• Published 29th Apr 2019
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One Big Applemac - Foal Star

During the magic duel between Trixie and Twilight Applejack is transformed into a stallion.

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chapter Six: The most emberassing contest ever

Applejack woke up the next morning and groaned while rubbing his head, being seeing to be a bit hungover from all the drinking. He was slowly getting up and grumbled under his breath. “Seriously, what was all that last night? Twilight turning Rainbow Dash into a stallion? She suddenly havin’ a crush on my brother? What is going on here!”

The grouchy stallion slowly got up and stomped to his door, and as he opened it, he was greeted to see Big Mac standing there looking worried as he asked, “I...I need to ask...if...um...if...Twilight wants to...um…”

Applejack rolled his eyes and snapped back. “Look, if you and Twilight go and have a date or somethin’ just go and ask her yourself.”

Big Mac was quite nervous and gulped as he responded, “seriously? You don’t think it’s weird?”

The mare looked over at him with a stare and growled, “You’re my older brother whatever you do with your life, it’s up to you. Now excuse me I’m going to get some breakfast.”

The farm stallion stomped down the stairs grumbling and found Apple Bloom, Granny Smith and Braeburn all sitting around the table having breakfast together. Braeburn was also clearly dealing with a migraine and was rubbing his head. Granny Smith walked over and poured him a cup of coffee as she grumbled, “just drink this trust me it’ll help.”

The stallion was rubbing his forehead and grumbled, “I can manage a migraine; this isn’t my first hangover.”

Applejack gave him a pat on the back and snickered, “Well, that’s just granny for ya. She’ll give ya a second migraine while you’re managing your other one.”

The old granny mare grabbed the stallion by the ear and yanked it down, making him squeal and stumble about. The stallion whimpered with tears running down his cheek as Granny Smith snapped, “Maybe if ya listen to me once in a while, maybe you wouldn’t be a stallion right now!”

Applejack cried out in pain. “Alright! You win! Just let go!”

The stallion’s granny let go sending Applejack to stumble backward while rubbing his ear. While Granny stomped off, Apple Bloom bounced over to him and chirped, “good morning Applejack! Are you going to hang out with Rainbow Dash today?”

The stallion shrugged and grumbled, “well, yeah, I guess?”

The filly bounced up and down in excitement. “Can I come, please!”

Applejack rolled his eyes and explained, “I’m not going to do anything crazy. Apple Bloom, we’re just going to go out and compete with some stallions that’s all.”

The little filly bounced up and down and shouted. “Oh come on that sounds like lots of fun! Can I come, please!”

Applejack rolled his eyes and scoffed, “whatever, fine follow me.”

He grumbled getting up and headed off into the streets of Ponyville, and they found Rainbow Dash already out flying around as he showed off his body to ponies who have gathered around him. Applejack glared at him as he stomped over and asked, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing R- I mean Zap Apple!”

The stallion flew down and landed right next to Applejack and slapped him on the back as he proclaimed, “Hey, I bet you all met my new and improved cousin Applejack! Now she’s a tough stallion like me!”

Everypony snickered as Applejack shoved Rainbow Dash off him and grumbled,” yeah whatever, it’s not like me being a stallion makes me better, now what ya doin? I thought I told ya I didn’t wana make a scene.”

Rainbow Dash stepped back and rolled her eyes and scoffed, “I’m just doing what you wanted we’re going to have a challenge with the toughest stallions around!”

Bulk Biceps flexed his muscles and growled, “oh yeah! I bet none of you could lift as much as me!”

Applejack eyed him as Rainbow Dash threw down a giant bar with two massive hundred-pound weights at each end on the ground with a loud boom and shouted, “Alright let’s see how much you can lift!”

Bulk Biceps took the massive dumbbell and heaved and grunted and lifted it up with one hoof and growled, “oh yeah! I bet you can’t do this!”

Applejack glared at the buff pegasus and took the dumbbell with both hooved and grunting and heaving heavily he went on his back legs and shoved the weight above his head. Applejack heaved heavily, but many ponies started giggling and smirking as she jeered, “looks like someone’s happy.”

The other ponies around started to laugh even more as Applejack gave his friend a cold glare before slamming the weight on the ground right in front of Rainbow Dash who squealed and stumbled backward. The Farm stallion scoffed, “now you go on and try it, cousin.”

Everypony gaped in surprise, and even Bulk Biceps had his mouth agape in complete awe. Rainbow Dash burst into laughter and flew over and gave the hunk of an earth pony a noogy dubbing his hoof over his shortened mane. “That’s Applejack! Even as a mare, she was the toughest pony I’ve ever known.”

Applejack threw Rainbow Dash off and snapped. “Oh yeah, well how about you go and try Zap Apple.”

Rainbow Dash gave Applejack a smug grin and replied back. “Oh yeah, this is gonna be a piece of cake.”

The overconfident stallion couldn’t help but pick up the massive weight up and threw it straight in the air everypony gasped as he flew up and caught the weight with a single hoof and slammed back on the ground still holding the weight. Everypony’s mouth was agape in complete awe at “Zap Apple’s” strength as he grunted as he threw the hunk of metal onto the ground with a loud crash and shouted, “There! How’s that!”

Everypony started giving thunderous applause. Applejack burst into more laughter and cane over. “Dang Zap Apple your quite stunning. I guess ya win the strong mare contest.”

Just then an old dark brown coated stallion slowly came over with a smirk on his face walking up to the ponies and commented, “well now I see that this Zap Apple is quite strong. But I want to see if he truly has the Apple family genes and can run as well.”

Rainbow Dash shouted, “seriously! I can beat you at anything, any day of the week old-timer bring it on!”

The stallion chuckled coming over. “So how about we race to the train station and back? I saw you two yesterday, and I bet I could take both of you on.”

Rainbow Dash scoffed walking over with a strut. “Oh yeah, that’s a lot coming from you old-timer.”

Applejack gulped and was sweating a little she was quite nervous knowing Burnt Oak was actually quite fast and was once the quickest pony in Ponyville. The two stallions both bent down with the old stallion as dozens of ponies began crowding around them with the crowd grew bigger all watching wanting to see what’s going to happen. They then all turned to see that Pinkie Pie bounced over with a big smile on her face as she squeaked, “Oh, can I be the one to say go!”

Applejack chuckled and gave a nod. “Yeah go ahead Pinkie.”

The pink earth pony raised a black and white checkered flag and shouted, “now, let’s have the race begin on Go! Ready!”

All three stallions bent their forelegs forward and their back legs back ready to sprint at full speed. Pinkie continued, “Set!”

The three looked forward, and Pinkie pie with a big smile on her face exclaimed suddenly. “Go!”

The three stallions then took off bursting down the road, and they continued to race down the road at top speeds huffing and panting. As they ran, Applejack was quite surprised seeing Burnt Oak was quite far ahead of them. Rainbow Dash was racing at her top speed huffing and panting just to catch up. But they were no match for Burnt Oak and as they were racing back to the statue.

Rainbow Dash groaned as Burnt Oak made it before them and turned back with a smirk on his face. “It looks like you two need practice.”

The competitive pegasus stomped a hoof on the ground and shouted. “Seriously! ’It’s not my fault if I was an M-”

Applejack slammed a hoof into Rainbow Dash’s mouth with a blush as she replied, “yeah, um...my cousin needs to practice running more than flying. That’s what he meant.”

Rainbow Dash scoffed as Burnt Oak scratched his chin. “Huh, now that ya mention it I don’t recall a pegasus being in Bright Mac’s family.”

The pegasus blushed and scratched his rainbow-colored mane. “W...well I’m from a second cousin removed ya know how crazy them family trees can be,”

Burnt Oak shrugged as he grumbled, “well in any case it seems only Bright Mac is still the only one who could beat me in a race.”

Rainbow Dash burst steam from his nostrils and pounded the ground with a hoof. “Oh yeah! I want a rematch! Right now old timer bring it on!”

Applejack rolled his eyes and grabbed Rainbow Dash by the shoulder before he did anything else and advised. “ It’s over, now how about we calm down and get something to eat.”

Rainbow Dash turned his head around and snapped back. “Oh yeah! well, I may not be as fast on my hooves, but I can beat anypony at flying!”

Thunderhooves came out of nowhere and landed next to Rainbow Dash and shouted, “Oh yeah! Well, how about it! It seems I have to race this newbie.”

Rainbow Dash shouted back. “Hey! Just because I’m the newbie doesn’t mean I’m going to lose to a stinking Stallion like you!”

He smirked and asked, “so how about we race to Cloudsdale and back.”

Rainbow Dash stuck a hoof into the stallion’s face. “Oh yeah, ’you’re on Thunderbrain!”

The two bent down and lowered their heads as they readied themselves. Pinkie Pie bounced over with a smile on her face and proclaimed, “Alrighty you know the drill! Now yall ready for the greatest flying rest in equestria!”

They both gave nods and readied themselves as Pinkie Pie raised a flag. “Ready!”

The two stallions both gave each other dirty looks before facing Cloudsdale.

Pinkie Pie then chirped out. “Set!”

They both flexed their wings and arched their backs. As Pinkie Pie watched with intensity feeling the tension building. “Go!”

As soon as she lowered the flag, the two zoomed past her at a blinding speed, and the crowd of ponies cheered as if they were at a wonderbolts show.

The two continued zooming through the skies at top speed seeming to go on for only a few seconds. But Rainbow Dash was heaving heavily as they were flying back she noticed that Thunderlane was catching up, so she dove down at top speed trying to make it to the end and squeaked as she slammed into Thunderlane. They were then bot flung to the ground below in a giant boom. They both groaned slowly shaking their heads inside the crater they created in the middle of Ponyville. As Rainbow Dash’s vision came around, she gasped seeing that Thunderlane was over her body and was blushing hard. Rainbow Dash’s eyes suddenly went wide and crossed her back legs over her underbelly knowing full well Thunderlane saw his dick. Many ponies around were laughing as the two embarrassed pegasi quickly got up from the crater. Applejack slowly walked over to his friend and gave Rainbow Dash a pat on the back. “Hey, no need to be shy. I bet Thunderlane was quite happy too.”

More ponies burst into even more fits of laughter with Rainbow Dash growing furious as her face turned a bright red and the stallion quickly sped off into the sky as quickly as possible. Applejack groaned seeing that he may have made things worse for his friend and promptly ran down the street after him.

Applejack ran down the streets of Ponyville until she found Rainbow Dash was now sitting on a bench looking quite flustered and embarrassed. Applejack slowly came over and asked in an apologetic tone. “Hey, are you doing ok? I didn’t mean to sound rude back there it was just a joke.”

Rainbow Dash got up and stomped a hoof. “Your joke isn’t the issue! I just had a boner in front of Everypony!”

Applejack chuckled, “Hey, it’s not that bad as far as everypony knows your my cousin Zap Apple so Rainbow Dash has nothing to be embarrassed about. I have to say you do have a nice member.”

Rainbow Dash blushed as she placed her tail self consciously between her legs. “Oh please, you know its really Big Mac’s dick pervert.”

Applejack chuckled as he sat down next to Rainbow Dash making the bench creak under their combined weight and whispered, “so hey at least you beat Thunderlane even with all that muscle your still the best flier in Ponyville.

The pegasus scoffed “well you’re obviously better at running than me. I’m not going to even try to deny it anymore.”

Applejack chuckled as he rubbed a hoof through his friend’s mane. “Well, you do look great in that new body and honestly watching you fly made me hard.”

Rainbow Dash whimpered as he crossed his hooves over his crotch, feeling his own member rise and cried out. “Don’t say that! you’re making things worse!”

Applejack came over slowly. “why not!? you obviously like these new forms, and I’m tired of us being so nervous about our feelings.”

Rainbow Dash turned towards Applejack and protested, “I’m not scared! I just-”

Before he could finish Applejack threw himself over Rainbow Dash And kissed him, and he blushed so hard his face turned a deep red. They held the kiss for a while as they both broke off. Rainbow Dash quickly flew off to Twilight’s library. While Applejack stood there with a smirk growing on his face.