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Rainbow Dash can totally believe she drank a temporary amnesia potion on a dare. What she can’t level with is the idea that she’s been Rarity’s loyal right-hand seamstress for the past few years.

She’s gotta be missing something – y’know, aside from a bunch of memories.

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This was a weird fic.
Maybe because it feels incomplete without the full explanation as to what happened, I don't know.

so basically the summaration of this fic is, rarity is a horrible friend and a horrible person....

I like to think it's more that Rarity is a vulnerable friend and a vulnerable person. Things get blurred.

Rarity should not take advantage of her friend like that.

she took her friends amnesia totally to her advantage and made huge changes to her lifestyle, he looks, literally everything about her. thats horrible person territory.

“Ack, she’s still stuck in Season Four!” Pinkie wails, falling back as if shot.

I'm only glad this happens before I can get to much into the story, since that would take me out of my zone if I should be that deep into the story at that point.

Meh judging by the picture I thought/hoped this was about Rainbow Dash thinking she was her assistent and not Rarity needing to tell her that.

Ah, no. All that happens years before the amnesia. Future-Dash asks her for her opinion too. When Dash is amnesic(?), Rarity pretty much just tells her to get better soon.

All these people in the comments like "Whaaa!! Rarity is such a horrible pony for manipulating her friend! Waaaahhhh!" Meanwhile I'm just thinking, "Wow. A story that doesn't have Twilight even mentioned once. That's new." Also, it's rather heavily hinted between Rarity and Dash (especially her growing vocabulary) that RD did decide to stay with Rares for those 3 years, and by choice. Applejack, Pinkie, and even Fluttershy would notice if something had changed all of a sudden with Dash, which doesn't happen in this story. Even Pinkie didn't particularly do anything over the top in regards to holding a secret. While I am admittedly curious about Rarity's frequent use of the word 'Love' being substituted for Dash's name (and Twilight's strange absence), I think those are some mysteries I could live without knowing a definitive answer for. After all, that's what headcanons are for, right?

This definitely left me unsatisfied, especially since it ended right when we were finally going to get some concrete explanations for everything. I don't think Rarity was reshaping Dash in her image—there are clear examples of muscle memory taking over that could only come from years of habit—but I'm still left with far too many questions in the end. There's playing coy, and then there's taunting the readers.

Well, I enjoyed the story, at least. And I felt the situation was abundantly clear. I'm surprised people thought otherwise.

I can understand why people want a more concrete explanation—there's just so much left to question—but I don't think it really matters. I think the story accomplishes enough with what it already has. It's about change, all the regret that distance brings, and two lost souls trying to be better together. Presented in a way that I appreciated for it's peculiarity. I don't think an extended ending would add anything more than what we have. I like it for what it is.

I do want to say, though, unrelated to the above, that I loved the way you could tell how much Rainbow and Rarity meant to each other. Rainbow Dash doesn't remember, of course, but she does, kind of, in the way she thinks and acts. It's sad, because obviously Rarity is missing part of the relationship that left with Dash's memories, but it's heartwarming to know that such a cozy relationship exists. It was delightful.


“Pinkie says she’s coming over this weekend,” Dash says over tea that’s starting to smell like something she misses. Like home.

I loved that line.

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