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Just a place for me to put my less than clean stories featuring ponies getting it on. Needless to say, this isn't gonna exist for very long.

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Your story so far isn't, but I think with your planned path (from the description), you might want to put a non-con tag on this.

I'm actually trying my hardest to avoid non-con, but without a strict definition in the tag guidelines, I don't know whether or not it'd be allowed. Hopefully you'll continue reading and point it out if I ever reach that point, but, at this point, I don't think it quite fits.


Flash Sentry corrupting all the mares in Ponyville, one or two at a time. Includes the breaking of minds, the slutification of princesses, and more.

I was mainly going off your mention of "Mind Break". Once someone's mind is broken, any hope of consent is lost. I don't plan to follow this, just noticed the description and lack of that tag. If there is none of this kinda stuff planned, you might want to revise your descriptions.

Good luck with your story!

I like to believe I'm a bit more nuanced than just straight up rape.

As for the good luck... thanks. It appears I'm gonna need it.

Alright, you have my attention.

Hmm...im very torn on this, on the one side i would like to get into this but the first 3 kinks are very off-putting for me. Not a fan of stuff like that.
Why not just have the magical mcguffin send their hornyness in overdrive and jump on the first guy they see without all the nasty stuff?
I'll give this a try but the moment it crosses the line im out no matter how good the clop is.

Nice to have you back.

Sorry, but a lot of my enjoyment is seeing the mare degrade from upstanding element to horny slut. While there's a lot of hypersexual princess, it's only better for me (and the co-author Nohen) when we see the effect it has on their daily life as they change to accommodate their horniness.

Pretty great story so far, btw do you know who drew the coverart?

Flash need to make a slut out of twilight

If the point of the story is that Flash Sentry does stuff to turn Twilight or whoever else into (reading from the kink list) a dominated, humiliated, mind-broken slut, without the prior knowledge and consent of the victim (or insert different noun there if you wanna), isn't that pretty much the definition of non-consensual?

Honestly, I don't know. I'd argue it falls into dub-con, not non-con, and Flash does ask them before he breaks them (The moment before, hence the dub). This is why a description of dub-con or non-con would be helpful in the tag section.

Still, if enough people agree it should be one way, then I must be wrong. Tag added.

9091037 A general tenant of (for example) BDSM, is that all parties be able to consent or withdraw consent at any time, and if it is not consensual, it's non-consensual.

There is no harm in having the tag, it will save you a LOT of potential downvotes from people who don't want to see anything that isn't 100% consensual (to say nothing of people thinking you are bait-and-switching). Proper tagging ensures you not only get patrons who want to read your stuff, but it helps those who don't stay away and not blame you for it. :twilightsmile:

I concede to your wisdom in this. Clearly I was mistaken.

I get the feeling I know who the mystery pony is.

It's not rape if I brainwash them.

Frankly, I don't know. I've seen stories with worse grammar get up here. I've seen stories with worse characterization hit the top of the feature box. I've seen stories with worse everything than my own.

Incest, foal con, and other mind break stories have hit the top before, so I don't think it's too kinky for most people.

If someone could tell me why there are so many downvotes, I'd like to know.

9091688 Take your pick:

Mind Break (of Twilight)
Humiliation (of Twilight)
Non con
Flash Sentry

Not saying I down voted (I haven't read it yet) but I've seen all of these get shit on at some point before.

That's the most dislikes I've ever seen on a featured story.
Props for that, I guess?

Well, I was mildly interested at first. And then I got to that last scene. Now I'm quite curious to find out more about who is watching.

For some people, the very existence of Flash Sentry is enough. Non-con? Throw it out the window and burn it.

As for myself, I don't really get all the hate directed towards FS. Non-con isn't a turn-off for me, but when it involves Twilight... yeah, I better not read this.

Then why am I commenting?

So, did Twilight's libido ended up permanently enhanced, or is it a temporal effect?

Wow. I was not expect this amount of people to read. I like how this story is going. Also go Flash!!! There aren't many stories where is the.... protagonist.... antagonist..... Oh who care!!! I can't wait to see what happens next.

the story is good people are just upsetti spagehti

If one wasn't careful with the dose it could bring one’s heart to burst from the shear stress.

That is bad.

Holy crap, two new chapters already?! your not messing around.

Flash needs to dominate twilight

Faveorited this and tracking it. Its good especially showing how flash is doing this by corrupting and making them horny. Good job

No! Come on I was just about to read this. Stop ruining every good story by making it anthro

Um... Sorry. I prefer the humanoid shape.

I prefer anthro and ponyfied so this is still good to me

You know, considering this fic's premise, it'd be freaking hilarious if Flash arrived and was corrupted instead-Equestria was already lewder than he could possibly imagine.

I doubt I'll read this, as it's not my the usual style I like to read, but your description made me think of the above. So...have a comment and a good luck, I suppose.

Sorry, but neither Alternative Perversion nor I are bound by your particular tastes or demands of a story. We wanted to write anthro and we did that. If that offends you, that I ask you to ignore this story and go on to ones which you like more.

Anthro is a legitimate, stylistic choice for those who dislike the pony-shape, but still want to stay as close to the design of the show as possible. If we wanted to write them as human, we would have done so.

I´m sorry, that you don´t like this, but we can´t help you there. I can recommend some Equestria Girls fic on this very site or other fanfictions. Other than that, I can´t help you. I still hope, you have a plesant time. :twilightsmile:

Must know the Name of the artist of such sexy picture! lol good story. Don't really care much for Flash Sentry but this is very good

Actually theres a joke story title that says ... been a while .. i think it was .. please downvote this story ...it had like 900? Downvotes i think... Like I said been awhile. I won't downvote this story ... it's written well which is worth the upvote and just because I hate flash 2nd only to timberspruce the pedophile ... hes 21 hes co director of the camp also it takes 3 years to get a counselor degree .. even if he's 18 getting college credits as a colledge student volunteer camp counsellor he's a adult in a position of authority and sci twis a teen student he's a fkn creep. If they met up when he was a high school student that'd be better what was the writers thinking im betting a brony writer just wanted his oc to get with a twilight. Sorry side tracked but yah i can't downvote this story you explained exactly the premise of the story and what to expect ... flash corrupting mares ... for those against non con, corruption why are you reading this plus the author hasn't confirmed a bad ending we may see the tables turned.

Flash should help Sunburst and Starlight too.

Sunburst is such a pushover. And Starlight? She thirsty, but denial isn't just a river in Zebrica. Maybe if Starlight is throwing herself at him kissing his hooves, then she'll get some Sunny D.

Well that was a super fun chapter to read!

The artist is known as comelytomcake. Just look him up on derpibooru.

I confess, I'm not sure how to take that, whether it's a good look or a bad one.

It's the look of a mare who is ready and willing to chop up Flash Sentry with an ax.

I am very impressed with your character development, you have taken the time to take an OC, and give them a background so I am actually invested in the characters... It is my sincere hope you continue this, as it is an exception to the normally tame stories here, unfortunately most of these become a "flash in the pan" where the author writes a few chapters then loses interest or time...

I would really like to see a story where Flash, ultimately achieves all his goals...this story has the potential to be both epic and to put Fall of Equestria t shame if you stay the course

I am loving this story, I am especially looking forward to how flash deals with celestia and the clop, what will happen to the rest of the mane 6 and the clop, and how everyone will react in general and, you guessed it, the clop

Sunset was peanuts to this stud! How could she ever go back, when she had experienced this monster?

Is Starlight referring to the Sunset we know, another character we don't know, or did you mean to write Sunburst?

Wow. This was crazy. Now flash added another mare to his harem. And he has a date with Rarity and a method for corrupting Fluttershy. This is insane. Great job flash. I wonder though. What the red eyes mean from the earlier chapters. It seems like Sombra May be influencing flash.

I asked that question already. I though it was sunburst too, but nope.

It’s sunset, not the old friend sunburst, but her marefriend sunset.

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