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The Rise and Fall of the Alicorns

"Where did the Alicorns come from? What happened to them? Why are there so few? Princess, what even are the Alicorns?"

"Sit down Twilight; it is a long tale. For to understand the Alicorns, one must understand the order of the Cosmos..."

Pardon my Latin

An appendix to my other work The Wanderer of the North.

And please enjoy this dramatic reading by the talented Illya Leonov AKA Morgan Freepony.

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This is really good! Will there be more?

1978760I'm so glad you asked! As a matter of fact, once I have finished my current story, I wanted to write an epic detailing the exploits of young Luna and Celestia.

Nice story. It reminded me of Silmarilion.

3828449 Thanks! In fact, I took a lot of inspiration from that work. Too much, I think. I sometimes subconsciously do that.:twilightblush:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH This is like a prequel to The Wanrerer of the North!!! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiegasp: :rainbowdetermined2:

Hmmm... "Lórian Fûşt".

Maybe... Lorien... the First One...


And now to mentally combine his image with Lauren Faust's... .... ... and that was really creepy and I shall now erase all memory of the result. :twilightoops:

It's like a cross between the silmarillion and Atlantis.

1978768 Reminds me a little of Atlantis.

named in that tongue "Lórian Fûşt

This is both entirely unsubtle and awesome.

This is cool. Like an MLP version of the Silmarillion.

5585064 Why thank you very much!

This is almost literally Akallabeth.

6402590 Ya got me!:twilightblush: This was just a fun little side story I did to take a break from another much larger project of mine. I was really getting into Tolkien back then so I figured it'd be neat to sort of "ponyficate" the story of Numenor's Downfall.

6403234 Well, It's still amazing.

6405656 Thank you, Friend.

6406617 You're very welcome.

1. Whenever an author uses Faust's name in a pony story, it always breaks my immersion because it just rings too close to parody to me. Worse here, what with mentions of Vancouver and crew(?). I mean, imagine I'm writing a LOTR fanfic, and inserted Tolkien's name in it everywhere. It's just wrong.

2. Tolkien's mythological framework really, really doesn't mesh with Equestria, even discounting breaks with canon. The worldview is just antithetical, and reeks of the outdated philosophies of ancient Hebrew goat-herders. The idea of purely evil beings, of apocalyptic razing of worlds by some divine being supposedly worthy of worship, of bloodlines determining ability and destiny, of chosen races and lesser "filthy/ damned" races, of the virtue of meekness and the sin of aspiration, of the taboo of daring to try to outdo your parent... I could go on.

Equestria is not Earth, and ponies do not worship the Abrahamic war god who slaughtered the rest of his pantheon/ family, and declared himself The Only God to a gaggle of Middle-Eastern barbarian tribes. Thank goodness for ponies.

Thank you for taking the time read my story, Friend!:pinkiehappy:

Halfway through, already see what you did here. Numenorians=Alicorns. Seems legit.

Yeah it's about as opaque as thin air!
I wrote this when I was on a huge Tolkien kick, and thought it'd be neat to make ancient alicorns a high precursor race. I'm not sure if the differences between Numenor and the Alicorns is substantial enough to not be plagiarism, but this is here for posterity in either case.

Thanks for reading!

Works well enough. You kind of blended them with the elves as well, which I like, what with the fading, and it now being the "age of the ponies" and such. This is not the first, and far from the worst, time some one used the story of Numenor as a basis for history. Legends of Deltora comes to mind, and dozens of others.

If you still appreciate a good lord of the rings plot line, I once came across a fanfic that crossed LOTR and Game of Thrones. Basically, the Valar had enough of the Numenorians and Sauron, so the ships that escaped didn't return to Middle-Earth, they landed in Westeros. It does a great job of combining both the mythos and plots in a believable fashion.

What an interesting coincidence; I recently found a story entitled "The House of Elendil", with much the same presence. Instead of Eddard Stark becoming Robert's Hand, Isildur travels to King's Landing and assumes the role. A shame really that it hasn't been updated in two and a half years.

That would be the one! I haven't read it in a while, and my little theory was just what I came up with to explain the whole situation.

It's a little vague, but in the story Middle Earth happens to be Westeros. Now where the Numenoreans landed and captured Sauron isn't really touched upon, and Westeros doesn't seem to have had any prior contact with Numenor. There's some backstory that doesn't quite match up, but shush; its fan-fiction!

I speak of a being whom has been called many names. To some it is God; to others it is the Eternal Parent. For our purposes here, my most faithful student, a special name will do. This name is in a language that is spoken no longer; it was ancient when I was young! This being, whence the entire natural world came, is named in that tongue "Lórian Vysht".

*reads it*
That seems familiar
*says it out loud*
I see what you did there :moustache:

Aren't I clever?:facehoof:

Author Interviewer

What intrigues me, five years after this was written, is how the portrayal of Discord's gradual fall from Original Man and Embodiment of Evil gives an explanation for his behavior in current canon. :)

Ya figure? Well looks like I got one right:raritywink:

I wrote this way back before "Keep Calm and Flutter On" aired, so I only had the season 2 premiere to go off. I saw this really interesting image of Dante's Hell re-imagined in the context of MLP, and at the bottom frozen in Cocytus was Discord, which I thought was a cool idea. So...I ran with it I guess.

Also, I see you've reviewed my story, which is pretty cool. Also, you're like a noted reviewer, which seems like an interesting position, if I far amount of work.

Author Interviewer

I wanna see that image. o.O

I gotta find it....

Author Interviewer

Not as good as I'd hoped, but you really gotta admire the concept. :D

A fascinating excerpt from the Silmareilion. Thank you for it.

My sentiments exactly.

MLP fanfiction thrives on puns! Thank you!

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