• Published 29th Apr 2019
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One Big Applemac - Foal Star

During the magic duel between Trixie and Twilight Applejack is transformed into a stallion.

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Chapter five: A Zap Apple Family Dinner

Later that evening Rainbow Dash was sweating nervously as she unusually slowly flew her way towards the Apple family homestead seeming to be stressing over this dinner invitation. Despite a lot of apprehension over how awkward the diner was going to be, the mare eventually managed fluttered up to the front door but before she had a chance to make her first knock it opened up suddenly and greeted Apple Bloom giving a beaming smile on her face by her arrival. "Hey Rainbow Dash! You ready to go eat!" she said in a homely welcome

The mare looked down at filly and gulped before she responded, "uh...yeah…" She scratched her mane nervously, not sure what to say, in contrast to her usual cocky, confident attitude that she usually exude, it almost sounded shy like her friend Fluttershy. Then she was escorted into the house's dining room by the little filly. Rainbow Dash trotted up to the dining table where Big Mac, Applejack (still a stallion) and their cousin Braeburn were all sitting together peacefully around the dining table, eating a giant apple salad with pints of apple beer. Granny Smith was going about getting Apple Bloom onto the table and placed her onto a chair as she began to dig into her salad and drink her own homemade apple juice. The filly then noticed that the pegasus mare was still standing at the fringes of the meal, waved at her to come, "so, come on Rainbow Dash sit down and eat with us." She tapped her hoof on the empty seat between her, and Applejack.

Seeing no other choice but to oblige the invitation she quickly trotted over to the proffered seat then sat down blushing seeing three stallions that she had to admit looked quite sexy around her. Then suddenly, another knock at the door and Apple Bloom chirped, "I got it!"

The little filly rushed over to the entrance and opened it to reveal the unexpected visit of Twilight, who was blushing as well as Rainbow did as she peeked her head in, and asked," Um...I heard you were having a big dinner I thought it would be okay if I joined in?" She asked sheepishly.

Applejack blushed as she explained, "yeah, uh I forgot to mention that I invited Twilight over to dinner...if you don't mind."

Granny Smith gave a nod of consent as she added, "that's alright, come on in and sit down, we have plenty of food to share around." Just like Dash, she Twilight sat down in her chair and turned to Applejack and asked, "so, um...I did look over your records, and Celestia has informed me that your cure will be completed in a few days."

Applejack gulped as his eyes went wide and he asked, "really!? I'll be back in a mare before next week!" She was relieved to be looking forward to finally being back to usual mare self, and stop with all the weird staring from everypony in Ponyville, like for the past few days have been.

Twilight gave a nod as she took her own served bottle of apple beer and sipped it down looking at Big Mac with a blush growing on her face. For herself, Rainbow smirked as she usually always does with when she was about to draw Applejack into another their long-standing rivalry between them and sarcastically added, "that's interesting, I guess that's too bad because I was hoping we could do another Iron mare challenge as a stallion." She positively oozed out smugness as she chugged from her apple beer.

Applejack looked over and grumbled, knowing full well that Dash was goating her into again and yet again couldn't resist at her taunting. "Are you saying I can't beat you as a mare?" Flip the tables back at her, expecting to get a rise from her too.

Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves. "Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. I honestly don't think you have the guts to take me on as you're now." Her smug smile just begged to be wiped off her face.

Applejack slammed a hoof on the table. "Oh, you don't think so!"

Ruining the moment for the both of them granny came in then bite Applejack by the ear. "That's not how a proper stallion should act in front of a lady."

The old mare chastised her grandfoal for her uncouth behavior, with a stern tone. "Now say sorry to poor Rainbow Dash right this moment."

Applejack whined at the pain in his ear, which looked comical, seeing how much bigger he was then Ganny, as he cried, "Alright! Alright! I'm sorry!" Granny Smith let go and scoffed,, "just like your father, I see big headed and stubborn."

Big Mac for his part chuckled at seeing his sister get to feel one of granny's infamous ear bites. Eventually, things died down and as the ponies continued to eat Twilight chimed in, "I also have more exciting news! I know how to perform the spell that I did to Applejack!"

Everypony gasped and turned their attention towards the unicorn just as Granny Smith slammed a hoof on the table and shouted, "Don't you dare turn me into a stallion! I'm too old for your hocus pocus magic!"

Twilight seeing how everypony was taking this way too seriously she simply rolled her eyes and snapped back. "There's no need to worry, I'm not going to just start reversing ponies genders."

Applejack eyed his friend as he was unsure of Twilight's claim and asked in a suspicious tone, "so did you experiment the spell on Spike yet?"

Twilight blushed a little as she had thought about turning Spike into a female. But, the mare simply waved a hoof and casually explained, "well...it is a sensitive spell I would rather do it on a pony whose more willing."

Rainbow Dash looked down at her bottle of beer as she seemed to be thinking methodically with a blush growing on her face muttered. "Um..yeah...I wonder who would volunteer for that."

Braeburn held a hoof to his mouth and snickered, "I could see you turning into a mare Big Mac? Remember when you lost a bet, and I made you wear a dress through Appleloosa?"

Everypony around the table started to snicker and laugh all the while Big Mac's face turned a bright pink as he stammered, "y...you promised to never tell anypony about that!"

Granny Smith also chimed in. "Oh, Big Mac has always liked cross-dressing I used to find him digging through his mother's old dresses."

Many ponies burst into even more laughter while Big Mac whimpered and lowered his head under the table.

Applejack looked over at her embarrassed brother and placed a reassuring hoof onto Big Mac's shoulder and exclaimed, "Oh, come on! It would be funny to see you as my big sister! I bet you would have some big teats as well!"

Big Mac bowed his head and tried to start focusing on his meal as he grumbled irritably. "I rather not."

They then continued to eat as Applejack who was a bit concerned about Twilight's new spell turned around to face her friend and replied, "Well, I think that we shouldn't be turnin' ponies gender just yet, not until before we know this cure actually works."

Twilight gave a nod and responded, "Yeah true, that's another reason why I haven't done any experimentation with this spell."

Braeburn shrugged and commented, "Well, I wouldn't mind seeing Applejack stay as a stallion longer. "I mean he built a pool outside! I don't think he could've done that as a mare."

Applejack, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash all looked around and glared at Braeburn, and all shouted at the same time. "What you mean!"

Braeburn squeaked and stumbled backward as Rainbow Dash flew straight towards Braeburn and shoved a hoof into his face and shouted, "oh so you think because I'm a mare I couldn't kick your rump! Huh!?"

The embarrassed stallion who now had sweat pouring down from his forehead. He gulped and stammered, "I...I'm not, I was just saying she seemed to be more energetic and stronger when Applejack was a mare."

Apple Bloom blushed to know her potion had a lot to do with that as she nervously whispered, "Well, I did give Applejack a potion that made him have more energy."

Big Mac crosses his forehooves as he glared at Apple Bloom seemingly still quite angry at her and growled," that's also why I had you and your friends help me dismantle that tower and cabin ."

Apple Bloom looked back at her own salad as she grumbled, "at least we kept the pool."

Braeburn, who was chugging down a fifth bottle of apple beer as he suggested, "Well, maybe we should have Applejack compete against all the strongest and fastest stallions in Ponyville?"

Big Mac finished his second bottle of beer and snickered as a thought came through his mind as he placed it down and added," that actually would be funny to see Iron Hooves compete against you."

Rainbow Dash paused, tapping a hoof to her chin and whispered, "you know what? Twilight why don't you turn me into a stallion?"

Everypony turned towards the pegasus with their eyes widened in disbelief. Twilight was as equally surprised and concerned about what her friend said, and in an unsure tone, she asked, "Rainbow Dash seriously! But why!?"

Rainbow Dash slammed a hoof on the table with passion as she shouted, "Like Braeburn said! It seems the stallions around here think they're better than us! So why don't we mess with them a little? Applejack can handle the strong and fastest stallions I'll deal with those who think that can outfly me!"

Everypony looked towards Twilight all anticipating on her agreeing to Rainbow Dash's request. Twilight gulped and looked into Rainbow Dash's eyes seemingly concerned for her friend as she responded, "look Rainbow if your drunk I can't take that as consent. You're going to have to wait until tomorrow when you're sober."

Rainbow Dash scoffed and snapped back, "I'm not drunk! I'm serious! I also want a fake name!"

Applejack scratched his head, seemingly confused by his friend's insistence in turning into a stallion and asked, "How will that even work? I mean most ponies in Ponyville know about what happened to me."

Rainbow Dash snickered behind a hoof as she explained, "but they don't know about me! You said the cure will be here in a few days? Well, I can just write a letter to take some days off from cloud busting while I go beat some stallions."

Everypony than looked over at Twilight who gave a sheepish smile and stammered. "Well...I d...d...don't see the problem, but I'm going to need you to sign some forms."

Applejack slowly turned his gaze towards Rainbow Dash and gave his friend a cold stare and eyed the nervous looking pegasus as he asked, "why are you really doing this?"

The pegasus didn't respond to Applejack as Twilight took out some forms and started to have her sign them one by one. After finishing signing, every form Twilight looked over the documents with intense scrutiny. Everypony watched and waited with anticipation as she gave a nod of approval and sighed, "Alright, everything is ready and in order. Let's go outside I rather not have this spell hit anyone else on purpose."

Rainbow Dash threw her hooves across her chest and snapped, "alright and don't hold back! If you need to think of Big Mac, bring it on!"

Everypony started snickering, and Twilight's face started to slowly turn into a deep red while Big Mac slowly turned around towards the quivering unicorn with a surprised expression printed on his face. There was a long awkward silence as the unicorn mare slowly got up from her chair still seemingly embarrassed as she stammered, "Um..well... let's uh do this Rainbow Dash."

The unicorn then quickly went out the back door followed by Rainbow Dash who also had a slight blush on her cheeks. Braeburn, who was quite drunk, stumbled out of the house giving a drunken laugh hiccuping every once in a while. Apple Bloom was quite giddy with excitement as she skipped outside. Granny Smith pushed herself from the table and grumbled something about hocus pocus and went upstairs to get some sleep. Big Mac waited until everypony left the kitchen as he looked around towards Applejack and asked in a nervous whisper," does Twilight have a crush on me?"

Applejack gulped seeming unsure about what to say. However, seeing how the secret was already out, she whispered, "um...yeah...I think she does…"

Big Mac still blushing slowly got up and slowly walked outside as Applejack gave a long exasperated sigh pushing back his mane and followed suit grumbling, "this isn't going to end well."

Everypony all stood outside in the field as Twilight stood there looking over a spell book. Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes stomping about impatiently and snapped, "come on Twilight just do it already!"

The unicorn grumbled under her breath as she closed her spell book and asked her friend, "now Rainbow Dash I'm going to need you to hold still okay? I don't want to miss."

Rainbow Dash stomped a hoof into the ground and shouted, "come on and bring on whatever you got! I can take it!"

Twilight gave a deep sigh and closed her eyes, concentrating as she shot out a beam of purple magic right at Rainbow Dash. Magic tendrils started to wrap around her body, and everypony watched with wide eyes, along with Apple Bloom skipping about in excitement. Rainbow Dash's body slowly started morphed as her body grew thicker and bulkier. The mare's rainbow-colored mane shortened as did her tail turning into a short stub of hair. Rainbow Dash's hooves grew thicker and bulkier. Her legs became massive with way more muscle forcing her to grow even taller. The mare squealed, seeing her chest come out as her rump stuck out and watched seeing how her cutie mark changed to that of a giant-sized zap apple printed on her rump. As the magic dissipated revealing the newly transformed blue coated stallion looking over himself with a smirk. Rainbow Dash was really impressed with how muscular he was and showing off his wings that grew out even more as he snickered, "Well it looks like you do have an obsession with Big Mac Twilight!"

Followed by more snickering the embarrassed purple-coated unicorn squeaked, "you didn't have to say that out loud!"

But as the unicorn walked around Rainbow Dash's new body, she couldn't help but see that her cocky friend was right! Rainbow Dash's body was thick and bulky like Big Mac's, and the odd cutie mark pretty much solidified her as a male pegasus clone of Big Macintosh. Twilight could only stammer, "I...I didn't mean...I was trying to copy Braeburn's physique."

Apple Boom bounced over with excitement and chimed in, "oh wow! You can be like a long lost cousin! Let's call you Zap Apple!"

Braeburn burst out into a drunken laugh and babbled, "yeah that could work...that sounds cool! That's way better than Apple Jam."

Applejack rolled his eyes, seeing Braeburn was referencing his fake name from earlier. All the while, Rainbow Dash gave a nod and threw his wings out and exclaimed, "yeah Zap Apple! That's an awesome name!"

Applejack turned towards his friend still admiring his new thick rump and commented, "yeah that's so original, but honestly most ponies are going to see right through this. I mean what are you going to say when ponies say that you look like Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow Dash just shrugged and replied back. "Just say it's a coincidence!"

He gasped with a surprised look hearing his new voice, "holy Celestia! My voice is so deep!"

The newly transformed pegasus then took off into the night sky flying around and landed before both Applejack and Braeburn. "Now how about we have a rematch just run to the barn and back."

Applejack eyes narrowed, seeing that Rainbow Dash being so cocky about being a stallion was now starting to get on his nerves as he snapped, "oh yeah! You're on!"

They then both bent down as Apple Bloom bounced over and shouted, "Alright! Count on three! One...two...three!"

She slammed a hoof on the ground as Applejack and Rainbow Dash sped off down the field and as Applejack was running at a top speed sweating and having from his exertion. He was quite stunned seeing that Rainbow Dash was way ahead this time and as they turned around was already halfway towards the house. Applejack picked up speed and started to run so fast, slamming his hooves through the dirt. But he could do nothing as Rainbow Dash slammed back down ahead of Applejack sweating and heaving as he proclaimed, "oh yeah! I won this time!"

Rainbow Dash then turned around to see Applejack trying to break through the dirt with all fours with eyes widened and slammed right into him. They tumbled about in the dirt as Applejack somehow landed squarely on top of Rainbow Dash. They both looked over their sweaty muscular bodies, and before the two realize it, they squeaked feeling something pop out from their underbellies. They both blushed hard stepping back as fast as they could, while Braeburn burst into some more drunken laughter. "Oh wow, you two are excited! Do you two need a room!"

Twilight rolled her eyes and scolded the drunken stallion, "your drunk Braeburn just go get some sleep."

He gave a drunk nod as he stumbled back into the house as Apple Bloom yawned, "yeah, I'm going to bed too, but I want to play you better play with me tomorrow!"

She then skipped off back into the house as Twilight turned to Rainbow Dash with a sheepish smile and asked. "So...um...do you want to stay here or?"

Rainbow Dash turned to Applejack and commented, "I doubt you can hold another pony I'll stay with Twilight for the night if that's okay with you?"

The farm stallion eyed Twilight knowing now she has a thing for her brother and was unsure if Rainbow Dash's new body had to do with her wanting him to stay the night. But he also didn't have any room in his house as he turned to Twilight and replied, "alright, well just make sure everything is okay with him and no funny business, alright?"

Twilight squeaked as she shouted, "me no! Never! I'm a professional! Now come on Rainbow Dash I do need to look you over and make sure there weren't any complications."

The pegasus squeaked just as Twilight took him by the hoof and lead him off down the road like a foal.

Later that night Rainbow Dash was a bit frustrated standing silently while Twilight was using her horn to scan the stallion for any medical issues. The mare then placed the light into his eyes and saw them dilate and then pressed on Rainbow Dash's tongue and asked," say aww."

The stallion grumbled but did as Twilight asked giving a loud. "awww" and let Twilight peer down into her throat. The mare then gave a nod of approval and proclaimed. "Well, the good news is that there doesn't seem to be any medical issues with your new body."

Rainbow Dash was still irritated at being looked over like a foal and grumbled, "fine, well, I'm just glad there isn't."

He then looked at himself in a mirror on the wall and with a smirk Rainbow Dash asked, "But, seriously do you have a crush on Big Mac?"

Twilight sighed as she rubbed a hoof over her face and admitted it. "Yes I do, I have a crush on Big Mac happy now!"

The cocky pegasus just started laughing and rolling around on his back." I knew it!"

Twilight got a little flustered stomping towards her friend and shoved a hoof into his face and asked, "Now for my question, why did you really want to be a stallion?"

Rainbow Dash blushed this time laying there on his back and stammered, "I...well...I just want to see if I would still like Applejack as a stallion…"

Twilight blinked in surprise at the answer and whispered, "Really?"

Rainbow Dash looked up into the ceiling of Twilight's library and gave a long sigh before responding, "Yeah I mean..I..w...well...I do have feelings for her."

Twilight couldn't help but look down at Rainbow Dash with an unsure look and asked, "so you're challenging yourself to see if gender has to do with you liking her, is that it?"

Rainbow Dash rose up and shouted at Twilight, "no! ...well...I don't know, maybe!"

Twilight rolled her eyes as she replied, "Honestly Rainbow Dash if you like each other as females I don't see how it would be different as you both being male "

Rainbow Dash peered down at the floor with a defeated look and sighed, "yeah..well...I guess I didn't think about that."

Twilight pondered for a second before responding, "well, to be fair I'm probably not the best to talk about this...I could get you in touch with Princess Cadence; she knows a lot more about same-sex relationships than me."

Rainbow Dash blushed and stepped back stammering, "No...no...way! I don't want anypony knowing about this! Especially not the princesses!"

Twilight blushed seeing how nervous Rainbow Dash was and gave a nod as she whispered, "o..of course…"

Rainbow Dash pushed back his mane with a hoof and grumbled, "look I'm still uncomfortable talking about my feelings...and with his new body and all I'm feeling more awkward…I think I'm going to go and get some sleep.""

Twilight gave her friend a smile and whispered, "Alright, well....have a good night then."

Rainbow Dash went to Twilight's, and couch plopped down, making it creak loudly. Twilight snickered seeing how her couch strained against Rainbow Dash's new physique. The mare then took out a large blue blanket and drifted it over her friend and placed a pillow under his head. As she was about to drift the blanket over Rainbow Dash's body, but her eyes lowered down towards her friend's underbelly, but the stallion squealed shoving all four legs over his front and shouted, "hey what ya think you're doing!"

Twilight rolled her eyes and threw the blanket at the pegasus as she growled, "I was just trying to make you comfortable I'm not a pervert!"

Twilight then went about and stomped upstairs grumbling under her breath with a blush growing on her face as she did think about Rainbow Dash's penis and wondered if it was as big Macintosh's. But as the mare entered her room and started pacing around her room with a nervous expression on her face for what seemed like hours debating on telling Cadence about Rainbow Dash's and Applejack's relationship and how she could help but she didn't want to betray her friends trust either. But the unicorn made up her mind and walked to her desk. She lit a candle and slowly took out a scroll in a dramatic fashion. Twilight then with her magic, she slowly dipped a quill into an inkpot and slowly placed the quill onto the parchment as she began to wrote her letter... "Dear Princess Cadence….