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Pinkie Pie delivers a special lesson to Gallus, Smolder, Silverstream, Ocellus, Yona, and Sandbar, giving an introductory look into the mysteries of the 'fourth wall'.

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Pinkie only directly breaks the fourth wall on two occasions, both as part of sight gags / the wipe-out for the episode. Neither count.

I have a question, Pinkie. Why are you teaching them of this? The knowledge of the Fourth Wall is forbidden for a reason.

Except neither of those situations can apply to words on a page. So the fourth wall must be broken in other ways.

No, it doesn't. Because it's a part of her character that doesn't exist and is really irritating.
She's your fun friend whose humor is mostly memes and references but is otherwise capable of holding a conversation, but half the fandom seems to have decided she's Deadpool.

“Why just us?” Gallus asks. “Is it because we’re the only non-ponies in the school?” His comment draws a confused look from Sandbar.

That unintentional burn is amazing!

I mean, she kinda is the Deadpool of MLP. Just not murdery or vulgar. And your complaint about her "breaking of the fourth wall shouldn't exist in written form" would apply to just about 97.5% of all fics on this site with Pinkie in it as a main character. Just accept it will happen in fics and move on.

God who got a stick up your ass?

OMG xD Pinkie looks like a damn pig! xDD

Silverstream is proving she has a connection to the Element of Laughter.

It shouldn't. And no, I'm not going to just "accept it" because it's shit and immediately ruins a story.
She is nothing like Deadpool

"It shouldn't." And yet in the overwhelming majority of stories I've read on this site with Pinkie as a main character, the fourth wall is broken at minimum once. It's going to happen. Deal with it. Pretty sure the "it's shit and immediately ruins a story" thing is a personal problem of yours.

It instantly makes a story shit when it happens. The overwhelming majority of fics on the site are shit and most people don't know how to write Pinkie. I will not "deal with it".

Comment posted by Ze1a7in deleted October 4th

"Majority of the fics are shit"

Wow who died and made you judge and jury? If you don't like it, don't read it plain and simple. So Discord is shit for his 4th wall breaking? Oh hell, even Fluttershy has broken it

It really sounds like you are throwing a tantrum because someone disagreed with your point. You are welcome to your opinions, however disagreeable they may be to others, but don't try to force them down our throats as if they were fact.

Er... no they haven't. Discord's references are a fair bit wider, but he hasn't broken the fourth wall. Ever. Nor has Fluttershy, so I don't get what you're talking about.
I really hate that phrase, because I am. Is there something wrong with disliking flagrant abuse of a favorite character?

You realize that the fics don't have to follow what characters are capable of in this show religiously, right? Your own fic The Untrotted Path is guilty of making a character capable of something they in canon aren't.

In that same vein as Sandstorm94 (9210452), Discord's broken the fourth wall too.

In all honesty, if someone were to look long enough, it wouldn't surprise me if we found instances of nearly all of the main cast breaking the fourth wall at least once in the show's run--Pinkie's just the one most famous for doing it. And she's totally done it more than two times. I don't think you understand fully just what can constitute as a fourth wall break. So some reference reading if you want it: Link

But if you really have such an issue with it, you don't have to read the fic at all.

Anyway, I, for one, will follow this fic, see where it goes. :twilightsmile:

Professor Pinkie Pie, can you explain how the fourth wall works outside of buildings? There are no walls there, so how do you know where the wall is?

this sems like fun, despite what others might whine about
Heve you ever SEEN that Universe enough times to KNOW what is and isn't a part of HER Character (and no, the TV series doesn't count, I'm talking about either Being avble to see that universe through dreams or Brute force your way in with your actual human body and all)...

what I am trying to say, in case you don't get it, is that no one knows the absolute 100% character of those people, because we can't possibly be there to live with them...

if going by id / handle alone, I'd say Princess Celestia

agreed, it wuold be either from a peet peeve to a serious case of bitchy nitpicking...


Again, you can't Possibly know her, nor Deadpool for that Matter

well, you are projecting the exact opposite, that's why the phrase is used...

I'd say Deal with it but it's more than obvious that you aren't trained to do it...

And so we have our second acolyte of the 4th wall. Congrats Gallus!

Well that was an interesting turn of events

“Whoa, this is incredible … HEY, I don’t look like that at all!”


He-hey, thank you for the answer Silverstream, your fourth wall breaking is top kek!

Congrats on breaking the wall Gallus, way to go!

Good job Coyotek, loved the story!


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