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Applebloom had a dream...a dream she made into her reality. And now she stands as one of the wealthiest ponies in all of Equestria, commanding a mighty corporate empire. But even so, the old money will always see her as an "Uncultured Nouveau Riche."

Diamond Tiara offers her assistance, and promises to get Applebloom accepted into high society, seeking to put their differences aside. But unbeknownst to the industrialist, the magenta mare has ulterior motives for her uncharacteristic generosity.

A dramatic tale of crime and greed.

Cover image originally by Equestria-Election

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Only upvoting for Babs.


1712249 Because adding one effect makes the song so much better.

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Unlike everybody else, I read this for the concept and because Applebloom is best CMC. Looking forward to more.

1714852Thanks for that! But I can't look a gift horse in the mouth with the others. (pun herher)

I had this idea and thought it'd be really neat, so I just had to. It may be a little slow to get to the real action, but bear with me:pinkiehappy:



i second punisher143

can't wait for more

1718664Thanks! Hopefully I can have another chapter up later today.


ooh... i can sense tragedy :D

1724362I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! If you know anyone who you think would enjoy this story as well, could you let them know about it? It'd really help me out, you know more input, criticism, praise etc.

Thanks and stay tuned!

22 buyouts? Unless Diamond Tiara has some superb management skills and a revolutionary business model, that company is going to implode.

1791147What if many of them were smaller businesses? I don't know everything about business but I like to believe I know an itty bitty amount.

That town needs stricter gun laws.

Wow... Things are really getting interesting, mostly with what Diamond Tiaras plans :trixieshiftright:

2140060Thanks! Stay tuned! I got some nice plans machinating in my head!

Wow. Been a nearly a month since I've updated, huh? A combination of school, acute writer's block, and general laziness has delayed this chapter to a disgusting degree.
But if you stayed with me, thanks. Stay tuned!

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