• Published 29th Apr 2019
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One Big Applemac - Foal Star

During the magic duel between Trixie and Twilight Applejack is transformed into a stallion.

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Chapter One: Growing Pains

Applejack slowly woke up slowly the next morning yawning and stretching his giant forelegs. He then rolled around in his bed to see Nurse Redheart standing over him writing something on a notepad as she explained, “well it looks like you’re going to be discharged from the hospital today.”

The stallion turned over in the bed to face the nurse and begrudgingly asked, “so...that’s it then I just go home and try to live a normal life?”

Nurse Redheart looked Applejack squarely in the eyesas she explained, “look, I know you're not happy with what happened, but I've seen ponies lose a lot more than you and still managed to live a good life. Trust me, you’ll get through this you’re a tough one.”

She held out a hoof as Applejack gave a sigh as he was hosted out of bed for the first time since the incident two days ago. Applejack was now on all fours the stallion could feel the added weight on his body for the first time making it feel alot heavier. He stumbled about trying to keep himself from falling over for a few moments as Redheart just blushed upon seeing Applejack towering over her and whispered, “wow. You really are big.”

He slowly got steady on all fours as he looked up and shouted, “yeah, yeah I get it. I look like Big Mac. Just give me a second."

The big hulking stallion got himself adjusted and then as he slowly placed one hoof in front of the other as he began walking making loud thumps! As he slowly trotted through the front door and out into the clean white halls of the hospital. Redheart chuckled as she watched the cumbersome Applejack stomp along the way still trying to get use to his new muscular body. The stallion eventually made it to another door leading to the lobby and when he opened it up, he was met by seeing many nurses going about doing their duties or chatting amongst eaxh other. Applejack gulped nervously as he slowly walked down through the hall shaking all over. Applejack could feel the stares of the mare nurses looking him over, and the stallion couldn’t help but blush as he quickly scampered along trying to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. The stallion eventually went downstairs to the main lobby. Nurse Redheart turned over and asked, “well just take these forms to the receptionist, and she’ll have you officially discharged.

Applejack gave a small nod. “Alright, well...I guess if there’s anything else I should know?”

Nurse Redheart blushed as she explained in a soft tone. “Well...there is one thing you should know. Your sexual drive may be different and can have issues with your reproductive organs. There are classes here that can teach you what to expect if you like?”

Applejack’s blush grew deeper as he whispered, “Um...I'll think about it thanks…” Nurse Redheart giggled,” hey no problem remember if you need anything let me know.”

The nurse then went back down the hospital while Applejack shook his head and headed over to a bored looking unicorn mare who was the receptionist with a blush growing on his face and gulped as he whispered, “Um...I need to be discharged from the hospital.”

The mare blushed as she slid a paper as she checked things off when she came to the gender it was checked stallion. Applejack stomped a hoof on the ground shaking the entire lobby as he shouted, “I’m not a stallion! I’m a mare turned into a stallion by a spell!”

The receptions turned the paper around reading the comment section and blushed as she whispered, “oh sorry they went by your gender as you arrived here. We can have them fixed if you like?”

Applejack just snatched the files and snapped, “forget it!

He then signed the papers with a messy signature then stomped towards the entrance. As Applejack opened the door and continued outside he was quite upon seeing Big Macintosh standing there. The big red coated stallion slowly walked forward with a smirk as he greeted his new little brother, “hello Applejack I’m here to escort you home.”

The younger stallion glared at Big Mac and grumbled, “you’re the last pony I wanted to see.”

Big Mac smirked, “oh come on! I’m the perfect pony to teach you how to be a stallion. I mean we really do look alike.”

Applejack punched him in the chest. “Shut up! I don’t need to be taught on how to be a bucking stallion! It’s not like I was transformed into a helpless foal!”

She then continued on her way grumbling Big Mac ran after him and shouted, “hey stop that! I’m just trying to help you here!”

Applejack was stomping along causing mini-earthquakes with every step making stands and ponies around shaking about.

Big Mac eventually came up to his brother and explained, “well my first tip would be that you should be more gently. You are causing an earthquake with every step.”

Applejack stopped then turned around and asked, “how do you do it?”

Big Mac smirked as he explained, “It’s simple.” The stallion then went around and adjusted his brother’s giant back legs as he lectured, “look the key is to relax yourself.”

Applejack grumbled a little before he gave few deep breaths as she calmed her nerves then he began to walk much more calmly, and Big Mac walking alongside Applejack and complimented him. “Good, see that’s much better.”

Applejack was blushing as her mind drifted to something else as she asked, “so did you take a look?”

Big Mac smirked and simply replied, “Ey’ yup!”

Applejack’s face grew a little red as he groaned, “ugh now I’m just going to be thinking about that all day! Honestly, I don’t understand how you stallions walk around with that thing between your legs.”

Big Mac shrugged as he casually explained, “you get used to it I suppose? Trust me it won’t be too much of an issue.”

Applejack just rolled his eyes and grumbled irritably. “That’s easy for you to say! You were born with it!”

Big Mac just chuckled as they continued to walk through the streets of Ponyville. Many mares were turning in their directions giving Applejack glances and blushing as they whispered amongst each other. The stallion began twisting his tail between his legs. “This is just too weird.”

Big mac hated to admit it, but Applejack had well tone muscles and was quite handsome. He then complimented his brother. “You are quite the eye catcher that’s for sure.”

Applejack squeaked at the comment as he quickly stumbled on his hooves and whined, “let’s just get to the house, please! I rather not stay out in public like this!”

The stallion couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Applejack scamper off down the road and then he casually followed his new brother across Ponyville’s streets.

As Applejack burst through the doors of his home and whinnied in surprise upon seeing Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith raising their hooves shouting, “Welcome home Applejack!”

The stallion just stood there and blushed as Apple Bloom flung herself into the stallion’s embrace, he held the little filly on his hooves. Apple Bloom looked up at Applejack with her big magenta colored eyes and chirped, “oh just look at you a new big brother!”

Applejack seeing how happy Apple Bloom couldn’t get angry at her and simply sighed, “yeah I guess so only for a little bit so don’t get used to it.”

Apple Bloom burst into laughter as she scampered back. “Oh don’t worry about it! I’ll be okay when you turn back to my big sis!”

The former farm mare placed his sister on the ground and ruffled her mane. “Well, I’m glad to see your happy about this whole situation.”

While Applejack wasn’t looking Granny, Smith came around her grandson’s back and bluntly looked between his legs. Applejack could somehow feel Granny Smith behind him as he quickly closed his back legs and looked around with a scowl and snapped, “Seriously Granny!”

Granny Smith looked up and grumbled, “I was just seeing if ya got the family apples, that's all jeesh! You're more finicky than when you were a mare.”

Applejack turned around and shouted, “what does that have to do with anything!”

He then heard chuckling as he turned around to see Big Mac walking through the front door. “well, don’t worry she did that to me when I hit puberty.”

Granny turned around and explained, “well the apple family has a problem with the family apples as they grow big and cause issues, I’m not a pervert or anything.”

Applejack snapped back, “I just got discharged from the hospital they would’ve told me if there were any issues!”

Apple Bloom was completely confused as she asked, “um what are family apples?”

Granny Smith came over to the filly and explained, “oh that's somthin’ I’ll teach ya when your older. Now let’s leave Applejack and Big Mac alone.”

Apple Bloom gave longing look back and whined, “but I wana play with Applejack! It’s not fair!”

Big Mac shook his head and sighed, “Well while Granny Smith and Apple Bloom are occupied, why don’t we have a proper meal?”

Applejack gave a nod and agreed, "Yeah, that hospital food wasn't really filling."

He then followed Big Mac to the kitchen table. There was a small feast of apple pie, pancakes, an assortment of apples covered in a caramel glaze. Applejack’s stomach growled as he started to dig in and began gorging on the pastries and candied covered apples. The big red-coated stallion snickered as he watched his brother eat his fill from the table. As Applejack finished up the last bits on the table, he then looked up with his muzzle covered in bits of crumb and apple pieces. With a surprised look on his face he asked, “so is that all?”

Applejack looked around and was quite stunned upon seeing how much he ate. Big Mac gave him a pat on the back and commented, “Oh come now, we all know even when you were a mare you had a bottomless stomach. Come on I think apple bucking will work out those extra calories.”

Applejack gave a small nod and was too embarrassed to say anything. He then wiped his mouth and followed his brother into the apple orchard outside.

Upon reaching the apple orchard, the two went about bucking apple trees Applejack growled as he stomped his back legs into trees one by one. He was still quite furious about the whole situation and accidentally hit one apple tree with too much force creating a loud snap! Making the bark crack causing it to snap and splinter as the tree came crashing down. Big Mac gave a long-exasperated sigh while Applejack stepped back whimpering,” I’m sorry for that I’m still not used to my full strength.”

The big red stallion gave his brother a pat on the back. “It’s alright, remember as big as you are the key is to relax, you're still stressed out.”

Applejack shouted in frustration as she stomped a hoof on the ground. “of course, I’m stressed! Ugh, it doesn’t matter how many times I buck I still can’t believe this happened to me! I just want to turn back into a mare!”

Big Mac came over and asked, “how about we go do something else?”

Applejack shrugged and gave a nod of agreement as she then followed her big brother out of the Apple orchard. The orange coated stallion grumbled as he followed Big Mac towards the pig's pen and as they fed the pigs their slop. As he poured the pig slop into their troth Applejack squeaked as he suddenly lost his balance and slipped on some mud and slid straight into the pig pen sending splinters of wood all over the yard. The pigs all looked up and squealed with delight as they jumped over the dazed Applejack oinking quite happily. But the orange coated stallion quickly got up and began to help his brother round up the pigs into the pen. Not long afterwards Big Mac was starting to repair the broken fence putting up new boards and hammering nails in. All the while Applejack stood in the mud watching the pigs eating their slop making sure they won’t escape. After Big Mac finished, he looked up and chuckled, “yeah being a big stallion can be tough. Trust me I’ve had a few incidents like this happen to me.”

Applejack just sat there grumbling, “I want to just be back to a normal mare. I can’t work or do anything like this.”

After finished mending the fence Big Mac slowly walked over. “Why don’t we just cart the apples into town and try to sell some that should be easy enough?”

Applejack stomped a hoof on the ground and scoffed, “I’m not going out in public as a stallion again!”

Big Mac looked his brother over and tapped a hoof to his chin as he explained, “well I may have a solution that can help ease you in going out in public…”

Applejack was now in Big Mac’s room wearing a set of jeans and a red plaid shirt with a brown vest, with a cow colt hat over his head, and a set of boots with spurs on the end of each boot. He stepped out walking around a bit clumsily as he asked, “where did you get this? I don’t see you wearing clothes that often.

Big Mac came over and explained, “I got these from Braeburn for my birthday last year. I never needed them, so they're still in good condition.”

Applejack blushed to see himself in the mirror thinking about how he now looked a lot like his cousin Braeburn and just sighed, “Well, at least I don’t feel naked now. Yeah, let's go sell apples maybe once I get used to this body, I won’t feel so clumsy and embarrassed.”

Big Mac gave a nod and replied. “I completely agree, now let’s get going were losing daylight.”

They both strode off out of the house and towards the barn. As Big Mac was hitching himself to the wagon laidened with barrels filled with apples. Applejack began hitching himself next to his brother. The big red-coated stallion turned around with a surprised expression and asked, “are you sure your up to this? I can carry this myself."

Applejack rolled his eyes and scoffed, “look at me Big Mac, I’m as big as you now, I’m sure I can help ya pull this heavy load.”

Big Mac shrugged as he replied, “Alright then, come on.” They then both grunted as they heaved and started to pull out a huge wagon out of the barn. The two grunted and heaved as the stallions continued to trudge through the streets of Ponyville. Applejack now sweating heavily as he turned and asked his brother. “So…I have a question how do you stallions walk around naked without having a...um...a…”

Big Mac chuckled, “have a boner? Well, most stallions know how to control themselves. But to be honest, a lot of stallions do, but they keep it under their bellies, so no pony sees. It’s easy to do.”

Applejack blushed and whispered, “uh okay? That’s it?”

Big Mac gave a nod and replied, “Ey’yup.”

Applejack blushed as he turned his head around and whispered, “gosh being a stallion is weird.”

The two eventually made it to the marketplace and they were setting up their stand. Rainbow Dash who was flying overhead seeing Applejack wanted to say hi. She then landed onto the ground and upon seeing Applejack in her new outfit. The pegasus placed a hoof to her face as she tried to hold back laughter. “Applejack what are you wearing!”

Applejack turned around and snapped at the pegasus. “It’s a cowcolt outfit! Something designed from my Cousin Braeburn from Appleloosa.”

Rainbow Dash burst into laughter as she joked. “you look like a rodeo clown Rarity fixed up!”

Big Mac also burst into laughter as Applejack stomped a hoof on the ground. “oh, just shut it!”

Rainbow Dash got up and looked her friend over and commented, “Applejack the stallion huh? Well…to be honest, you weren't exactly a mare, to begin with.”

Applejack snapped back. “Yeah well, it would’ve been funny if Twilight turned you into a stallion instead of me. Heck, I bet you probably want to be a stallion.”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes at the notion and scoffed, “not in a million years they're big, bulky and less agile with all that extra muscle. Not mentioning that thing between your legs makes you less aerodynamic. I'm betting yours is probably two feet long.”

Big Mac burst into more laughter as Applejack shouted, “oh that’s it!” He then tackled Rainbow Dash into the ground and as the two rolled in the dirt Rainbow Dash somehow ended up on top. They were both laughing now, and Rainbow Dash looked over Applejack’s new body with a fresh perspective seeing how well toned his muscles were, his giant square jaw, his musty sweaty smell making her shiver. But the tension broke as both ponies squeaked seeing a tent forming in Applejack’s jeans. Rainbow Dash stepped back blushing as Applejack was confused at first but upon seeing the small tent squeaked in embarrassment as he placed all four limbs over his underbelly and stammered an apology. “I’m…I…I’m sorry.”

Rainbow Dash was unsure of how to interpret what just happened and stammered, “y... yeah this was a bad time and all…” She then soared into the air as fast as she possibly could as Applejack stomped a hoof on the ground in pure frustration and looked up into the sky and shouted, “Buck this new body!”