The day I lost my mind

by Aether Spark

Discord and Twilight: the chaotic and the destructively stupid

Some ponies were going about their day, although talk of Twilights odd behavior had spread quickly in the small town. However, the citizens were confident the other members of the mane six would see to it that she would be helped. On a rooftop near the school grounds, Discord and Twilight popped into view.

“Alrighty! What to do first? Hmm… perhaps…” Discord smirked as he saw the CMC playing with a ball and gave a snap of the fingers


The cutie mark crusaders we’re tossing a ball to each other seeming a tad glum.

“Sucks your sister busted us Sweetie Belle,” Scootaloo said

“Well it was unavoidable, I suppose. Next time we should do it farther away from the Boutique.” Sweetie replied

“Ah still wonder why ya thought the flamin’ hoops were necessary.” Said, Apple Bloom

“Cuz they're awesome that’s why maybe doing something dangerous is how we’ll get our cutie marks!” Scootaloo said proudly.

“Ah fail ta see the logic in that…” Apple Bloom deadpanned

“Well, I see plenty of logic in-“ suddenly the ball bounced back without being tossed and bounced off of Scootaloo.

“Hey!” she shouted in surprise as she fell over “what the heck Sweetie?” Scootaloo glared

“That wasn’t me.” Sweetie Belle said defensively

“Then why did the ball hit me in the face when I passed it to you?” Scootaloo said narrowing her eyes

“I don’t know!” Sweetie said

“Ah’m sure it was an accident, ah-“ Apple Bloom began to say when suddenly the ball bounced from Scootaloo’s direction into Applebloom knocking her over.

“-AAH!” Applebloom fell over and glanced at Scootaloo angrily “What in tarnation was that for?!” Applebloom said loudly.

“What?! I didn’t even touch it!” Scootaloo defended

“What’s happening?” Sweetie said looking quite confused by all this before the ball bounced off of her then ricocheted between the three fillies and was bouncing in place in the middle on its own.

“What the hay?” Applebloom shouted in confusion

“Aah! Haunted ball!” Sweetie exclaimed. Scootaloo, not one to be shown up by a haunted bouncy ball stomped up to it.

“Hey! Back off, tough guy!” She said looking ready to rumble, the ball responded by gaining a mouth and blowing a raspberry and bouncing away.

“GET BACK HERE!” Scootaloo screamed, chasing the rogue ball, and the other two fillies looked to each other before following Scootaloo.

Discord was laughing his head off at his prank [literally] after picking his head up and reattaching it he glanced to Twilight to ask her if what he just did had bothered her at all but saw her laughing on the ground as well kicking her legs about.

“That was funny!” she laughed jovially while Discord gave a triumphant grin.

“This is going to be a great day I’ll need to cherish for a while.” He mused

She ran up and hugged Discord surprising him. “This is fun! You're my bestest best friend! Dissqward” she squeed which made Discord’s eyes widen a little at the display, he was forced restraining some emotions from surfacing like with Fluttershy.

“Umm, thank you Twilight,” he said gently pushing her off of him ignoring the mispronunciation of his name and awkwardly coughed into his hand. “if you liked that I’m sure there’s so much more we could do.” Discord said with a grin

“Yay!” Twilight said waving her arms about.


The group is rushing back into town with the knowledge that Discord is loose with a brainless Twilight causing who knows what kind of trouble or damage.

“M-maybe we could ask Discord nicely, and he can let us have Twilight back?” Fluttershy said trying to ease the anger

“I’m afraid not! A stern reprimanding is in order for Discords carelessness!” Rarity shouted

“I think I should, if that’s alright I mean, he’s likely to listen to me, n-not saying you aren’t good at speaking to others i-it’s just-“ Fluttershy began, but Rarity gave her an assuring nod.

“Very well then dear, I’ll leave it to you then.” Rarity said making Fluttershy smile, “but you’re going to need to punish him later, or I will enlist one onto him.” Rarity immediately followed up with. Fluttershy’s smile fell, but she nodded in agreement as they got back into town.

“I do hope Spike is having better luck than us,” said Rarity

---meanwhile back at the library---

Dash and Spike were in the basement, and Spike was idly munching on a small bowl of gems while looking in the secret archives spot thankfully Twilight marked it with red crayon so she wouldn’t forget where it was while Dash poked her head out of a book pile looking around and sighing in boredom and frustration.

“This is torture! Why didn’t she just bring it up with her? We’ve looked through like what, 60 books and we haven’t found it and my heads pounding worse than that time when Pinkie had that airhorn party…” Dash said irritably tossing another book into one of the other piles.

“We have to keep looking, or Twilight’ll never be herself again,” Spike said eating another emerald while glancing at the purple gem housing Twilights mind.

“Then why are you eating right now?” Dash said

“Well me starving isn’t going to help her!” Spike retorted as he climbed up a shelf to grab a loose book stepping onto a stool that held a stack of books.

“Almost… got… it” Spike reached up and grabbed the book only to fall backward and to the ground.

“Meant to do that!” Spike declared while Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes, neither of them noticed a particular purple gem fell off the table where it was put to keep in sight and into the bowl of gems Spike was eating.


A group of foals ran from their sprinkler that was spraying orange soda instead of water making their coats all wet and sticky while a few other ponies approached with curiosity. Meanwhile, Discord was holding his sides laughing, and Twilight was rolling on the ground, holding her sides as well.

“They look funny!” Twilight said grinning widely

“You bet they do!” Discord laughed alongside

“What next mister Discy? What?’ Twilight sputtered happily

“We go to the town hall and prank somepony I’ve been dying to prank for a while now!” Discord grinned

“Town…hall? What’s a town hall?” Twilight asked innocently, Discord chuckled and patted her back.

“The town hall is where the mayor works my mindless friend,” said Discord

“What’s a mayor?” Twilight said confused

“A pony that runs the town basically,” Discord said

“Oooooh…..what’s a pony?” asked Twilight, causing Discord to laugh out loud.

“Ahahahaha! Oh, you’re a riot, Twilight!” Discord nearly keeled over from that sentence.

“Hmm?” Twilight said still confused on what a pony is but Discord just snapped his fingers and him and Twilight were in the mayor mare’s office on her desk, shrunk to the size of ants.

“Whoa! We’re so tiny!” Twilight cheered jumping up and down, but Discord put his arm over her mouth and got out of view

“Shush shush! We don’t want to blow the prank too early!” Discord whispered sharply

“Mph ppfffflowy” she spittled into his arm getting spit all over which made Discord cringe a little bit.

“Gross…” Discord grumbled

Meanwhile, the mayor mare set up a stack of papers and sighed frustratedly.

“The full repairing of the damage Tirek caused is taking forever, not to mention the word is that various things in town have gone crazy today… and there’s also so many taxes to file and no thanks to that pesky Discord I’m still processing all these restraining orders…” Discord flinched and frowned a little at the mention of restraining orders being issued against him. “I have no time to myself….” She sighed discontentedly Discord felt a tad bit of sympathy but his urge to continue with the prank overrode it.

“Oh, on with it, pay attention Twilight!” Discord declared

“Mmmphhhiph!” Twilight said, Discord groaned as more spittle got on his arm and he loosened up a little.

“What?” he asked

“What?” she said, and Discord sighed and just got on with it. He snapped his fingers and the sound of a door knock came and the mayor looked up.

“Come in…” she sighed and hung her head when no response came she looked up again, “I said come in!” she called louder, but when no reply came forth she trotted up to the door and opened it and looked out into the hallways. Mayor Mare blinked in confusion snorting in frustration and closing the door. She went back to her seat with a huff.

“Did I just get ding dong ditched? The nerve! I’m stressed enough as it is!” she fumed for a second before taking a few breaths to calm herself and went back to her seat and sat… only to hear a farting noise after jumping out of her chair, she saw a whoopie cushion and frowned.

“Discord…” she sighed and picked up the whoopie cushion with her mouth and put it on the desk “honestly though, a whoopie cushion? This seems too easy for you…”

“Indeed… you know me too well!” Discord grinned, as she set the whoopie cushion down it suddenly inflated and then deflated by itself and pushed a golf ball that wasn’t there a minute ago and triggered a series of pulleys and objects in the room. Ranging from a lift that brings it up to a shelf which then rolls onto a binder and it bounces off of Tanks shell and onto a contraption all these objects [and Tank] weren’t there before, and the mayor can only stare in shock as a pie flew into her face. Discord laughed heartily, and Twilight was on the ground laughing and banging her hoof on the desk, while the mayor jumped out of her seat in surprise and Discord and Twilight went back to normal size.

“Discord!” the mayor quickly said wiping the cream off of her face “you better have a good reason for this mess!” she said sharply.

“Oh, hush now it’s just a spot of innocent fun.” Discord chuckled

“FUN!” Twilight cheered

“I would plenty expect this behavior from Discord, but you Twilight?” the mayor mare said flabbergasted at the princess actually enjoying Discords antics.

Before she could question it further Twilight ran up to her gave her a hard poke borderline punch in the snout, the mayor stumbled back in surprise and pain.

"BOOP!" Twilight giggled

"Ow!" the mayor mare cried stumbling back and clutching her snout “What on Eqqus is the matter with you, Twilight!?”

“Your face looks funny! I-“ Twilight paused when she saw a chair next to the desk, and her mind flashed back to the unfortunate stool back in the library… blowing it up…. was fun!

“Chair go boom…” Twilight whispered

“What?” said the agitated mayor.

“Chair going boom was… fun… fun! FUN! FUN! CHAIR GOING BOOM IS FUN!” Twilight cheered suddenly as her horn flared.

“Uh oh…” Discord said before teleporting over to the mayor and grabbing her by the shoulders

“Huh?” the mayor said

“Time to go!” Discord said as the room began to shake, and he teleported them a fair distance. As the mayor was trying to regain her bearings, an explosion sounded across the town, and she spun and saw town hall but with a massive hole in its wall where her office was.

"MY OFFICE!" Mayor Mare cried in dismay

"Oh dear... well that was unexpected" Discord said

When the smoke cleared, Twilight was just sitting in there staring innocently out to all the shocked ponies.

“HI!” she called out, waving.


The group wasn’t even halfway into town when Pinkies tail began spasming.

“Pinkie sense?” Rarity groaned already dreading what it could be

“YUP! EVERYPONY DUCK” Pinkie threw a rubber duck into the air and then threw herself to the ground. Everypony that knew the signs of the twitchy tail followed suit and seconds later an explosion rippled through the area when the dust cleared Rarity looked around and saw she was covered in dirt and groaned in dismay.

“What just happened!?” Fluttershy exclaimed out at a pitch less usual for her

“Town hall just blew up! that’s what!” Pinkie exclaimed pointing towards it

“Surely this can’t be Discords doing right?” Fluttershy said hopefully

“I cannot be confident Fluttershy dear but if it is, then may his punishment be increased tenfold! Come now! We may still have time!” Rarity said angrily as she galloped on down and is closely followed by the others


“Discoooord! You- how could you do this to my office!?” the mayor mare scolded while Discord put his hands up defensively.

“Hey, I didn’t tell her to blow up town hall!” Discord said indignantly, and Twilight galloped up to Discord beaming.

“Didja see that Discord? I made the chair go boom!” Twilight exclaimed out happily, and Discord just chuckled

“You did much more than that sport,” he said, ruffling her mane before a sharp ahem caught their attention showing an impatient looking Mayor Mare.

“Oh, here it comes…” Discord sighed, the mayor mare approached Twilight with a mix of anger and confusion

“I don’t know what’s up with you Twilight. But I have a distinct feeling who could be behind this...” She said with a glance at Discord who just rolled his eyes.

“Just because something went wrong doesn’t mean it’s always my fault,” Discord said indignantly.

“I’m sure…” the mayor said with evident sarcasm, before turning to Twilight worried now “this is clearly going to be a serious problem, Twilight you must come with me so we can hopefully inform somepony about this, perhaps the princess or somepony close to her can help with this issue since you two are close?” the mayor said.

“Princess?” Twilight said with confusion.

“Yes? Don’t you remember? Princess Celestia? Your former mentor?” said the mayor with a look of confusion.

“Who?” Twilight said, still confused.

“Oh dear… you don’t remember who Celestia even is?!” the mayor exclaimed.

“Cel-est-tee-uh?….. nope! I don’t know someone called that!” Twilight beamed unaware she just said the most shocking thing anypony could hear, even Discord was a little perturbed by this news.

“….We need to get the princess… now!” the mayor said quickly, but Discord got in her way holding up his hands in a placating gesture.

“N-now hold on we don’t need to cause any more issues; I can fix this.” Discord said admittedly starting realizing that if word of his actions get to Celestia, he could be in trouble, he isn’t afraid of the princesses... just a tad fearful of losing Fluttershy’s forgiveness, and so, in other words, fun time is over.

“Can you really?... you’ve caused enough problems today Discord! If you can fix her then do it now!” the mayor demanded

“That’s the thing! I don’t know exactly how… yet! However, I assure you I’ve handled similar cases before. It seems something has imprisoned her mind, and it requires a special method to undo” Discord reasoned.

“That’s sounding like an excuse Discord…” the mayor sighed.

“I’m not kidding! Now if I can just find out what happened I can-” Discord began until…

“DISCORD!” an angered voice called out.

“Oh, crud…” Discord sighed as he saw the group of mare’s galloping up to him, Rarity looking especially ticked off and even Fluttershy seemed a little upset with him which made him feel terrible.

“Well, this isn’t good…” Discord sighed

“You bet Discord! You made a mean move back there!” Pinkie said hopping up to eye level with him as a particular frazzled white unicorn approached him.

“Discord… you better have a good explanation for your actions here…” Rarity said quietly but accusingly

“Boredom, lack of chaos, the main one who constantly complains about my chaos causing being rendered stupid and actually enjoying my pranks, because I’m a prankster I and I came up with new things to do, it was all just a spot of harmless fun, that's all.” Discord paused as he glanced back at the hole in the wall. "Well... mostly harmless, in any case, I could fix this all in a jiffy, so I'd say alls well that ends well," Discord said shamelessly before catching Fluttershy's disapproving look.

“Discord…” Fluttershy said quietly

“Yes, Flutterbuddy?” Discord said already dreading the scolding words

“It's true that this is a fixable situation and I could have turned the other cheek if this was simply a pranking spree, but do you realize you basically just took advantage of my friend Twilight! And while she’s not in her right mind? That’s horrible!" Discord winced as her voice grew louder with those last few words "I-I want to let this go Discord I truly do but… Rarity insists on a punishment…” Fluttershy scolded in contrast to her usual whisper and polite demeanor making Discord shrink back a little in regret as he hadn’t paid any thought of Twilight and now Fluttershy was mad at him.

“Well I did expect this at some point I just wish things hadn’t escalated so quickly…” Discord said

"Speaking of which, what’s the story behind THAT!” Rarity pointed to the smoking hole in the town hall

“That actually isn’t my fault, Twilight got excited remembering an exploding chair or something, and then her magic went out of control.” Discord explained

“Very well, a punishment later. Right now we must help Twilight…” Rarity sighed

“Punishment? As in your going to punish me? Very well then Rarity what do you implore?” Discord said in a cocky tone before Fluttershy approached him.

“No… I will…” Fluttershy said quietly, which shocked both Rarity and Discord

“Oh, you don’t have to dearie. I will take care of it if you-“ Rarity started.

“No!” Fluttershy said cutting Rarity off abruptly before blushing and pawing at the ground nervously “...I-I understand that what Discord did was wrong, I will make sure he understands it… although if you would like to help, then that’s ok.” She said quietly

“Very well dear” Rarity said with a nod, somehow leaving it in Fluttershy’s hoof’s made Discord a little more worried.

“Now that we have it all together let us be on our way Twili-“ Rarity paused when she looked at the currently empty space Twilight previously occupied next to Discord.

“W-where did she go?” Rarity asked nervously, instinctively checking over her shoulder.

“The thing is… it seems I may have… possibly excited her with the prospect of chaos.” Discord nervously said.

In the distance, explosions could be heard...