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Call me Prince Procrastination.


To Rarity, spring always feels like the the worst part of the movie. Rainbow doesn’t get it, and so she doesn’t like it.

That’s why today finds them in a 1979 Cadillac on the road going nowhere.

Well, sort of.

Alternatively: unwound in a fake car on a freeway that’s the same as all the others, like in every other low budget movie you’ve seen on that odd movie channel

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I love the way you write Rainbow and Rarity, the way they play off each other, the way the bonds of their friendship shine through. This is a lovely little slice of life, and I agree; it's important, sometimes, to get out of where you are to gain a new perspective for when you return.

You write some beautiful sentences, dude. They're pretty understated, but the tone and atmosphere they lend the narrative is vital, and when you want to actually make an impact you hit hard. There are some fantastic one liners in here, and they're full of that exact, piercing insight I've come to expect.

You continue to impress.

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