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I am a brony and a long time writer. This site will be for my MLP fanfiction, and you can read my other works on Deviantart.com under the name potsticker13.


A crazed mare calling herself Mama is running around Equestria, turning ponies into foals and foalnapping them! Can Twilight and the Cutie Mark Crusaders stop her in time?

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That's a good start!

This is amazing so far! Please continue

Maybe you could have rainbow and applejack cout next and when the cmc find them they get to be the big sisters. Ive been hopeing for a fic like that.

Finaily an update i cant wait to see what happens next.

YIKES! Definitely not a good day for the foalish but brave Crusaders :twilightoops:

I can't help but think that Foalsitter's purpose doing this may be of past consequence she has possibly suffered... But that is my best guess. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm loving this so far!

A pwus for the fowl langwage

This was a great story.

Just makes me wonder how big the toilet pipes are in Equestria. :applecry:

This was a nice little story.

ya its weawwy good

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