into Apple Jam's eyes and snickered," sure... it's nice to see you Apple Jam or was it Applejack I can't seem to remember?"

Applejack glared at his brother making Braeburn burst into a fit of laughter, stomping his hooves on the ground. Applejack! That's a good one! He does look a lot like her."

"We just have the same coat, that's all!" "Apple Jam." snapped back.

Big Ma walked around his "cousin" and added, "well you got the same eyes and mane color as well."

Braeburn looked over the stallion with a closer and noticed that everything about this mysterious stallion did seem to remind him of Applejack. He then asked," hey uh...I don't mean to be rude, but could I see your cutie mark? "

Applejack gulped and stepped backward as Big Mac snickered," yeah, it's scorching today why don't ya take off them clothes."

Braeburn blushed and turned his head back as Applejack stomped a hoof on the ground in anger. He then tore off the shirt and removed his jeans, revealing the three red apples printed on her rump. Braeburn's eyes went wide with disbelief. "N...no way! Yo...your Applejack!"

Applejack looked down and grumbled, "Eyyup."

Big Mac came over and gave Applejack a pat on the back as he explained, "yeah this crazy mare named Trixie came over and tried to take over Ponyville a few days ago. Long story short Applejack was transformed into a stallion on accident during the incident."

Braeburn looked Applejack over, and it took him a few minutes of gawking before a blush came over his face, and he asked, "does she got the family apples?"

Big Mac gave a simple nod. "Eyyup!"

They then both burst into laughter again as Applejack was quite furious as she slammed a hoof on the ground. "Alright, that's enough! Are we gonna put these barrels of apple beer down here or we just gonna gawk over me!"

Braeburn came over and scoffed, "oh yeah we're gonna store the barrels, and after that, you and I have to go celebrate I mean it's not every day you favorite cousin turns into a stallion!"

Big Mac gave a nod of approval. "Sounds good to me. It's not like we have much else going on today."

Braeburn turned around and exclaimed, "come on, then we got no time to waste!"

He scampered up the steps as Applejack gave a long exasperated sigh as Big Mac came over. "Hey look, I know you're mad at me, but he was gonna find out anyways."

Applejack just grumbled," whatever! let's just finish unloading them barrels." He stomped up the steps as Big Mac blushed and snickered as he followed behind.

It was now seven pm, and the stallions were drinking apple beer out of big beer steins at the local bar. Applejack decided to just wear her cow colt hat and a red bandana around her neck seeing he wanted to try to relax. But the stallion was still nervous constantly glancing around nervously. Braeburn, who seemed to be quite drunk, took a big swig of his beer stein looking Applejack over with a stupid smile on his face. He then turned over at his direction. Applejack tried looking away seeming to try to focus on drinking his beer. The stallion was now quite curious and asked, "So what's up? Do you need anything?

Braeburn blushed as he came forward and asked, "I have to ask, have you peed in your new body yet?"

Applejack rolled his eyes and grumbled, "yes, I have peed, and it's really not that much different from a mare."

Big Mac chuckled and explained, "well being as big as me, I would agree with that."

Braeburn chuckled and seemed to be quite drunk as he asked, "so what do you think of stallions do ya have feelings for them or do ya like mares now?"

Big Mac snorted into his beer as Applejack gulped shaking around nervously as she answered, "Um... I'm not sure…I never really had any feelings for either."

Big Mac came over and laughed, "Oh come on, don't be shy! You can tell us."

The orange coated stallion turned around and glared at his brother and snapped, "Oh shut it! At least I don't play with a doll still!"

Big Mac squeaked as his ears went down as Braeburn burst into a fit of laughter. The big red-coated stallion looked down and began to sip his beer, trying to hide his embarrassed expression.

Applejack then turned around facing Braeburn and growled, "no, I'm not the one who cares much for dating."

Braeburn looked Applejack over again, really taking in his muscular physique and asked, "Well, have you ever considered it now? I mean you're quite the eye catcher any mare would be lucky to have you."

The stallion stepped back with a blush growing on his face. "I...I haven't really! I mean…it never crossed my mind."

Applejack's cousin strode up, rubbing a hoof over his shoulder and smirked, "dang I bet you could even beat big old Macintosh here in a hoof-wrestling contest."

Applejack was now feeling really uncomfortable with all the beer was churning in his belly. But he could feel the heat between his legs seeing the way Braeburn was looking at him. The stallion raised his head and asked, "come on, let's dance."

The orange coated stallion blinked as he was a bit confused and stammered, "ya..ya sure? But I don't really dance."

Braeburn didn't hear him or didn't care as he dragged Applejack out on the dance floor. He was blushing continued to dance back and forth around the floor. They were both very drunk stumbling about more than dancing. But as they continued Applejack started sweating profusely. He was trying to understand why he was feeling so hot. Was it because of heat? Could it be Braeburn likes him more as a stallion? Applejack wasn't sure as he continued to stumble around with his cousin. Then as the music became slower, and the two continued to slowly dance on the floor as Braeburn brought himself up close to Applejack's face and lightly kissed him on the lips. The orange coated stallion instantly reared back as he stammered, "Uh...I gotta um go…"

Braeburn stopped and stepped back with his face now a beet red." I'm...I'm sorry...yeah go on…I just had too much to drink."

Applejack gave a quick nod he then stepped ran out of the bar as fast as he could.

Applejack was now walking home late at night grumbling as he kicked rocks feeling weird about what happened between him and Braeburn. "We were just drunk, It doesn't mean anything."

He then looked up and saw that Rainbow Dash was standing outside the bar and was glaring at him. Applejack stood there with a blank face as the mare grumbled, "so it looks like you and Braeburn are dating now?"

Applejack reared back and exclaimed, "Buck no he's my cousin! Besides, even if we were. How is that any of your business?"

Rainbow Dash stomped a hoof and shouted, "I don't know! I just hope you're not going crazy!"

Applejack stomped a hoof down and shouted back. "I'm not dating Braeburn! He got drunk, and did somthing stupid that was all! Stop making a mountain out of a mole hill!"

Rainbow Dash fluttered over still flustered as she exclaimed, "no! I just don't want to lose my best friend and have her think she's a stupid stallion!"

She was going to leave when Applejack seemingly drunk and flustered crossed his hooves and grumbled. "You have feelings for me don't you!"

Rainbow Dash paused with a surprised look on her face as Applejack stomped over and growled, "Don't deny it. you have feelings for me."

Rainbow Dash gulped unable to say anything she stammered. "I am...um…"

Before she could do anything, Applejack walked over with a stern look and asked, "Am I right or wrong?"

Rainbow Dash stepped back with a look of fear on her face. She then fled into the night sky as Applejack looked up and gave a long exasperated sigh as he grumbled,"I wonder who else has a crush on me?"