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Twilight orders a salad at a newly opened Burger King in Ponyville, only to discover it tastes suspiciously like hooves.

Based off of the meme, Burger King Foot Lettuce. Because I had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Edited by James Fire.

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Comments ( 18 )

Love how this went from a joke idea to complete story in about an hour.

You mean 6 months

The last thing you want have in a burger king burger is someone's hoof in it.

b u t t h a t m i g h t b e w h a t y o u g e t

9031087 I have so many regrets.

9031119 Funny thing is: I was curious if anyone had made a story about the meme since MLP has a tendency to spread to any and all memes that become even remotely popular (at least, that's what I've seen). When I couldn't find a story or even blog post related to this, I had the thought to do one. I was hesitant given how long it'd been, but since Star had (jokingly) told me to, I, in my infinite wisdom, did so. I am very sorry.

9031131 Read it in Chills' voice. Was as wonderful as I expected.

Number 15

9031344 B U R G E R K I N G F O O T L E T T U C E

Lets try and keep the Likes/dislikes at an equal Ratio, for the memes

I thought this meme is dead along with ugandan knuckles and Logan Paul

9031459 Friend egged me on to write it. I'm a sucker for writing stupid shit, so I couldn't resist.

legends never die

Like to dislike ratio is perfectly balanced,as all things should be...

Does the end hint that Twilight had tasted Starlight's hooves before? And that that's what they were doing?

14 likes and 14 dislikes.

Perfectly balanced

...as all things should be.

You shall be tortured... WITH EDITING COMMENTS


That took longer than I thought.

“You taste to good…”

I assume this is supposed to be "You taste so good..."? If not, you mixed up 'to' and 'too'.

I...don't like the implication in the last few sentences. Does Twilight have some sort of Starlight hoof fetish?:rainbowwild:

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