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Come Hither

I'm just full of bad ideas*.

*By "bad ideas", I mean stories that are pony porn. Just clarifying.

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I think I like where this is going

It Begins:twilightblush:
Also, welcome back!:twilightsmile:

you've the princesses mannerisms down pact good show

"she did not just offer to sleep with me... she DID offer to sleep with me" perfect just perfection :pinkiehappy:

I'm entertained. Keep it up.

"Becoming a skilled lover will comprise much of your studies.”

now if only real life worked that way....

i like the idea and everything :D

wow i think i nearly blew a gasket, jeezus is it hot in here or is it just me -3-

989337 its not just you.....:rainbowwild:

you have me now wanting more of this

Wow.... That was amazing.

Oh course this get's featured. Of course it does. :facehoof:
This should have an AU and a Dark tag like it's nobody's business.

despite this being a clop-fic i find it pretty funny.:pinkiecrazy:

Give me more, please :pinkiehappy: This is absolutely amazing, not to mention hot :twilightblush:

"Sucking each others horns like only unicorns can." is it wrong that i find that funny?:twilightsmile:

the princess of the night was beautiful.. but what made her beautiful?

thet fact that she is just stunning to look at i think fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/209/d/f/luna_in_a_hoodie_by_pirill_poveniy-d58xvpb.png

easily the most visually stunning of the ponies imho.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Also, Asura of war? Neat touch, what with the differences between an Asura and a god.

wow just wow... this is good keep it up

*adds to Favorites list, goes to fetch clean underwear*

This is quite good. keep it coming!

Ooooh, TwiLuna... I'll check this out later for sure... :twilightsmile:

Marvelous story, simply marvelous.

though i wonder if i am supposed to start laughing like a maniac from a picture inside my head featuring luna mounting twilight while speaking using the royal canterlot voice. For some reason i found that incredibly funny.

Twilight gave a little whimper and threw her head back, where it pomfed against the pillow.


what are we going to do on the bed?:twilightblush:


Meanwhile in Celestia's chambers......

"My Celestia senses are tingling!"

i cant believe im saying this about a clopfic.. but this is really really good!!

though i did laugh at the overuse of " my dark apprentice" by Luna.

BWAHAHAA! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh poor Celestia... how long will it take her to find out?

>Always picks a bit of a whore
>Faithful Student AND Dark Apprentice
What will this bring? I require more.

That's quite a dichotomy for Twilight to wrestle with.

Okay, I'm adding this to my favorites despite the clop content. The rituals are too well done and satisfy my instinct to collect myths and tales of magic regardless of what kind of ritual they are. It helps that this has a good bit of humor so far too.

i came for the pic (seriously, Luna x anypony is my weakness) but i stayed for the plot (pun intended)

i love it lol i wonder at celestia's reaction when she finds out that the dark apprentice is also the faithful student. lol:rainbowlaugh:
oh this is gonna be rich and a hoot.

Wow Celestia. Gonna end up eating crow, among other things, when you find out who the Dark Apprentice really is eh? Wait a second...... what if Celestia calls Twilight and blesses her as the Faithful Student not knowing she's already blessed. Consequently Twilight is sworn to secrecy about what she is now and would be doubly powerful. The blessings of Day and Night....... Oh sweet merciful Faust this is gonna be good!:pinkiehappy:

This is some hot and well made stuff. I like that the sex serves a world building purpose and isn't just there for the sake of being there.


I can not WAIT until Celestia finds out it's Twilight. The perfect Princess image, shattered like a mirror.

Oh I do hope this ends poorly in some way, just for the lols.

"Luna always picks a bit of a whore." Oh, irony! Horrible, horrible irony!

"Luna always picks a bit of a whore." I was all like "Oooohhhhh!!!" This is gonna be beautifully ironic, I'm sure.

....Celestia and Luna damn you authors...why must you make clopfics entertaining?

I swear to Celestia, this better not end up like Romance Reports. (i.e. Building up the Twiluna, and then never getting to it.)

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! oh this is getting good

... Well, it's pretty much predestined. Her name is Twilight, her name is the realm between the Sun and the Moon, the period before the dawn and after the sunset.

Twilight Sparkle is going to be a total badass. All the swagger and confidence Luna's going to instill in her, and whatever extra teachings Celestia gives her will likely balance that out, keep her from turning into some arrogant prick. This is going to be GOOD.

>Luna always picks a bit of a whore.
>Twilight is new Dark Apprentice

Well... that actually seems like quite the back-handed insult to our favorite bookworm...

I am pleased to know my previous concerns were unfounded.

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