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Brass Polish

Draws the line at the end of Season 7.


The Cutie Mark Crusaders move to Starlight’s Village with Big Macintosh, where many ponies are still struggling to reconnect with their cutie marks.

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Okay, that is a strong start. You have my interest.

It's been a long time to read a story from you.

And the tangled web has already begun to be weaved.

Ha. Misconceptions :applecry:

You always specialize in writing stories that combine disparate parts of the setting in brilliant ways.

Having the CMC do an extended sabbatical in Our Town is something I have never heard anyone suggest before, but seems really obvious in hindsight, like any good idea.

I am definitely intrigued by what the Flim Flam Brothers are up to.

That's quite a unique origin story for Flim and Flam!

When Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle walked through the Cafe and looked out the barn door, the sight of Apple Bloom sitting sulkily next to the Wolf River Tree wasn’t encouraging.

“Maybe she’s just lonely,” suggested Sweetie Belle. “Maybe she’s not just wallowing in Phlegm’s self-loathing.”

I like this, Apple Bloom has been shown to get sulky when Scoots and Sweetie don't spend time with her.

What was Scootaloo’s flashback/nightmare she woke from?

Sometimes it's good to leave things vague. To my mind, this is one of those.

Great update. Keep up the good work.

Whoa this is A pretty good start to the story and what happened to Apple Bloom

So basically a cutie mark change the attitude of a pony when its not theres wow interesting

It will. I'm sorting out the second half; just having a little trouble assembling beats for the final two stories.

Well they did say they want to expand their talents across the equestria To help ponies and creatures of their special talents

Well at least applejack got the McColt family to help out the farm and what is flim and flam up too

So I decided to try and clone myself.”

“With a spell?” asked Sweetie Belle.

“No. By making a potion that would temporarily turn me into a Parasprite,” said Phlegm. “It worked pretty well. I transformed, then I ate a brick of cheddar, and then I spat out two more Parasprites. Then I turned back into a pony, and the two parasprites I’d spat out also turned into ponies. I sent them out into Equestria to put my, or our, ideas into action, while I returned to my schoolwork. As time went by, news reached me about two business pony partners, the Flim Flam Brothers, leapfrogging from town to town setting up enterprises. But then, halfway through my final year of school, I learned how many hooves those two had trampled in order to build our businesses.

What ok wow i was not expecting that at all about flim and flam origin here that caught me off guard

Wow that was a pretty good chapter and thats cool that Phlegm is get to see his brothers and make amend with them and hopefully with him around them they won't cause any problems 😅 maybe so another successful mission of the cmc

Wow thats a interesting chapter

Oh wow i forgot about the Alicorn Amulet and I'm not sure if it does work on pegasus but I don't know it could happen and I wonder what sweetie Belle is thinking about

So once again, Scootaloo helped Mussel scour the garden for spiders; and also kept him from scratching so much. Mussel at least had something to distract himself; he was hard at work looking for spiders. Every one he found, he let them crawl all over him.

I'm having a freaky flashback about fluttershy Being cover with creepy crawlers 😨

Wow this was a pretty interesting story So basically this kid Really God brainwash about what starlight said about this whole Equality and scootaloo Felt really bad about calling him a free loader I'm sure she wasn't trying to make him feel bad But this whole mosquitoes was getting out of control and the kid found his talent is Um spiders ok cool I'm not a big fan of spiders but everybody have their own talents So with that said this was a pretty good chapter.

Dang That was crazy what happen to them but at least they're safe now goodness

Comment posted by Yoshifan30 deleted Jul 27th, 2020

Aww thats a sweet moment between Marble and Limestone And I do love how marble Is more talking this time And starting having conversation with other people or ponies I did read a comic when she was talking more

But anyway this was a pretty sweet chapter

So basically he wants to get away from everything because people thinks hes a fraud Which I'm sure that would frustrate him so much hes just good at it But he has a pretty good guess how much amount of sweets to sell and left over so that's actually pretty cool

Hmm So how could they gonna fix this problem before they head to head home That's gonna be a tough case for the cmc

So somebody tried to rob zecora and marble I wonder who could that be And what a sweetie Belle thinking of Well I guess we'll find out hopefully

Soarin was one of those ponies who’d been given a nightmare not long before Nightmare Moon’s return and subsequent reformation. This is what caused him to become an insomniac. So tonight, as Queen Luna was monitoring dreams as usual, when she spotted Soarin’s dream bubble, she realised she’d never seen him in the dream realm before. Then she realised he’d been one of the ponies she’d spooked in his sleep before returning for the Summer Sun Celebration. She decided to drop in on his dream to apologise.

That actually explains a lot about him because the 1st time I saw him his eyes looks like they so tried or something

Whoa dang so the kid Evensong is just mad at her parents And wants to get back at them man she crazy Well at least we know what was happening in the beginning of the story I did not know what was going on until to that point but sweetie Belle is getting good with her magic And what do they mean part 3 of the comic book I guess we'll find out next time

Well they thought she only had two options, but now they realize she has a third, and they have no idea where the third comic book is, meaning she's effectively escaped.

Fluttershy’s mouth fell open in surprise. “The Cutie Map is calling Tree Hugger ? I’d never have guessed that would happen.”

Apparently The tree of harmony can call any creature i mean look at sunburst right

Edit oh so It's like a different cutie map cool

“So, what are we gonna do with all that extra wood ?” asked Scootalo.

Your missing an o

That was a pretty interesting chapter basically this kid is a cleaner OK that's cool

I hope we get some more context on Silver Spoon's revelation.

Well that was a quick resolution. An interesting one at that :twilightsmile:

Where it says “hostel”, do you really mean “hotel” or does “hostel” mean something else?

Hostels are generally lodging for travelers.

Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything :twistnerd:

I'm okay. Just busy. I plan to take advantage of NaNoRiMo to finish this series.

So it looks like diamond tiara and silver spoon we're on our way to Starlight Village but apparently they figure out what the problem was that was the fastest cutie mark solving problem

So it looks like Lightning Dust got a call find the tree of Harmony but it looks like she's not alone apparently named Bend twist who is the brother of party favor came here as well so the Crusaders wanted to help him a little bit and Lightning Dust felt like she was not important he still cannot confront his brother because he might blow up at him but it looks like lightning was trying to see if she can have a job at the hotel but something tells me she wasn't too satisfied but then they forgot about ever songs parents and they needed protection and lighting was feeling emotional saying that she is not good enough but somehow the Crusaders actually helped three ponies so it looks like lightning will be a protector or a lookout for eversong just in case if she ever comes back to Ambush her family but they still need to help bend twist

My Little Pony: The Ultimate Crusade.

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