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All things considered, Rarity finds a bitter prom better than a lonely one.

Still, it doesn't make watching her dream school dance from afar any less pitiful. Neither does Rainbow Dash's insistence on hanging around.

Or; misery loves company, and no one loves rejection -- it's a bitter slow dance, really.

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While I'm typically not a fan of stories written in the present tense, I have to say that I quite enjoyed this. Your dialog was snappy and flowed well, and considering the fic was more or less a single conversation that's definitely important.

This was a good read. Thanks for posting it!

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I actually really liked this story. Haven't seen a concept like "Rarity ditches her own prom after being dumped at the door" on this site before, and I thought Rainbow's one-liners were pretty funny.

I like it. Nice tone, and good characterization. Have a fav.

This is... really good.

Nice work indeed!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Hey, maybe have never been to a school dance... But I'd say you nailed this perfectly. ...I'd pay to see Blueblood get slammed face first into the floor by Sunset, y'know.

this was really good!!!

thank you for sharing it with us

As an introvert who went to two proms -- one my senior year with my then-girlfriend and once with a younger friend for her senior prom -- and other high school dances, I can say that you pretty much nailed the sideline perspective.

The description and the dialogue, and the 3rd-person-limited monologue underneath the dialog, are all creative and precise. You could have a knack for poetry.

People who like this will probably also like Under The Streetlights, modulo that they're similar enough to border on repetitiveness. They also might like After the Races.

I really love the dialogue and characterization in this story.


Slice of Life at its finest. I feel them. The non existing romance tag helps a lot.

Very nice. Shame that knowing the hi jinx of this town the fro yo is probably cursed.

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