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Aether Spark

I'm a highly imaginative and clever story-maker with a passion for telling stories and presenting my ideas (even helping others who need it). Need another reason to be my buddy? I like pizza (:


It’s been a few months since Tirek’s defeat.

Peace reigns over the land. So why does Twilight feel so unaccomplished? Has she completed her studies? Is there nowhere else to go to expand her knowledge? Has she reached her limit?

The worry she won't amount to anything more has left Twilight in a tizzy.

Then Twilight comes across a hidden archive, and she finds a rare spell-book that could push her intelligence to its limit, or destroy it.

[I don’t own the show MLP]

[It's thanks to Crimson Arrow and the support of others this was possible, thanks]


(4/3/2020) : this story is undergoing a few edits.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 21 )
Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Jul 24th, 2019

The word I should always be capitalized. Please respond to this comment.

ah yes, thanks for catching that.

Alright next chapter, we finally venture into the wailing dark that is the rest of my story! :yay:

Welp, thought she was going to have amnesia. I was half-right.

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted May 26th, 2019

She has amnesia and mental retardation...although that last part being the spell is debatable considering all the times she's made errors that any other person would have never made in her situation.

well, the spell took away her memories and intelligence. but the mistake in the first place regarding the spell was all a matter of pride.

in the end, pride screws us all over. :twistnerd:

So... Why haven't you fixed the title yet? Do you not know how?

Tbh I forgot. :twilightblush:

Taken care of now.

Me: Looks at cover picture

Me: Oh look she looks just like Derpy!

Also Me: But uhh...

A little derpier

Is that even a word

I don't know, is it? :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Jul 31st, 2019

I’m accepting informative reveiws, on the off chance I need to spruce my story up more.

get me in chat and we can talk about it. :twilightsmile:

Well that's terrifying.

Yep, seems while one storm has been weathered another is on the horizon

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Jul 24th, 2019

“You’ve done this before?” Spike asked

“Eleven times as a matter fact…” Discord said with reminiscence

Nice Spongebob reference :twilightsmile:

Really fun read :twilightsmile:

Any chance we'd get a sequel dealing with Spike's inner Twilight taking over? :pinkiehappy:

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