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Princess Celestia is a known prankster and joker, always ready with a laugh and a smile to try and put her subjects at ease. Sometimes, though, these pranks can go too far. Inviting six mares who she knew would wreck one of the most dignified yearly parties is really only the tip of the iceberg.

Now, the councils have had enough, and have assigned her a royal guard to watch over her and bring the princess back into line.

Contains: Spanking, and a lot of it.

This story is partially based on two stories by Dangerous Creature, whose links will be posted in an author's note before the beginning of the first chapter.

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Is and always will be on of my favorite spanking fics in the world! Perfect cornertime, perfect severity for an immortal god, and a great hidden riddle.

This was surprisingly enjoyable. I feel bad for Tia, but I get why it’s happening. I also like on how you made the caretaker actually care about her and just not being a random pony punishing her just for he sake of it.


I am very glad you enjoy it still! Hopefully the chapters I have planned make it even better for you!


I always try to make the punishers in my fics have some kind of connection and reason for the things they do. I feel it helps to make things more interesting. I'm very glad you enjoyed what I had to offer! I'll be updating this one sometime, as I have at least two other chapters planned.

In answer, the hairbrush, which had moved to brushing her tail, suddenly clapped down into her cutie mark, causing her to yelp loudly. "You might have thought it humorous, Princess, but the resulting stampede and rumors took weeks for your public relations committee to quell. There are still ponies who believe their princess has been replaced by an evil five-headed dragon queen, one of whom left on an expedition to find a platinum dragon not three weeks ago."

What, did I miss the story where Celestia turned herself into Tiamat, and went after Bahamut?


No, but you cannot deny that would be an awesome campaign!

I'm giving this a thumbs up because it was well written, And because I got a pretty good hunch who the Punisher is.
But I want you to know reading this made me uncomfortable I was expecting comedy like The Royal Punisher by whatmustido but this was just sadistic.
Apon closer inspection of the tags I have no one to blame but my self, Now I'm torn with indecision in one hand all the spanking made me uncomfortable, But on the other hand this is a good story that is well written and ripe with character development.

I have in the past started reading a story with some realy questionable content and quit halfway through because I decided it just wasn't for me, But I almost kinda wanna read a few more chapters just to see where this goes.

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