• Published 13th Oct 2018
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The day I lost my mind - Aether Spark

Twilight tries to surpass her previous success against Tirek through a rare spell-book. But her plan to gain access to the lost knowledge backfires in the worst yet funniest way possible.

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New game

Another book gets tossed into the growing pile of books as Spike reached for the few books left on the shelf.

“If I have to read one more book; I’m going to test just how durable these crystal pillars are with my head!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed out with growing frustration for the 5th time

“We just need to check a few more! We can find it!” Spike assured

“You said that like a million times already!” Rainbow Dash said irritably

“Well!... I can’t help that! we find it when we find it!” Spike sighed, trying to regain his thoughts and calm down while idly grabbing another gem out of his emptying bowl and eating it. After flipping through a few more pages without looking Spike reached back for any last gems and found one more and decided to savor it by taking a small bite out of the top.

“Hmm… this tome has something on mind displacement, is this it? Hmm, I'll put it in the ‘maybe’ pile and then I'll review them after i-“ suddenly a sharp pain shot through Spikes' head, and he dropped the book and the gem he was holding and let out of cry of pain while holding his head.

Rainbow Dash noticed immediately and galloped [or more like stumbled] over to Spike.

“Spike!? What wrong?” Dash came up to the dragon curled up on the ground and saw the purple crystal with a chunk of it gone.

“You ATE a piece of the gem that has Twilights brain in it!?” Dash shouted in shock, Spike wanted to respond but could only let out a moan of pain as he felt information forcibly entering his head.

“Spike! Speak to me! Spike!” Rainbow Dash pleaded

Suddenly Spikes eyes shot open and they flashed purple briefly.

“Spike?” Dash said confused and worried as Spike seemed to have gone into a 100-yard stare towards the ceiling.

“I know what book it is…” Spike said suddenly

“You do? Which one?” Dash said surprised, Spike hopped to his feet and ran around the room, looking around before finding an overturned green book sitting in front of several book stacks on a chair and showing it to Dash.

“This is the book!” Spike said excitedly, with a skeptical look, Dash examined the book.

“Spells for struggling scholars? But… how did-” Dash began

“I honestly don’t know, I accidentally ate a chunk of the purple gem and suddenly…. I knew which book it was. I even know what page it was!” Spike said with a bit of unexplainable energy.

“You mean you…. Absorbed some of the knowledge from the crystal?” Dash said with a tilt of her head.

“Yeah… I think so!” Spike said grinning broadly

“Why didn’t we do this sooner?...” Dash sighed

“We gotta find Rarity and the others!” Spike said ignoring her

“Alright! Let’s-“ Dash began but before she could finish the room suddenly shook, causing both of them to fall over.

“What the heck?!” Dash sputtered in surprise

“That came from outside,” Spike said, not liking where this is going.

“Let’s go!” Dash said hobbling up the stairs


Meanwhile, things outside we’re less than ok, ponies ran for cover as Twilight flew around. She was laughing happily as she shot beams from her horn and blowing random things throughout town up.

“Making things go BOOM is FUN!” Twilight squeed as she made a cart filled with cabbages blow up startling the stallion next to it.

“MY CABBAGES! NOOOOO!” the stallion exclaimed out in anguish, falling to his knees.

“YAAY!” Twilight sang as she levitated the remains of the cart and flung them into the air before she continued to blow things up. “mister Disqy will love this! Heehee!”

---Meanwhile in the acres---

A pair of toned legs kicked out, hooves collided with a tree shaking some apple’s loose as they fell into buckets, standing there was none other than Applejack, the resident apple farmer.

“Hoo-wee” the farm pony wiped the sweat from her brow “harvest’s been good this year!” she smiled before taking the buckets of apples over to the carts and unloading them into one of them, she then stood back and admired her handiwork.

“Ah think this calls for some apple pie to celebrate!” Applejack said with a smile

As she got ready to take the harvest in however suddenly the remains of a cabbage cart fell from the sky and smashed the apple cart splattering apple juice and applesauce all over the place and coating Applejack head to hoof in the apple remains. She stood, mouth agape for a few seconds at what just happened before jumping in shock.

“THE APPLES!” she galloped forward, desperate to salvage what’s left of the apple stock.

"What in tarnation happened? Oh, Granny'll have mah hide if ah don't find out who did this..." Applejack growled in frustration at all the lost work, before looking out into town and seeing smoke and explosions.

“Somethin ain’t right…” Applejack glanced at the smashed apple cart before galloping down the path to town to investigate.


Nearby Dash and Spike ran outside seeing the alicorn laughing giddily and firing destructive blasts; one blew a hole in a nearby house and causing an overhead sign to fall towards an unsuspecting Lyra and Bon Bon.

“Ah, crap! Look out!” Dash despite her aching head and hurting wing screaming in protest, she dove forward and tackled them both out of the way.

“Oomf!” Lyra exclaimed

“Ah!” Bon Bon shouted in surprise

When the danger had been avoided, Dash could only put a hoof to her head and muttered “ow…”

“Thanks for the save there Dash! Come on Bon Bon!” Lyra exclaimed

“O-ok!” Bon Bon replied as the two galloped away from the destructive princess, and Spike ran up to her

“You ok Dash?” Spike said

“Feeling like I got kicked in the head by a mule a repeatedly… but yeah, never better…” Dash groaned

Nearby Twilight landed on a house and looked around for something else to blow up when one of her eyes centered on her castle, and a goofy grin came to her face.

“Big house go boom… BIG HOUSE GO BOOM!” Twilight hopped in place joyfully before heading out to destroy her own home, and Spike looked on in horror.

“TWILIGHT YOU GOTTA STOP!” he vainly called out to her as she began firing more blasts to blow holes in her castle.

“Is she seriously trying to crash her own castle?!” Dash said in disbelief

As they were racing their minds to think of a way to stop her, the sounds of footsteps came their way, and they turned seeing Rarity, Fluttershy, Discord, and the mayor mare.

“Guys!” Rainbow Dash said happy they came

“My word! What is she doing?!” Rarity gaped at the attempted wonton destruction of the castle.

“Guys! Thank goodness your here! Twilights gone off the deep end!” Spike said hurriedly

“Yeah!... by the way, what’s Discord doing here?” Dash said raising an eyebrow noticing the draconeqqus.

“He’s here to help fix the mess he escalated, isn’t that right?” Rarity said glaring at the lord of chaos who just sighed.

“Yes…” he said half-heartedly.

“Wait… escalated?” Dash said with a raised eyebrow

“It’s a long story…” Discord sighed

Another explosion sounded, and Discord easily ducked an oncoming burning table.

“My my, she’s really going to town” Discord mused.

“While there’s a castle to save please!” Spike pleaded

“Alright alright” Discord flew up to Twilight who was levitating a bunch of bricks and gems and pelting them around.

“Hey there Twilight!” he said with disguised glee, which in Twilights altered state she couldn’t tell.

“Disqy!” she exclaimed happily, flying over and hugging him “didja see how I pranked everypony!? They were so happy they were running and screaming!” Twilight giggled

“Indeed, you did very well” Discord chuckled at her broken logic.

Meanwhile back on ground level, the group has noticed that Discord seems to be chatting with Twilight.

“…What is he doing?” Rarity said confused

“I think he’s… talking her down?” Fluttershy said

“But it’s Discord!” Spike said in disbelief

“I-I'm not sure how I should react to this” Mayor Mare said with a deadpan

While the group on the ground were pondering this Discord got ready to implement his plan.

“Hey, Twilight!” Discord said

“Yeah?” she said with a tilt of the head

“Wanna play a new game?” he glanced back at the group and gave a thumbs up and a wink.

“New game?! Newgamenewgamenewgamenewgamenewgamenewgame!” she babbled a mile a minute.

“It’s called tag.” Discord said after she slowed down enough to hear.

“Tag? What’s tag?” Twilight paused, trying to guess the game.

Once again on ground level, the group overheard Discord proposition and began to shuffle nervously at what he just suggested.

“D-did he just say tag?” the mayor mare said nervously.

“What is he planning?!” Rarity said

After Discord finished explaining the rules, he teleported to the group and Rarity spoke up first.

“TAG!? Really!? Are you trying to rile her up more!?” Rarity shrieked

“Now-now, let me explain, I’ve dealt with somewhat similar cases like her current mental state in the past, she won’t be easy to contain, however, there is a way to ensure she’s pacified until she can be fixed.” Discord explained

“You’ve done this before?” Spike asked

“Eleven times as a matter fact…” Discord said with reminiscence

“How is tag going to help her?” the mayor mare said, confused.

“Heheh simple my little pony-“ he glanced back a saw Twilight shaking excitedly “however we don't have time, by the way, your all it, she’s going to try and tag all of you” Discord quickly said before teleporting away his voice lingering “keep her as distracted as possible!” Discords voice said

“I severely dislike him…” the mayor mare groaned.

“Me too,” Rarity muttered before jumping to the side with a yelp as Twilight swooped and turned towards the group who immediately scattered with individual screams of fright and surprise and Twilight laughed as she pursued them.

“DISCOOOORD!” Rarity called out in frustration

Author's Note:

Let the games begin! :rainbowdetermined2::twilightsmile::ajsmug::yay::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::moustache:

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