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I am an often-grumpy writer who hopes that people like the stories I proffer.

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Regarding Kinks and Fetishes

Yes, a lot of my work features kinks and fetishes such as Disciplinary Spanking and Diapers, along with a multitude of other things. These stories are just that: Stories. Please kindly refrain from assuming they reflect the beliefs of the author.

About my Writing and Myself

A lot of the stories you see on my page were originally written for other sites, or as commissions for people. I am a long-time writer, though I have been lurking on fimfiction for a very long time.

I am always happy to receive comments, shouts, or notes, however, and if anyone has an idea that they want to turn into a fic, I am more than happy to hear it out. I do take writing commissions, though whether they are open or not will be displayed in a blog post when I open or close them.

So, throw me and my old stories a comment or a like if you enjoy them!

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Well I always love comments! And I always do mean to perhaps continue it - writing is just hard.

I do think the Princesses have pretty great legal powers - but since the fic is instead of the show ending to Season 8, better to have things done properly.


I was planning on typing a proper comment in the morning, but namely because I enjoy fics that take a more proper approach to trials and legalism, rather than "Princess Say, Princess Do" or some variant thereof. And I greatly enjoyed reading yours, both for that reason and I was really hoping to see what happened.

I fave'd and tracked it on the off-chance you do update it sometime in the future. And if not, so I can read it again at a later date.

I thank you for the fave. Anu particular reason?

Thanks for the favorite on Families!

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