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Rainbow hears about a particular speed spell of Starlight's while talking with Twilight. After a talk with Starlight, they agree to test out the spell on Rainbow to see what happens.

Featured March 17-19, 29!

Featured again November 14!!! x333

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I'm kinda interested in this story

glad to hear! I'll try to work on the second half now that I have a bit of a motivation now yee

I'm interested to see where this goes next. I bet she'll be going at the speed of light or something

This was initially going to be a single chapter, but my love for detail screwed that up lol. Fortunately, I realized I could slice off the dead part of the story and publish that, and maybe help me regain motivation to finish it. I already DO HAVE the whole story idea/concept finished, just didnt get around to writing it out. Maybe now I'll finally be able to

The title of the story reminds me of Rhythm and Rockets

The Sonic X English Dubbed theme song goes well with the chapter's title. Gotta Go Fast!

"Well, yes Accelero was one of the spells I learned from Twilight's library, but it's not really that old of a spell. It was invented by some unicorn named Berry Halen, but he disappeared before they could-"

The Flash Confirmed.

.... Her alarm air horn would blare ...

MLG Alarm Clock? I want to see that!

And nopony learned their lesson from "Double Rainboom".

Twilight, "That was fanon and you know it!"

Alondro grins, "And yet you're aware of it."

Twilight gapes like a fish.

Alondro grins wider, "And you're also aware you're a fictional character."

Twilight's pupils shrink to pinpricks and she begins laughing insanely and runs off to put on Joker makeup and start up a rivalry with Bat Mare.


See, part of me wants to imagine how many ways this can go wrong. From *SPLAT* (comically of course) to rifts opening because of the interaction between Accelero and RD's natural speed magic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, places your bets! 3 to one odds on destruction of a public monument!

This will end badly for them. Eager to see where it goes.

Please do continue soon, I'm rather curious about how it goes.

"These walls may be made of crystal, but they're definitely fat from unbreakable."

Should be "far" from unbreakable.

This looks like a really fun story so far! And the headcanon material... oh, the headcanon material in this fic! You seem to have the same habit as me of subtly weaving theories into slice-of-life fics.

look to different


was designed to effect the caster


Thanks for catching these! I wrote a good half of the first chapter on a phone, so autocorrect must have found me heehe
Glad you liked it! I think it makes things more interesting for readers, as well as help build the world I write in more ^^

Kevin Lee: ":twilightoops: Seriously, WHO even thinks there's nothing that can go wrong with an idea like this!? :facehoof:"
*Kevin Lee looks at Discord & we both start grinning*
Kevin Lee: "Okay, I've gotta watch...! For, you know, science! :pinkiehappy:"

I want to see how this goes.

I'm just hoping Celestia's barrier is designed to deflect energy, not be rigid.

Otherwise, Dashbug on the windshield is go.

I will still read this, but I have to say that I do not agree with the whole Starlight being as powerful as Twilight thing. It just doesn't make sense. Twilight is a ln alicorn and the physical embodiment of magic itself! How could Starlight ever hope to compare to that? I admit she is definitely the most powerful unicorn, bit she doesn't hold a candle to Twilight.

Rainbow Dash Is Excited

I must know how it ends. So when you have the time,work on this more.

If your going to dislike my comment, I would like to know why you don't agree with me. I sincerely want to know why someone believes Starlight is as powerful as Twilight.

When this pony reaches 88 miles per hour...

I didn't dislike it, but I get why you don't like the whole Starlight OP idea. My idea is that alicorns are still more powerful, just that Starlight has a natural talent for spells. In the story, I had twilight point out that if the two of them clashed head on, twilight would indeed overwhelm her. Also during the season 5 finale, twilight said that she was unable to stop starlight with her magic even when she knew what was at stake.

Rainbow Dash is moving so fast it looks like she cloned herself!

You'd think Starlight would know not to challenge Murphy's Law, what with her being familiar with Pinkie Pie. Never diss unimaginable laws of the universe. (Yes Pinkie Pie is considered a law of the universe, to me at least.)

Dash with the Speed Force is an automatically great idea.

Is lightning gonna come out of her eyes?

Starlight rolled her eyes and shook her head before chuckling lightly to herself. "Rainbow, that's got to be at least a year ago, that's more than enough time for me to improve my magic! Besides, that spell wasn't as complex as the one Starswirl wrote. It just undoes the last minute or less, not enough to risk creating insane, apocalyptic timelines, but perfect for fixing all kinds of mistakes." Starlight raised an eyebrow. "So why did you want to talk again? "

So, Starlight is basically Whis from Dragon Ball Super. Yeah, that sounds about right.

"Sister, are you alright?"

Celestia shook herself out of the trance and glanced to at her lunar counterpart, who gazed concerningly at her from her throne seat. "Um, yes I'm fine Luna, just..."

A warm, yellow glow enveloped her horn. Luna and the few guards in the throne with them noticed their surroundings beginning to take on a faint yellow hue. Upon glancing outside, Luna noticed that a large, golden shield bubble now stood around the entire castle. Luna spoke back to her sister, alarm slightly evident in her tone. "Sister, what is the meaning o-"

"Nothing you need to worry about, sister." Celestia smiled like absolutely nothing was wrong. "Just a feeling."

I think I know the feeling, Celly. It's telling me to find the deepest hole I can and curl up at the bottom.

Overall, a very promising start. Just a few omitted or mistyped words here and there, nothing serious. I am very curious to see how this goes pear-shaped. By the way, welcome to the feature box!

Lol thanks, I've never been in the featured box, nor have any of my stories ever actually did well the way this is, so this is new to me XD

It was invented by some unicorn named Berry Halen, but he disappeared before they could-"

Hahaha. Flashpoint Paradox. derpicdn.net/img/2017/8/4/1502601/large.jpeg

A single thought echoed throughout Rainbow's mind, pushing out all concepts of rationale and caution.

Without realizing it, Twilight had accidentally just created a THASER.:trollestia:

"What is a THASER?" you ask.:twilightsheepish:
Recall what a LASER is::trollestia:
Now, substitute "Light" with "THought", and you can now comprehend what THASER is -- an extremely dangerous weapon in the wrong head!:rainbowwild::twilightoops:

"That was easy."

Countdown in 3...2....1.... 0.1 ... 0.001 ... 0.0000001... :rainbowdetermined2:

"My name is Rainbow Dash, and I am the fastest mare alive."

I am both excited and terrified to see where this goes.

Heehee thanks! Anything you like about this story so far in particular? ^^

The balance of complex detail and simple, slice-of-life stuff.

I wonder how many laps around the world will she fly until she realizes there's something freaky going on.

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Does this story have anything to do with Sonic X?

Heehee sorry but my stories will never involve sonic XD, with the exception of its rare appearance to make a meme title lol

This is going to end very badly.

Oh this is gonna be good. Pfft, of COURSE you referenced Double Rainboom :p

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