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Rainbow Dash teen years find her hotheaded. She is both full of herself and full of doubt. Deep down she feels lost, yet she hides it behind the mask of who she's wants to be. Her life changes forever by a chance meeting with a unicorn mare named Rarity, in Cloudsdale of all places. Dash welcomes her into her life, but how is that she feels drawn to a mare who seems to have it all together? And will Rarity accept her despite her shortcomings and flaws? Most importantly, can Dash fix herself or will she keep making mistakes until it's too late?

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Rainbow Dash teen years find her hotheaded
Someone get this hothead out of here!

It's pretty good for the first chapter of a first story.
I'm glad that you kept writing despite obstacles. Good luck with the rest of this story and your future stories!

Interesting premise, but the grammar needs some serious work. Bring this back with a beta reader, or even just a computer grammar check (grammarly.com for instance) and I'm sure it will be much lovelier :twilightsheepish: Otherwise, it's really good! Keep it up!

Thanks for the suggestion. Grammarly helps a lot. Me typing chapters up late at night certainly doesn't.

The same episode made me start shipping those two as well, it’s definitely one of my favorites.

I am really enjoying this very charming story! The part where Dash gathers a cloud for Rarity to walk on was a favorite.

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