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I am an often-grumpy writer who hopes that people like the stories I proffer.

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Starling is a little toddler who leads a happy life. His Mommy and Daddy love him, he has lots of toys to play with, and he is so smart for his age! At least, that's what Mommy and Daddy always say.

But one night, he receives a visit from a frightful presence in his dreams, one that lays a devastating penalty upon him for his transgressions the day before! A curse upon his nose! And the following day turns very interesting for the little pony, as a normal day with Mommy becomes abnormal to the extreme!

This story was written (a long time ago) as a present for my friend Kurikia, who also drew the cover art you see and owns the main character. You can find his gallery on FA, as I am not sure if linking it is the best idea.

Glam Rock is owned by ThunderChaser23

Cautionary Tags: Diapers and their Usage and Changing, A mention of spanking, and multiple boops to a nose

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Princess Celestia is a known prankster and joker, always ready with a laugh and a smile to try and put her subjects at ease. Sometimes, though, these pranks can go too far. Inviting six mares who she knew would wreck one of the most dignified yearly parties is really only the tip of the iceberg.

Now, the councils have had enough, and have assigned her a royal guard to watch over her and bring the princess back into line.

Contains: Spanking, and a lot of it.

This story is partially based on two stories by Dangerous Creature, whose links will be posted in an author's note before the beginning of the first chapter.

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Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are in serious trouble this time. There's been a little bit of a big accident that made a tiny giant mess in the kitchen, despite the both of them being told multiple times that they were not allowed in there and not to play unsupervised.

Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Cake are out and about, so it falls to Pinkie to deal with the young miscreants, and to dole out an appropriate penalty for their actions.

The only question is...Is Pinkie truly capable of giving two naughty foals the punishment they so richly deserve?

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An unnamed little family lives in an unnamed little town, just outside of the Mountain of Canterlot. A Father, a Mother, and a little Colt. These are the stories of their various little adventures with one another, especially between father and son as the son slowly grows up.

Each chapter is its own little story, but reading them in order will help to keep things in line in your heads.

Warning: This story does contain Disciplinary Spanking. If this bothers you, please move on.
Special Trigger Warning: Dad Jokes Abound

Chapters (1)
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