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Dreams Are Misleading · 9:12pm Jun 29th, 2020

See, about two(?) months back, I had a very convincing dream that I edited my latest posted story, Roaring Twenties, like I had planned to based on the feedback I received.

I've recently realised I did no such thing. My mind fooled my brain.

Anyway, it came to my attention now as I work to finish my next story. So once that's up, I've put it in my schedule to look over my past works -- because technically, that would be a dream come true, right?

Hang in there, crew.

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Send Me the Second Year · 1:35am Apr 17th, 2020

Any of you who follow me may have gotten more notifications in the past week from me than you have all year. Sorry!


Today marks my second anniversary publishing to Fimfic -- and, in light of the eventful after-party that was last year, this year was sleepover at an old friend's.

Last year was Whiplash, this year is La La Land. Same director, and you can feel that in the details, but different energy, different colours.


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He said: "A three-part narrative, brought to you by the next three days of your life." Well, he meant it. · 1:45am Apr 14th, 2020

I gave my word when I said three days, and you bet on my principal as a writer you're gonna get it.

I still have 3 hours.

Wishing y'all well.

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Yall · 2:52pm Nov 9th, 2019

What happened to Braeburn? He was a cool dude. I liked him.

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The End of All Things: Friendship is Magic · 6:45pm Oct 12th, 2019

Haha, so that's it, huh?

I haven't been keeping up with the show for the last two seasons, but by chance found out that today the final episode was released. Funny how that works.

So I binged the last three episodes, and -- no spoilers -- I can confidently say its what I've known MLP to be since that ordinary day I first watched Feeling Pinkie Keen: something great, something charmingly, slightly disappointing, and something colourfully warm.

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That Time I Started a Doctor Who Fanfic · 12:44am Sep 26th, 2019

Is that Pony/Doctor era over? Because I wasn't a Doctor Who fan back then.

But I am now. Have been, for a while. And then I started out a fanfic, which I lost. Too bad, because it was pretty funny and I don't write funny often.

So, it was originally about this lot and the Human Horses:

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DEAD · 3:12am Sep 16th, 2019

I am deceased.

There is like half an hour left (but like cdt its an hour and a half? this confusion is half of my problems), and I need to edit the hell out of this fic because it hardly makes sense and i know ill wanna add things anyways hold off on reading it and also just know that i am dead inside and still have the audacity to panic okay bye.

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Year of the First · 6:09pm Apr 16th, 2019

And what a year it's been. I don't mean that in the best way, though; lots happened, and just as much didn't happen. So it goes.

But today marks a year since joining Fimfic officially (not counting the time I've ghosted the site), so I've gone on ahead and predictably made a blog post about it. Yaaaaaaay.

Except if I'm not focusing on a moment, I like to pass the moment by the reader as fast as life does so. So what this year has been, in bullet-fast summary, was:

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i interrupt your regularly scheduled normalcy to bring you this important message · 12:02am Mar 1st, 2019


Merry Christmas · 7:15am Dec 25th, 2018

Just dropping in to say Merry Christmas lads, and Happy (Horse) Holidays; remember to propagate the kindness forward.

Neigh bells and all,