• Published 29th Apr 2019
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One Big Applemac - Foal Star

During the magic duel between Trixie and Twilight Applejack is transformed into a stallion.

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Chapter Two: Its not Easy being Big Mac

After the embarrassing encounter with his best friend Rainbow Dash. Applejack was now nervously standing near his small apple stand along with his big brother Big Mac selling apples to ponies as they walked around the market square. As the ponies went about their business some would constantly steal glances at him making the stallion blush as the ponies whispered amongst each other. Despite being in clothes Applejack was still quite embarrassed about being in public and it showed as he swished his tail around his backside despite having his jeans on, with a big blush on his face. Big Mac just shook his head and whispered, “hey, Applejack ya don’t need to be so bashful all the time. Ya making the customers uncomfortable.”

Applejack looked around at everyone staring at him and some still whispering behind their hooves. The stallion gulped and whimpered, “this is still so embarrassin’ and all. I just want to go home.”

Big Mac out a hoof on his brother's shoulder and replied, “well you can if you want? I don’t need any help holding this place down.”

Applejack looked up with a worried expression on his face and asked, “are you sure? There looks like a lot you need help with.”

Big Mac looked his head and replied,” seriously I’m fine you had a long day you need to go and get your rest.”

Applejack gave a deep sigh and relented, “fine, I’ll go home and try to get some sleep.” He then slowly walked off with his head down trying to avoid the gaze of everypony around him. Then seemingly out of nowhere, he saw both Apple Bloom and Granny Smith walking down the road with the little filly’s eyes went wide with surprise as she scampered over and shouted, “Applejack! Applejack!”

The stallion was quite stunned at the sudden outburst from his little sister and was thrown back as he held her into his hooves. The little filly then began circling around the giant stallion and squeaked, “oh my goodness look at the size of your cutie mark! Those apples are twice as big then when you were a mare!”

Applejack squeaked in embarrassment and tried to hide his cutie mark with his tail as many ponies looked over. Apple Bloom couldn’t help but giggle and continue trotting around her new brother as she chirped, “so what else is changed about you?”

She then rubbed a hoof down his front leg and exclaimed, “wow look at how muscular you are now! I bet you could do a hoof wrestle with Big Mac now!”

Applejack rolled his eyes scoffed, “oh whatever! I bet I could have beaten Big Mac in a hoof wrestle before I turned in a stallion.”

Apple Bloom then took her front hooves and brought her brother’s face down, “wow you got one strong jaw and your eyes are bigger too! You really are Big Mac's twin!”

More snickering from ponies all around made Applejack blush even more so then before and he began stepping backwards as he whined, “Oh, stop that Apple Bloom ya making me uncomfortable!”

Apple Bloom wanted to comment more about Applejack's new body but Granny Smith snapped. “Oh, that’s enough! Your lunch break is over by now you go to school sugar cube! I’ll take care of Applejack from here.”

Apple Bloom kicked some rocks and grumbled, “oh your always spoiling the fun.” She then turned to Applejack and replied, “look we better have some time together later after school.”

Applejack gave a nod and ruffled the filly’s mane. “Sure thing sugar cube, now you run along before Cheerilee gives you a tardy slip.”

Apple Bloom just grumbled irritably as she ran off still mad that she couldn’t hang out with her new big brother. Applejack sighed as Granny Smith hobbled over and thanked the older mare, “thanks for rescuing me, I don’t know what I would do with Apple Bloom hoppin’ around me.”

Granny Smith just tugged Applejack by the ear and dragged him along she snapped. “Oh, now you owe me, now come on! I need your help with the shopping”

Applejack squeaked, ”Ow, stop that Granny! “ For some reason, he couldn’t seem to break from his grandmother’s grip and was continued to be pulled through the streets like a foal getting punished by his mother. They came to a stand selling all kinds of vegetables and as Granny Smith picked them out he mare chirped, ”hello do you need any help carrying your groceries?”

Granny Smith shook her head and proclaimed, “well no, I have my big strong grandson helpin’ me. Ya see he was my grandaughter Applejack and now she's a full grown stallion let me tell ya he can carry a full barrel of apples on his back!”

Applejack blinked as the mare looked over the stallion's body and whispered, ”oh really?”

Granny took a barrel of zucchinis and placed it on Applejack's back who grunted at the sudden weight added to his back making his legs shake. The mare seemed to be impressed watching with admiration in her eyes and looking Applejack's handsome body over. Applejack just rolled his eyes and stomped off with Granny Smith and they continued towards the market square. Applejack was still breathing heavily struggling to deal with the weight and was still embarrassed by everyone watching him as he stammered,” G...granny are we done shoppin’ yet?”

She shook her head. “were low on food and I need to make sure we have a lot of it in the house. I know how ya stallions have big appetites and all.”

Applejack was going to respond but Granny Smith then headed over to a stand and picking out a whole bunch of carrots and placed it on top of the zucchinis. The stallion grunted under the added weight but Granny didn't stop as she then she turned to a berry stand and grabbed a box filled to brim with strawberries and stacked them on top of the box of carrots. Applejack was buckling under the weight gasping but he could see many ponies watching (mostly mares) admiring his feat of being able to bold so much weight. Applejack smirked raising his head with pride but it all went away as Granny stacked two bags of flour making him buckle and making him slam on the ground sending the fruits and vegetables to spill out. Many ponies burst into laughter while a group of mares simply giggled and whispered amongst each other even more. Granny smith snapped “you all don't just stand there! Help me get my groceries and find me a wagon! Dont't worry about who's pulling it! My grandson can pull all these groceries by himself!

Applejack glared at Granny Smith but could do nothing as many ponies hitched him to a wagon and filled it the groceries Granny smith bought she then proclaimed, “There everythin’ is ready to go come on Applejack move your big rump!”

Applejack could only grumble under his breath as he began to pull the wagon filled to the brim with food and slowly walked through the streets of Ponyville. He was busy concentrating on just pulling the wagon but he could feel the eyes of all the mares in the vicinity watching him and admiring the amount of weight that he was pulling. He continued grunting and heaving as he followed Granny Smith back to their house. When they were finally reached the front porch he unhitched himself and slammed the wagon back as hs growled, “Granny I know what you're doing but I'm not just going to date some random mare for you.”

Granny Smith just three a hoof and scoffed, “I know you didn't care for stallions when you were a mare. But, Big Mac is taking things way to slow in getting a mare friend, while Apple Bloom is way too young to start dating. So your my only hope of making grandkids, I need to see at least one grandchild before I die!”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “That’s why you were checking me out earlier to see if inherited the “family apples.” Honestly Granny, Big Mac and I ain’t gonna have grandkids just to please you.”

Granny Smith grumbled,” well ya can at least try, I saw how those mares looked at ya and chances are one’s gonna be knocking on that door and ask ya out and you're going to say yes.”

Applejack stomped a hoof and shook her head. “No way, I ain't going out with another mare.”

Granny smirked, “that’s what they all say.” they started putting away the groceries into the house and as they finished storing the last of the food in their giant pantry. Both ponies then heard a knock at the door. Applejack was curious as he came over and opened it to see that Rainbow Dash was outside. She blinked in surprise and was quite stunned as the pegasus was nervous as she apologized. “Look Applejack I just came to apologize for what happened earlier...I mean...I know that you...um didn’t mean to do that and I...um…”

Applejack started to sweat nervously remembering their embarrassing encounter back in the market square. The stallion gulped gaining some courage as he asked, “yes...Rainbow Dash? Do you need anything?”

The pegasus was also quite nervous as she whispered, “well...um..I'm on lunch break right now..and um...can we talk about things over lunch or something my treat?”

Applejack was going to say no but Granny interrupted by kicking Applejack outside onto his rump as the mare blurted out. “Of course she can! Now Applejack go on and get some lunch with Rainbow Dash here. It'll be rude seein she invited ya.” Granny then quickly. slammed the door before Applejack could retaliate.

Applejack growled and wanted to stomp back into the house and give his Granny Smith a piece of his mind. But Rainbow Dash placed a hoof on his shoulder and asked, “as much as I would like to see you and Granny fight are we going to eat or what?”

Applejack who was really irritated just got up and shrugged. “Yeah sure, why not? Let's get out of here before I buck down another apple tree.”

The two friends were now sitting across from each other at a small outdoor restaurant having lunch together. They both had a plate with a dozen dandelion sandwiches and small glasses of iced tea with a pitcher full of it in the middle of the table. Rainbow Dash who was chewing on her sandwich slowly watched with amazement as was Applejack guzzling down sandwich after sandwich and was drinking the whole glass pitcher. Rainbow Dash was completely amazed at how fast Applejack was eating as she commented, “wow you sure we’re hungry.”

Applejack who swallowed the tea down as he replied, “well it’s been a long day. You have no idea the embarrassment I went through with Apple Bloom and Granny Smith today.”

The stallion started gulped down then entire pitcher. After finishing it Rainbow Dash with a sheepish grin stammered. “so ...um...I have to ask how are ya feeling now?

Applejack slammed the pitcher down and shrugged, “fine, better I guess...I need to apologize for what happened.”

Rainbow Dash blushed and waved a hoof. “I know you’re still trying to get control for your new body. Trust me I know more than enough about the sexual tensions you stallions go through.”

Applejack just shook her head in disgust and grumbled, “still that was really disgusting. I need to have more self control.”

Rainbow Dash gave a nod and “yeah I agree, that was really disgusting. But I have to admit it was kind of funny seeing you have a boner.”

Applejack gave a small blush unsure if she should comment and continued to eat making Rainbow Dash snicker. As Applejack continued gorge on his sandwiches the stallion noticed the pegasus eyeing her as he finished the meal. He then asked, “so, is that all? I mean is that all you wanted to talk about?”

Rainbow Dash smirked, “no, not at all the reason I wanted to talk to you is because I would like to race you. I mean I bet now with all that muscle its gonna slow ya down.”

The earth pony snorted, “even so I bet I could beat you in a hoof wrestling contest no problem.”

Applejack slammed his forehoof down and Rainbow Dash exclaimed, “oh yeah! Let's see what you're made of! come on big guy!”

The excited pegasus slammed her hoof down as well and they soon clashed in the middle of the table. The two grunted as they secured their hooves together but it didn't take long for Applejack to overpower Rainbow Dash and slammed her arm down in an instant having the pegasus be thrown into the ground. Applejack gasped in horror as she quickly ran over and picked her friend up and started to apologise
“I’m so sorry! I didn't mean for that to happen! are you ok!?”

Rainbow dash blinked looking up into Applejack's eyes. She looked over her friend's new features with his thick jaw line, his plaid shirt soaked in sweat, the big worried green eyes looking over her and the big muscular hooves now holding her body. Rainbow Dash jumped up and squealed flying a bit aways from Applejack sensing how awkward it was just lying there and quickly stammered, “Uh..y..yeah im okay! Nothing broken so I'm good.”

Applejack gave a sigh of relief and pushed his mane back. “That's a relief, I guess I still need a lesson or two from Big Mac.”

Boht ponies then paused and stared at each other for a few moments before both started to burst into fits of laughter. Rainbow Dash then flew over and sighed, “well it looks like I need to go back to busting clouds...it was nice seeing you.”

She then flew off into the air leaving Applejack looking upwards as he gave a big exasperated sigh, “alright, i'm gonna go home and take a long nap now.”