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Wait, who is Daniel Danger?

The artist who painted the cover image. I've posted a link to his website in the description where you can view his other works and purchase prints.

I am in no way affiliated with Daniel Danger's work, I was simply inspired by this piece and felt it should be included.

Well that was an interesting start...:rainbowderp:...I wonder what happened between Rainbow, Rarity, and the others:unsuresweetie:. I'll have to stay tuned and find out...

Alright, your story has its hooks embedded in me. A very promising start. Looking forward for chapter 2.

There is definitely much to come!! Thanks for your interest, my friend!

Hahaha that's the goal! I'm hoping to post once a week, and I'm a few chapters ahead as it is. Hope you stick with it and enjoy!!

Ugh. Babe.
Oh yeah, that's exactly how canon Rarity would mentally respond. I'm glad you understand how these characters function.

On another note, the presence of an abusive relationship is obvious. This is a difficult topic to write about because oftentimes authors make the abuser seem like a mustache twirling villain. I hope that you're leaning towards something more realistic and gradual.

Anyway, flawless chapter. See you next week.

I appreciate the kind feedback!! I pride myself on good characterization, so it means a whole lot :twilightsmile:

Unfortunately, I've had enough personal experience with emotionally manipulative and abusive relationships that Nightwhisper's character should be firmly founded in reality. He hasn't really had his chance in the spotlight yet... But I don't think you'll be disappointed!!

I grabbed her with both hooves and pulled her into my chest. “Don’t you leave me again.” She stiffened at the touch, unsure of how to react. Her fur was soft and prickly, but it meshed with mine ever so neatly as I embraced her with all I had.


Rainbow swallowed hard. “Well, you’re generosity. And as long as I’ve known you, you’ve never given anypony anything they don’t deserve.”


“I fucked up, Rares…” She bit her lip. “I fucked up time. And you’re in the middle of it.”

In what Dash:unsuresweetie:?

They're good gals!! I make myself misty sometimes :pinkiesad2:

I feel like this is all somehow a metaphor or an 'emotional journey', and Rainbow is actually dead or something. Not sure. All I am sure of is that I'm enjoying the crap out of it. Keep it up.

Well, that explains it. I had a feeling it was either gonna be a wrinkle in time, or there would be a big sign on the front of the shopping center reading: 'Welcome to Silent Hill'.

Really, well done. The atmosphere you've created feels real. I feel just as confused as Rarity is, but with just enough extra information to keep me engaged. It's interesting and addictive.

I keep thinking back to the Missing flier and the GODDESS poster, trying to figure out their significance. And why a shopping center? I feel like it represents limbo -- touched by the passing of time, yet untouched by the hands of man, er... hooves of pony. And I keep thinking about layers. Is it layers of time? Reality? There are different versions of the shopping center. What do they mean?

I don't know. You got me hooked. Keep it up.

UGH you and I are so on the same wavelength here it's bananas.
Obviously, I can neither confirm nor deny any of your theories... But I WILL say that you've hooked onto the main theme here SO WELL OMFG
I am THRILLED that you picked up on all the little things I've been laying down. There is certainly more to come... I'll categorize it as one reveal and two big twists.
Glad I've got you hooked!! My life is a tad hectic right now and while I do have a reliable few minutes to write everyday, it's just that: a few minutes. I'm inching my way through part II so I can toss it up here asap though :twilightsmile: stick around, and allllll of your questions will be answered....

9162743 Glad I could pick up so much. Been editing for years so I've gotten a good eye for picking up what the writers trying to get across.

And take your time, man. A rushed story usually leaves a tired writer, and that's not good for anyone. I'll be here, waiting for the updates. Might do a more in depth analysis if I get time. Certainly a lot to pick apart and even more to theorize on.

Keep up the good work. I'll be waiting, my friend.

“Of course I do,” I said, doing my best to match her own softness. “Growing and changing is always good. As long as you’re changing for your own sake, that is.”

True and wise words Rarity...true and wise words:ajsmug:.

“I know who y’all are, I’m not stupid,” she continued, crumpling up the bill as she spoke. “You help ponies. You fix things. If anypony can bring Moss home, I’ll bet it’s you two.”

So Blue knows who RD and Rarity are...:ajsmug:.

Also, wow, this Nightwhisper guy sounds like a really creepy asshole:ajbemused:. Don't tell me that Rarity's actually dating this guy:twilightoops:?!

She is... Unfortunately, people like that tend to reel in gals like Rarity VERY easily. Her giving nature and motherly attitudes would naturally draw her towards a guy she felt she could "help" or "fix" or "take care of." Lots of times, the abuser can keep it rolling until they get bored. In cases of clever girls with a good backup (like Rares with RD), they need to start to exercise control over the abused in order to keep them doing what the abuser feels they "need" or "deserve." This is where Rarity is-- up until now, she was in a relationship that was low-grade crappy, lots of giving on her part but none on his. Now that she's galavanting about with Rainbow though... Nightie's feeling a tad threatened.

It's bad news bears, y'all.

Also, you are like the world's greatest speedreader congrats :rainbowlaugh:


She is... Unfortunately, people like that tend to reel in gals like Rarity VERY easily. Her giving nature and motherly attitudes would naturally draw her towards a guy she felt she could "help" or "fix" or "take care of."

Yes well...not all people/ponies like that can be saved:ajsleepy:.

This is where Rarity is-- up until now, she was in a relationship that was low-grade crappy, lots of giving on her part but none on his. Now that she's galavanting about with Rainbow though... Nightie's feeling a tad threatened.

He should be:twilightangry2:! RD isn't known as the Elements of Loyalty for nothing:rainbowdetermined2:!

Also, you are like the world's greatest speedreader congrats :rainbowlaugh:

Well...I do read notices like these pretty fast:twilightblush:.

“How do you always know just when I need you?” I mumbled into her neck.

That's the Element of Loyalty for you right there Rares...:ajsmug:.

Surely she could sense my undying loyalty.

She can Rarity...she can...:pinkiesad2:.

Am I even Rarity anymore?

Don't say that, of course are:applecry:!

Now I am perfect


But Moss didn’t write it.

The Dusk Guardians did.


Once again, speediest reader award goes to you!!

As always, you've pulled out arguably the most important quotes from this chapter with ease... I think people could figure out the entire plot just by reading your comments!

Thanks for sticking around. I hope I don't disappoint!

No problem:eeyup:. And don’t worry, you did not disappoint in any way shape or form:raritywink:!

mushroom, I will steal one sock from every pair you have

I mean the sock thing will be annoying but can it truly heal your pain?


Damn it, the On Hiatus tag is haunting me...

Hahaha sorry friend! Gotta get through this semester before I can keep going on this beast. In the meantime, I'm working on something more light-hearted when I need a break from studying. Mark my words: come the holidays, it'll be back to the dreary threshold of adventure...

Was that because I liked it?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't...but in the situation your in...it's probably the latter:applejackunsure:.



Even more frantic now, I began to scoop up shards of glass with magic and hooves alike.

The rough sounds of Nightwhisper emerging from his room echoed through the silence.

Oh no:rainbowderp:.

“N-nothing!” I called back, as sweetly as I could. “Go back to bed!”

Nightwhisper growled.

Not sweet enough.

His shadow, at last, passed over the doorway and fell onto the threshold.

My breath hitched.

He stood above me, his form grey and dark and overwhelming. He did not stand with pride, though. He stood with a sort of slimy self-possession. A winner who won by cheating.

He sneered down at me, doing his best to maintain a look of disgust.

Rarity run...that's all I'm gonna say, bucking RUN!!!

“There shouldn’t be anything to fix!” He roared, punching the doorframe with one hoof. “I shouldn’t have to fix things for you, Rarity! I shouldn’t have to follow you around making things better! I shouldn’t have to convince everypony I know that I’m the one in control!”

You are not in control of anypony:twilightangry2:!!! Especially not Rarity:flutterrage:!!!

He saw a victim.

A punching bag.

“No, Rarity,” he said, his voice so horrifically even. He raised his hoof. “This is being in control.”

I didn’t even have time to put up my hooves in defence. His hoof bashed into my cheek, and my head whipped to the side. The sizzle of heat down my neck almost hurt worse than the flaring pain spread over my face.

You son of a...:flutterrage:!!!

Why was this so real? Where were the facts? Why were these not just facts?

These are more than facts Rarity, they are reality...and here, it is all too real:applecry:.

I am Rarity.

The Element of Generosity:rainbowdetermined2:!

“I am Rarity. Today is… well, I’m not sure what today is. But I am alive.” I sighed lightly. “I’m alive…”

Yes, you are...and you'll be alive for many days to come:pinkiesad2:.

“Nightwhisper,” Rainbow growled. But not like he had growled. “He hit you, didn’t he?”

Yes, he did:ajbemused:.

Rainbow scoffed. “I’ll kill him first! He doesn’t even know who I am.”

And that makes it all the more sweeter:pinkiecrazy:.

“I mean…” Rainbow shuffled her hooves. “Look, I’ll protect you.”

“I should really just go home.”

“You’re right,” Rainbow said. “But that stupid apartment isn’t your home.”

“I can’t leave.”

“You can!” rainbow insisted. “You can pick up and go anytime you want! That crazy stallion doesn’t have any power over you!”

Exactly Rainbow:rainbowdetermined2:!

“Rarity, listen to me:” Rainbow put her forehooves on my shoulders and spun me to face her. “Nightwhisper has no power over you.”

None at all:eeyup:.




Oh no:pinkiegasp:!!!

“You have to believe me,” I said. “She’s still alive, Rainbow, I promise. And we’re going to save her!”


My favorite reader returns!! :rainbowkiss:

Sharp as always, you've picked out the best parts. Though, I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen you so stirred up.... Touhed a nerve, have I, darling? :duck:

Eeyup:eeyup:, you sure have...well, at least with the part where we see Rarity's boyfriend:twilightsheepish:. I seriously wanted to jump through a portal where he was and Kamehameha his ass to the other side of Equestria:flutterrage:!

Ok the begin was a bit dizzying for me, but I'm hooked, ONWARD!:rainbowdetermined2:

All of your story tags give me a real sinking feeling about how all this is going to play out. I don't know if my feels are ready for the abuse....

It's true! An exceptionally good detective (who didn't mind hunches and leaps of faith) could fill in some missing pieces from the tags alone... The only thing they might not be able to guess, however, would be the end! Happy? Sad? Open-ended? Devestatingly final?
All the puzzle pieces may fit together in an unexpected way. Never forget the parable of the blind men and the elephant: obvious facts on a small scale can often manifest quite differently when understood from a greater perspective.
I guess what I'm saying is that I still have some tricks up my sleeve... And there's still quite a few gravely important questions my readers haven't dug up yet! Perhaps you'll be the one to catch something new... :raritywink:

Her wing reached out again, this time a little more sure. Her touch sparked its way through my fur and spread a tingling sensation through me. “Don’t you wanna look for Moss?”

You probably should, she could be anywhere:derpyderp1:.

I wrinkled my snout at the sight of the diner. “Of course, darling, it’s just--”

Rainbow looked at me expectantly. Little strands of her forelock brushed her forehead.

“Well, it isn’t the nicest place, is it? To eat, I mean.”

Well, neither is your place Rares...:applejackunsure:...especially with him:twilightangry2:.

Rainbow snorted. “Where else were you planning on grabbing a bite? Your place?”

Of course not:ajbemused:! You and I both know that after what happened, that'd be the last place she'd wanna have lunch:twilightoops:! I know I wouldn't:twilightoops:!

There was an unfamiliar tone in her voice. Something like pity, but it simply couldn’t be. It must have been exhaustion. Either way--any way--it hit with a pang of guilt. I’m sure she didn’t mean it, but Rainbow was making it very difficult to forget that I was keeping her from something more important. Some other, unnamed mission which loomed in her periphery, just behind that sheen I sometimes spotted over her eyes.

Well, you know Dash Rarity...once she's locked onto something, especially if it means protecting her friends, it is nearly impossible to get her to back down from it:ajsleepy:.

Maybe she did mean it.

I'm sure she doesn't Rarity...:pinkiesad2:. Then again, this is Dash we're talking about:ajsleepy:.

“C’mon, Rares. You got this.”

You've got this Rares! You got this good:rainbowdetermined2:! And with Dash, you've got it even better:raritywink:!

But when I blinked, they did. Fierce, sand-filled gusts which threatened to knock me clean off my hooves.

Don't let them push you down Rarity! Stand tall!

I could feel the sand pour down onto my shoulders. Sand from a storm which hadn’t happened, not really. The storm was in my mind, just like the other visions. It wasn’t really happening, it wasn’t real, it couldn’t hurt me. Dreams can’t hurt you, Rarity. Don’t be silly.

Maybe not physically, but mentally and maybe physiologically:rainbowderp:. I've seen my fair share of what dreams can do to a pony:fluttershyouch:.

“It’s fine,” I lied. A quick once-over with my magic worked my mane back into a more familiar shape. I shook the rest off my body like a mutt. The sand settled into the landscape. “I’m alright. Must have been the wind.”

Or the dreams...and the fear:twilightoops:.





Rainbow chuckled nervously. “Uh, Rares? You’re starting to freak me out a little. Are you sure--”

Oh dear Faust, she's so close to losing it:twilightoops:!

Was it usually completely empty?

If it's not, than that is a big red flag:rainbowderp:!

Did this town even have a name?

You...don't remember the name:rainbowderp:?

It had a mayor.


A mayor of only three buildings? How--

Hmmm...does a mayor usually run three buildings? If its more, than, I think that's another red flag:rainbowderp:.

“Haven’t you gotten your coffee yet?” a sweet little voice interrupted my thoughts.

I looked up.

A short green mane, shorter near her mouth where she chewed it. Frizzier, too. A dark, rich, brown coat, brushed well but not too well. Her dress and apron looked untouched. And her nametag--


No...:rainbowderp:. It cant be...:pinkiegasp:!

She smiled a little. “Sounds like you remember me.”

Don't tell me, please don't tell me:fluttercry:!!!

What do you do in a situation like this? Do you tell a ghost that they’re dead? Do you ask for help, for clues, in solving their murder? Is it a chance for anger and resentment, a chance to tell them exactly who to curse and haunt? Or is it a time to mourn?

So many questions with so many answers...and none of them are pleasant:applecry:.

How could I say anything at all to her face? Her sweet, innocent, living face? How could I tell her that she was about to die, by her own hoof or anypony else’s?

In the face of a pony so sweet and innocent...that's about one of the hardest things you can do...along with the fear of how it'll affect them for years to come:fluttercry:.

Did she deserve to live without that knowledge? Or was it only right to tell her?

They say the truth will set you free...and ignorance is bliss...one may sound better than the other, but neither is easy to decide:ajsleepy:.

Which was the greater sin?

And which is the better decisions? From how this is, neither is good, and both are bad:ajsleepy:.

“What in the hay are you lookin’ at?!” Blue exclaimed. She took another sharp breath, preparing to fire away with her most recent thoughts and feelings about me, but quickly gave up. “I’m not sure why you’ve been terrorizing me over this missing pony business, but if you could drop the crazy-pony act while I’m trying to serve you it would be much obliged.”

She's trying to look for a dear friend of her's...give the poor mare a break:ajbemused:.

She bustled off. Moss was gone, not a trace of her or the mug remaining. I could almost sense her shadow, almost hear her timid little voice. Wishful thinking, of course.

It didn’t matter. I knew, now. I knew something important.

I hoped it was important.

It should be, how else are you going to find her:applecry:?

Rainbow reached up to scratch at the back of her head. “You… you saw Moss?”

Don't think she's crazy Rainbow:twilightoops:!

Rainbow sniffed hard, and the disgusting, phlegm-y sound echoed through the diner. “Uh, no offence, Rares, but that sounds impossible.”

Well...at least she didn't call her crazy:applejackunsure:.

“Rainbow, listen.” I looked back over my shoulder for a moment to see if Blue was around. She wasn’t. “Moss was a blankflank.”

She is:pinkiegasp:?! So...oh no...please no:fluttershysad:.

The moment they left my mouth, though, I wished I had bitten them back. Plenty of ponies were blankflanks, Rarity. That didn’t mean a thing. So silly of you to suggest.

Well...maybe its not silly in this case:applejackunsure:.

“Well, she--” My brain froze up completely. Why was that so important? “She…”

It would mean she disappeared before she got it, thus making it a bit harder for her to find:fluttershyouch:. if she did have her Cutie Mark, it would be easier, but since she doesn't...:twilightoops:.

My ears flattened against my head. “And to think I pride myself on keeping with social norms. Manners and respect, pillars of my pride. I don’t seem to have either, anymore, do I? I’ve become a bit of a ruffian out here.”

No you haven't:pinkiesad2:.

Rainbow shrugged. “It’s not your fault. Being a blankflank is never great, but I know loads of ponies who didn’t get cutie marks ‘til late. That’s what I always told Scoots and them. It’s not like it’s super rare or anything.”

It just means that they're late bloomers:pinkiesmile:.

Rainbow snorted. “I think that cow’s outta the barn, Rare.”

Well there's a new saying:rainbowlaugh:!

I sighed lightly. “Moss’s lack of a cutie mark proves that this area isn’t worth expanding into, since it is clearly devoid of the enriching experiences she would have required to earn one. It might be enough to blight the local economy, since it is so reliant on through traffic. Nopony wants to stop in a backwards little town like this on their way to Las Pegasus.”

Probably not:applejackunsure:.

Rainbow closed her menu very softly. “I dunno, Rares. All that cutie mark stuff mighta made her unpopular, but I don’t think anypony would have… you know…”

“Killed her over it?” I finished for her.

“I mean…” Rainbow gulped, looked at the ceiling. “Yeah.”

Cause that'd be really bucked up:twilightoops:!!!

“If somepony wanted to kill Moss for some other reason, and they knew she was a blankflank, then setting it all up as a suicide might be enough to halt investigation,” I proposed. “Nopony would bother looking into a murder so perfectly staged as a suicide.”

Maybe not, but. the most seasoned investigators would be able to detect little pieces that do show that it was:ajsmug:. The question is...what and where:unsuresweetie:?

I allowed myself to show the hint of a triumphant smile. “It’s not motive, but it’s something.”

It's start at least:twilightsmile:.

“I mean, I think that depends on how many ponies know that Moss is a blankflank.” Rainbow’s eyebrows twitched up almost imperceptibly. “Right?”

Yeah, and which pony was the last one that saw her alive:unsuresweetie:. One of the many things detectives do is speak to the person who last saw the person that vanished...questioning their involvement, whereabouts, what they were doing at the time of the disappearance, etc:applejackunsure:.

The shiver which had been building at the base of my spine released at last. My back stiffened, my shoulder blades shifted towards one another. I could see the color drain from Rainbow’s face, certain that any anxious blush to my cheeks had washed clean away, as well.

Our prime suspect loomed over us, holding a little pad of paper and a disposable pen so innocently over our head. It was probably my imagination, but I could have sworn that her name tag glinted menacingly at me in the low morning sun.

Blue Moon.


Ah! It looks like someone finally spotted a buried clue...:raritywink:

Sure did...:rainbowderp:...the prime suspect in the disappearance of Moss is standing right under RD and Rare's noses...literally:twilightoops:!

Good job. It looks like you took in some of the advice from the review. Rarity is definitely sounding in character here. Hopefully, we get some answers to these questions being raised and see/hear about more instances of time going screwy and things have happening just the other next week when foals are dying of old age in a ghost town that was just constructed.:rainbowderp::twilightoops::pinkiecrazy:

Yup! I started my writing session by rewatching "Rarity Investigates" hahaha. I'm already working back through the older chapters to improve characterization and expand a bit on the dreamlike sequences, as they can make things a bit confusing.
Thank you so much for your review! It is actively improving this fic :twilightsmile:

Quick question, over how many days has threshold taken place so far?

I starts on a Thursday, and has gone up to Sunday. So this chapter would be day four!
...I'm a little scared to ask, but why?

Just writing an example of how I gauge pacing. You can find it here.

No way, that's so cool! I've never seen calculations like that, but they really do distill the pacing of a story pretty conveniently. Neat! (And thanks for the rec :raritywink:)

If you want, you can take what I wrote and make a post on The Writing Process about how to do pacing. You probably know how to phrase it better than what I was doing but the main idea is that in a story, no matter what the pace is, there needs to be enough plot significant things happening to engage the reader but not so much that you overstimulate the reader.

Blue Moon was a murderer.

Or, at the very least, something very close to a murderer. An apologist. An accomplice. Something, something awful.

More or less awful but still awful nonetheless:applecry:.

I did my best to swallow. The taste did not leave my mouth, instead spreading down the back of my throat and sticking to every surface it felt along the way.

Hold it in Rarity...don't give any indication to Moon what you know:rainbowderp:!!!

I knew that Blue Moon was guilty of something. I knew this in a manner very different than I knew other things. It was not a programmed fact, not a memory of the future or the thoughts of somepony else. I knew this because I knew ponies. I knew this because I knew that, yes, sometimes ponies spoke harshly out of grief. Mostly they spoke that way out of fear. I had thought it was fear for Moss. This was not so.

No it's not...now, its the fear OF Moss:twilightoops:!!!

“Well? You two look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Blue spoke as she usually did, but I was seeing it in a new light, now. It was mechanical. It was false. It was the bare minimum of real contact she felt like she could get away with. A script she could follow. A caricature she could play the part of. It’s not like anypony else around here had an accent.

More like they look like they've seen the most vile of all murderers:twilightoops:!!!

We burst out into the early morning heat and sun, and flew across the sand. I let out an enormous breath, drew one in, choked on the bloody taste in my throat.

Get out of there:twilightoops:!!!

I found myself getting left behind.

Don't leave Rares behind RD:twilightangry2:! I do not wanna have a repeat of The Last Roundup:flutterrage:!!!

I was usually so good at keeping it together. The old Rarity was brilliant under pressure, a real team asset who could push through the scariest of things without batting an eye. That wasn’t how most ponies thought of me, of course. I certainly knew how to milk the drama. But I know it’s how Dash thought of me. “Cool as a cucumber,” she would say.

Most of the time:twilightsheepish:.

There wasn’t a single pony in this town who was on my side.

Except Rainbow Dash:raritywink:!

And that fact scared me more than everything else put together. The fact that I was surrounded by enemies. That even Rainbow Dash seemed to be slipping away from me, putting me off as best she could in order to get to the heart of whatever else it was she was here to do.

Even Rainbow Dash was keeping secrets from me.


Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Dude, no. You’re the queen of spa treatments and fancy foods and beauty sleep. You’re dogshit at prioritizing yourself.”

Could not have said it better myself Dash:derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh:!!!

Rainbow smiled a weathered smile. She held a hoof out to me. “Generosity.” She drew her hoof in to her own chest. “Loyalty. We do the same dumb stuff. Getting all caught up in other ponies’ crap. We forget to look out for ourselves.”


“I’m sorry.” I reached out weakly. “You’re right, I’m not taking care of myself and it’s making everything worse. I can’t remember the last time I ate…”

In the situation you're in, I'd feel the same way...:ajsleepy:.

Rainbow perked up. “Want me to pick you up something at the Kwik-Grab? I can get there in--”

“Ten seconds flat?” I finished for her.

She smiled at this. “Sandwiches still cold, soups still hot!”

You know RD so well Rares:twilightsmile:.

It was not the first time somepony had told me so. It was a lesson I had supposedly learned many times. It’s okay to take time for yourself. Sometimes ponies ask for things they don’t really want. Sometimes generosity can be smothering. Sometimes you need to give to yourself.

If you cant even give to yourself, or take time for yourself, how can you do the same for others:ajsleepy:?

“Damn, Rares.” Rainbow chuckled awkwardly. “I’ve never seen you eat so much.”

I'd like to think she's stress eating...like in Inspiration Manifestation...:derpytongue2:.

She scoffed. “Rares, I’m a Wonderbolt now. Spitfire really gets on my flank about my diet.”

I bet everypony at Wonderbolt HQ does:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Rainbow shrugged and took a bite of a second egg. “Too much sweets, not enough protein, too many calories, not enough calories. Y’know. Sports stuff.”

“Seems controlling.”

It really does:derpytongue2:.

Rainbow took a breath and looked back up at me. “I dunno, Rares. A lot of stuff’s changed. I don’t think things’ll be just like they were before we all left. I mean, I’ll still love you ‘n’ stuff…”

I blushed.

Rainbow’s stomach dropped visibly, her eyes widening and the color leaving her face. “I mean, like, ‘you’ as in-- like you and Twilight and… you know!” Her voice cracked and I suppressed a giggle.

“I know what you mean. I still love you, too.”

A smile danced at the corner of Rainbow’s mouth. “Yeah?”

“Of course.”

“Even after--”

“Always, dear.”


Rainbow blinked back at me. “So… what are we doing, exactly?”

Well, figuring out what Blue Moon did to Moss and find where her body is:applejackunsure:. Then, getting Blue tried for her actions:twilightangry2:.

“Could Blue be going by a different name?”

It's possible...criminals do tend to sometimes change their names to further escape capture...even going so far as to change their appearances...Deadly Women has certainly proven that much:fluttershyouch:.

Even with papers missing, the sheer amount of information this room contained made my stomach turn over.

Sometimes...all the info you need can be found at the very scene of the crime...:ajsleepy:. Not only that, sometimes it doesn't even take a rocket scientist to know what happened, and if it was staged:applejackunsure:.

“Where did we get all of these papers, anyway?” I asked. Even I was a little frightened by the sudden and sickly calm in my voice.


“The papers,” I repeated. “Some of them are things we could have bought at the Kwik-Grab, but some are… are government papers.”

Rainbow’s eyes darted towards the floor. “Uh… yeah, I guess.”

“So where did we get them?”

“You don’t remember?”

I narrowed my eyes. “Should I?”

With what you're trying to solve you probably should:applejackunsure:.

“Why do you have government papers?” I asked again. “Where did you get these?”

Rainbow tried to stand up tall against my interrogation, but behind the ever-present film in her eyes I could see it. A flicker of guilt. A flash of regret.

“You were in the shopping center when I found you.”

Rainbow swallowed. “Was I?”

Dash, what're you hiding:twilightangry2:?

I took a deep breath, and mustered all the calm I could. “I am going to ask you a question, and I don’t want you to even think about lying to me, Rainbow Dash.”

Or else I'm gonna bring the Kamehameha wave all up in this bitch and send you to the other end of Equestria:flutterrage:!

“You know something important that you aren’t telling me.” I said. “What is it?”

She stared at me. Her eyes, a piercing magenta, were faltering slightly. There was something there that wanted to tell me. And yet she remained silent.

I didn’t know what to do. She was like a perfect, obedient soldier. A Wonderbolt running drills.

“What is it?” I repeated.

Tell us:twilightangry2:!

Her gaze was stone, but the movement of her chest accelerated.

Eyes that so desperately want to spill the beans, yet the heart refuses to allow it:ajsleepy:.

“Fine,” I said. “If you won’t tell me, I’ll simply have to investigate it myself.”

I moved to the door.

Rainbow’s eyes went wide, and she dove to block the path between myself and the door. “Don’t, Rares. Just leave it.”

Wait WHAT:pinkiegasp:?!


No answer.

“Then you leave me no choice.”

Oh boy...:rainbowderp:.

Rainbow grabbed my side. “Rares, please don’t--”

“I’ve never been up there, have I?” I plowed right through her protest and began to trot towards the stairs. “I’ll bet that was convenient for you.”

“It’s not like that, I swear!”

I whirled about to face her right where I stood. “How can I believe you?!”

Rainbow shrunk away from me.

I snorted lightly. “I have no reason to trust your word, Rainbow Dash. You’re clearly hiding things from me. If I hadn’t told you not to lie, would you have?”

Her eyes slid to the floor. She let go of me.

“As I thought.”

Sorry Dash...you had you chance to tell:ajsleepy:. Now Rarity will find out...and so will I:unsuresweetie:.

Other things had changed, too. What had once been a blissfully silent space was now filled with noise. Rushing water. Clattering-- no, slamming metal. A low chatter in the background of it all. It smelled strange, too. Unfamiliar at this strength, and yet I couldn’t help but think I may have caught a whiff of it before.

Where in the hay are they:rainbowhuh:?

“Nice job out there, squirt.”

...Who is that:rainbowhuh:?

A hoof clapped me on the shoulder, and the voice chuckled again. “You’re tough, kid. We’ll make a Wonderbolt out of you, yet.”

Wait a minute...:pinkiegasp:! 'Make a Wonderbolt out of you yet:rainbowderp:?!'


No...do not tell me:rainbowderp:! Please tell me that's not who I think it is:twilightoops:!

For anyone interested, I've been compiling a playlist of songs that I feel fit the mood/tone/themes/what-have-you of this particular fic.

What about original songs, made up for this story? Are those in this story?

Hi Starlight Nova,

This isn't exactly an "original song" kind of story, which you might sense had you read any of it. This is also the second comment you've made on this particular fiction based only on information written in the description (and the fourth overall on stories posted to my account). I'd really rather not have this kind of thing cluttering my comment sections, as they are not discussions of the actual content I've written-- merely off-topic remarks which are either designed to garner attention for yourself or dig around for fetish content on stories not even rated mature (refer to this comment on my own teen-rated fiction).

I've shown remarkable restraint so far in not blocking you. It is not my job to provide an FAQ to you for each one of my fictions. If you have a question regarding content, please read it. There are more than enough content warnings in the tags and description. If you have further questions, I would rather you PM me than clutter my comment section.

Thank you,


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