• Published 29th Apr 2019
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One Big Applemac - Foal Star

During the magic duel between Trixie and Twilight Applejack is transformed into a stallion.

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Prolouge: A casualty of the Magic Duel

Applejack woke up one morning to a pounding headache, in fact, it wasn’t just her head her entire body felt as if she just ran for a dozen miles with no food or water. As Applejack slowly woke up, she found herself staring up at bright lights coming down and white ceiling and walls, seeing she was in a hospital. The mare looked down at the green sheets covering her body and a stand with jello, a cup of orange juice and some instant oatmeal for breakfast. The mare was confused seeing she couldn’t recall being injured in any way...but Twilight and that obnoxious unicorn Trixie recently had that magic duel between each other. Did they stop Trixie? Could she have been injured from that battle? The mare the shifted in her hospital bed feeling more massive than usual and saw Nurse Redheart hovering over her. The mare Nurse Redheart slowly came over and whispered, ”hey take it, easy dear, you just went through a lot.”

Applejack moved her head up so she could look the nurse in the eye. But it felt odd as if the weight was added to her face or something. She was going to ask the nurse why she was in the hospital. But the nurse placed a hoof on her mouth. “Don’t speak, just listen to me closely you were involved in a magical accident resulting from the battle Trixie and Twilight had yesterday.”

Applejack was still confused and now slightly irritated as she wanted to ask what happened and why she was in the hospital. But Red Heart just continued, “the thing is Twilight, has reassured me this may be just temporary considering the spell is very weak but….the spell she used has altered you in a very peculiar way, and I had to make sure that nothing medically was wrong with you.”

Applejack was now worried, and she shouted, “medically! Seriously what am I doing here?! What happened to me!”

The mare gasped upon hearing her voice which sounded much deeper than usual sounding more like her brother’s. Which made her drift a hoof to her throat as she whispered, “Ma….my voice...why does it sound like my brother?”

Applejack then took out a hoof and saw it was thicker with muscle with some hairs from her coat coming over the hoof itself. She then looked down to see that she had a broad torso which was well toned with the rest of her body covered in a light green blanket. The nurse sighed seeing the farm mare trembling and came over as she explained in a reassuring tone. “Applejack, you need to understand that this is temporary and so far everything is fine besides the gender change, that’s the important thing.”

Applejack paused for a few moments before she just whispered, “ha...hand me a mirror.”

Nurse Red Heart shook her head and replied, “Applejack, I really don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Applejack turned towards the nurse and shouted. “Just give me a bucking mirror!”

Red Heart gave an exasperated sigh as she held out a small mirror and Applejack took it and stared back at her now giant face with a colossal jawline and her shortened straightened mane, the mare was horrified at what she saw. The mare then gulped looking back down at the green hospital blanket. She slowly placed a hoof between the sheets and felt along with new organ between her legs. She whispered,” do...do I really have a..a...”

Red Heart gave a sigh and replied bluntly. ”yes you have a penis, it’s healthy, and there are no issues with it all.”

A blush grew over the stallion’s face as he glared at the nurse and shouted, “seriously! like I need to know that!”

Red Heart who was getting annoyed just replied, “look, I know you're in shock and need time to adjust. But, your also healthy and in no need of any medical attention and I have to check on my other patients. If you need anything just call out, okay?”

The stallion slumped back onto her pillow and grumbled in an angry tone.“Yeah, whatever?”

The nurse then simply left off as Applejack just stared at the ceiling as she then slowly went into a deep sleep.


Applejack was extremely nervous as Twilight called her and Rarity to be volunteers for her fake spells. The two mares both gave each other worried looks as they knew his whole ploy was to trick Trixie into thinking Twilight was more powerful with her fake amulet. One misstep can undo everything and have Twilight banished from for good. The two mares without talking to each other then slowly walked over to the middle of the area where Twilight and Trixie were performing their spells. Twilight shot out her magic at them creating a cloud of pink covered the two. They were then teleported inside a tent. Applejack blushed upon seeing her brother painted over looking like a stallion version of herself. She then whispered, “um...you ready for your part?"

Big Mac gave a pose and smirked as he gave a simple, “ey' yup!”

Applejack gave a small nervous nod. But the farm mare didn't have much time to think as she and Rarity were then teleported back to the middle of Ponyville. Then Twilight shot spell after spell, making it look like she turned Rarity into a filly, then Applejack into an old mare. They were soon turned back to “normal” with Rarity giving a small sigh of relief seeing Trixie was quite flustered meaning that their plan was working. Applejack giggled as well seeing Twilight continued with using her fake magic on Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. She gulped and nervously shifted in place as Trixie and Twilight continued their duel knowing her turn would be coming up.

All the while Big Mac looked over his disguise ready to go out and make it look like that Twilight transformed Applejack into a stallion. He gave a nod, “ey' yup, this gonna be good.”

The stallion was determined to help his sister and her friends to remove Trixie from her seat of power. As the stallion was going to show off upon hearing Twilight shout. “Watch as I change a mare into a stallion!”

Applejack was nervous as she looked over to her friend Twilight readying another spell and hit Applejack with a poof of a pink cloud. The mare groaned in pain, as the magic enveloped her body feeling it shift as her it bulked up. The bones in her face morphed, and her legs grew thicker and bulkier. She cried out in pain as her lower body changed feeling a burning sensation down in her underbelly. What seemed an agonizing few minutes was really only a second or two. As she blinked looking around the crowd, with a confused look at many ponies looked upon her with their mouths agape with astonishment. Applejack turned to Twilight with blush and asked, “did it work?”

She squealed as she placed hoof to her throat. “My voice! Why do I sound like Big Mac?”

Trixie's eyes widened with disbelief, “A stallion! You actually changed the gender of a pony! That’s it! The great and powerful Trixie must have that amulet!”

She then removed the alicorn amulet and as Trixie started to revert to her old self. Twilight just burst into laughter and explained, “Applejack didn’t turn into a stallion silly! That’s just Big Mac in disguise!”

Everypony turned and burst into laughter, but it all died down as Big Mac still in his disguise slowly walked over and asked, “uh…no I’m right here? What’s going on? Did you replace me or something’?”

They all then turned their eyes to Applejack who backed up as Twilight's eyes widen, and she exclaimed, “no…no way! I actually turned Applejack into a stallion!” Applejack gave a few blinks before she fainted onto the dirt below.

Applejack woke up in a cold sweat late in the evening as she turned to see all of her friends and family were in the hospital room surrounding her bed. Everypony was blushing, and most were unsure of what to say. Big Mac was the first to speak up as he joked. “Well, it looks like we have another colt in the family. It’s about time.”

Applejack shouted, “oh shut it, Big Mac! I ain’t no stallion! Even if I am one, I’m a mare at heart!”

Granny Smith came over and took out one of the mare’s hooves and looked her over as she replied, “Yep, she has the Apple family male genes alright. I would even go as far and say you were Big Mac’s twin.”

Apple Bloom was extremely excited as she bounced around and shouted, “this is so cool! I have two brothers now!”

Pinkie Pie bounced along with Apple Bloom cheering along with her. “Yay! Now I can have a party for Applejack! We should call it happy stallion changing day!”

Applejack looked down at her little sister, and Pinkie Pie then growled, “this is only temporary you guys! Seriously can you all just leave me alone!”

They all gave each other nervous looks as Rarity was blushing a little seeing Applejack in her new hot body. As the mare whispered, “ Oh darling, we just came to support you.”

Fluttershy gave a nod as she whispered,” yes we are, we're here if you need anything at all."

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but blush a little as well seeing her best friend was now a stallion as she stammered, “yeah...um...I mean your a hero? You pretty much convinced Trixie to remove the alicorn amulet.”

Applejack laid back in her bed as she grumbled, “I appreciate all of you coming here. But honestly, I just want to be alone right now.”

Everypony gave each other nervous glances, and They all walked out of the room except for Twilight. She then slowly came over towards Applejack who was still glaring at her as she whispered, ”hey Applejack.”

Applejack stared at twilight and growled, “so you're the one who turned me into a stallion? How in the buck did that happen!”

Twilight looked down as she explained, ”I’m not sure? But I might have tapped into a spell that I once tried to learn. I thought it was too advanced for me and it would never work. But luckily I learned it should be temporary maybe two weeks to a month at the most.”

Applejack shouted, “a month! I can’t be a bucking stallion for a month!”

Twilight looked down with a saddened expression on her face as she whispered, “I know, and I'm really sorry for what happened…”

Applejack seeing how depressed twilight looked just sighed, “fine I forgive you but seriously! This is going to be just weird! I don't know anything about being a stallion!”

Twilight looked up and asked, ”why don't you ask your big brother to help you?”

Applejack shouted “he's the last pony in Equestria I want to help me! He’s never going to let to get let his one go as far as I live! That's the last thing I need is him embarrassin’ me more!”

Twilight blushed and whispered, “right well...um...I mean there are dozens of stallions in Ponyville that can give you a few lessons on what to expect as a male.”

Applejack just slumped down and grumbled, “forget it Twilight, I'll figure it out on my own. But when this is over, and I'm back as a mare, you gonna owe me big time!”

Twilight blushed and raised a hoof “alright then. I'll find a way to make this up to you I promise.”

Applejack grumbled she fell back down on her pillow and looked up in the darkness of her room trying to fall back to sleep.